15 Signs Your Siamese Cat Trusts You

Do you sometimes wish your cat would be more trusting of you? Some cat breeds need more treats before they trust people. Others take longer to develop close bonds with their owners. 

Did you know that Siamese cats have a high emotional quotient? They are more affectionate and understanding than you think! They respond well to human warmth. They trust us when they learn how much we care about them. 

It was tricky at first to tell if my cats trusted me because their behaviors were not always clear-cut. Thank goodness! I discovered helpful signs that I have used to determine my relationship with them.

Want to know if your Siamese cat trusts you? Read on to find out!

How Do I Know If My Siamese Cat Trusts Me?

1. Belly Display

A belly display is a sign that your cat trusts you and feels safe being vulnerable with you.

A belly display is a sign that you have won over your Siamese cat. Rolling onto his back and exposing his belly leaves your cat defenseless. 

It would be risky for a cat to show his belly, which is soft and easy for a predator to attack in the wild. Your cat has great confidence in you if your furry pet is willing to bare his belly around you.

2. Kitty Massage

Kneading is a sign that your cat trusts you and loves spending time with you.

Kneading is a form of physical contact that makes cats feel happy and good. They knead on their mothers as a form of trust when they are kittens. Kneading reminds them of the comfort they felt when they were kittens. 

Kneading is your cat’s way of telling you that he appreciates you providing him with food and shelter. Also, your kitty is happy to return the affection he received from you after petting him. 

Batman often curls up and kneads on my lap after I pet him. It’s comforting! I’m happy to witness that he’s glad to return the service he’s receiving from me.

3. Tail Signal

Your Siamese cat’s tail can tell you a lot about his emotions. Your cat’s tail position is a way for him to talk to you and share his feelings. We refer to this as a “tail signal.”

A straight-up tail is a sign your cat trusts you and is giving you a “thumbs up” when he sees you walking towards him.

The straight-up tail position means that he is happy to be near you. It also indicates that your Siamese cat has good feelings toward you. 

The straight-up position with a curled tip sometimes looks like a question mark tail. Nothing to worry about, as this is your cat’s expression of willingness to interact. 

Your cat trusts you if he approaches with his tail up and quivering.

Most Siamese cats use this tail signal to communicate with their favorite humans. It is cats’ most common friendly greeting. 

The straight-up position with a slight quivering of your cat’s tail indicates that he is glad to be near you.

Your cat’s tail around your leg signifies his trust and affection for you.

The feline version of petting is a wrapped-around tail. You’ll notice this when your cat decides to pet you back by wrapping it around your leg after petting.

4. Relaxed Whiskers

Your cat trusts you if his whiskers appear relaxed and stick out sideways when he is near you. 

Cats’ whiskers are a good indicator of whether they are at ease around humans. We can check on our cat’s whiskers as it can reveal if they have already put their faith in us. 

Relaxed whiskers are a good sign that your Siamese cat is now approachable and ready to be pet. Relaxed whiskers represent a trustworthy and friendly vibe.

5. Slow Blinking

Slow blinking is a sign of your cat’s trust and pure love. 

It’s my favorite kitty communication of affection! 

Cat owners have experienced their cat’s hypnotic stare, also known as slow blinking. Slow blinking is the best way for them to express love and adoration.

Try blinking at your cat; he will likely send you a “kitty kiss” back. Slow blinking is the kitty version of kissing. It is a good sign that your cat has faith in you. It means he is eager to spend quality time with you.

6. Cheek-rubbing

Photo of a Siamese cat being pet under the chin. Image by Katerina Gasset, experienced Siamese cat breeder and owner of two Siamese cats- a blue point and a seal point Siamese...

Cheek-rubbing on your feet is a sign that your cat trusts you and believes you are his.

Cats show trust and affection for their owners by rubbing their cheeks. Most of the time, cats choose their owners’ feet because it is the easiest part to access.

Cheek-rubbing is one way to your cat’s scent communication. Your cat has scent glands on his cheeks, and when he rubs his cheeks against you, he shares the scent with you.

Your Siamese cat will let you know that you are welcome as a member of his “tribe” by rubbing his cheek against yours. He also rubs his cheeks on your feet to express his desire to bond with you.

7. Habitual Nibbling

Nibbling or soft biting is a sign that your cat sees you as his best buddy.

Siamese cats show affection for each other by nibbling. They do the same to their favorite humans sometimes.

Habitual nibbling is a sign of your cat’s fondness and trust. It differs from a real bite, as soft biting does not hurt. Your Siamese cat’s nibble can range from gentle to downright ticklish.

A painful bite on the other hand is a different case.

8. High-pitched gurgling

High-pitched gurgling indicates that your cat trusts you and loves chatting with you.

High-pitched gurgling sounds like your cat is chatting or meowing in high pitch. Your cat likes having a “real talk” with you. 

Gurgling is easy to identify because your cat chats in a cheerful and optimistic tone. You keep your Siamese cat in good spirits if he is a frequent gurgler.

Robyn makes a high-pitched gurgling sound when she is feeling friendly and calm. Batman wants to engage in a long chat with me when he feels at ease around me.

9. Purring

Purring is a sign that your cat trusts you and enjoys having you around.

Cats only purr at people they love and adore. The sound of purring suggests they find a person to be a pleasant companion. They do not purr for any other cats besides their kitten.

Purring is a good sign that your kitty likes having you around. Your cat enjoys having your company and is content to have you as a housemate when he purrs.

10. Presenting His Butt Cheeks

Presenting his butt cheeks is a sign that he regards you as his closest confidant.

Sniffing each other’s behinds is like a handshake among cats. It is their effective way of recognizing each other through their scents. 

Showing his butt cheeks shows that your Siamese cat trusts you more than anyone else. It’s his way of declaring to the world that you are his most trustworthy companion.

11. Friendly Meowing

Friendly meowing is your cat’s way of expressing that you are his most trusted human.

Cats communicate with their favorite humans through friendly meowing. They give their owners loud, short, frequent meows to show their fondness.

Your Siamese cat wants to spend more time chatting with you if he gives you friendly meows. This friendly meowing is your cat’s best way of asking you to give him attention and treats! 

Friendly meowing is one of the most obvious signs that your cat now trusts you more than ever.

12. Petting with Consent

Your cat shows his love and trust by letting you pet him.

Some cats dislike getting pet, especially when stroked in the wrong places. Other cats like to get petting sessions from people they trust. 

Petting with consent is a sign that your cat has already built a bond of love and trust with you. Your cat will disregard the uneasy feelings and believe you know how he likes to get petted.

13. Taking Treats from Your Hand

Your cat trusts you if he likes taking treats from your hand. 

Your cat trusts you if he likes to be hand fed with treats. He is letting you know that he enjoys growing closer to you due to your shared experiences. Your cat will eat treats or food out of your hand when he feels secure around you.

Robyn would not take treats from my hand at first. She will eat anything I hand to her now. Yep! She will lift the food out of my hand with her mouth and drop it on the floor to eat it. 

Batman does not mind where the treat comes from so long as it smells appetizing. A little training and a lot of trusts are the keys.

14. Sleeping on You

Your cat sleeping on your lap is an obvious sign that he trusts you.

Your Siamese cat is at his most vulnerable when he sleeps on you. Your cat trusts you if he often sleeps on your lap.

Batman often shows me how much he loves and trusts me by sleeping on my chest and feet while I watch TV or relax on the couch.

15. Following You Around

Your cat trusts you when he always follows you around the house.

Siamese cats do not worry about social niceties. It is either a yes or no as far as their interest in you goes. 

Your cat trusts you if he follows you around the house. Your cat can be pretty clingy once he likes you and trusts you.

Siamese cats show their loyalty to people with the utmost faith. They never miss an opportunity to follow their favorite human around. It is the typical behavior of a feline.

How To Gain A Siamese Cat’s Trust?

Siamese cat allowing its owner to lift him. His owner smiling back at him...

1. Get familiar with your cat’s body language to meet his needs better.

2. Always let your cat come to you instead of taking him immediately. Allow him to dictate the pace of contact.

3. Introduce beneficial routines and habits. Cats like to stick to what they know and are happy to do so.

4. Do not sneak up on your cat because it may surprise and scare him.

5. Watch for signs that your cat is ready for contact before you pet him.

6. Talk to your cat in a friendly and loving manner. 

7. Never hit or punish your cat in any way.

8. Incorporate playtime into your cat’s daily routine. It will strengthen your bond, and he’ll be in good spirits expecting your time and attention.

9. Grant your cat plenty of time to rest. Do not wake your kitty up because you want to.

10. Let your cat sleep with one of your old t-shirts to get him used to your scent. He will feel comfortable and secure around you as a result.

11. Give your cat a space he can consider his own.

12. Create a nurturing environment for him. Provide a warm space for him to sleep and play.

13. Make the food and water bowl easy for him to access.

14. Feed your Siamese cat. Knowing that you are giving him food and water makes him feel loved. He thinks of your service to him as something exciting and positive.

15. Take care of his litter box and place it in a quiet but accessible area of your home.

16. Allow your cat access to high perches or secure areas he can use as hiding spots when he feels anxious.

17. Be sure your cat has enough time to play and move around.

18. Offer delicious treats!

Do Siamese Cats Learn To Trust?

It takes time for Siamese cats to form a trusting bond and feel completely safe with you. Siamese cats will learn to trust once they feel loved and nurtured by their owners. 

Your love and attention are the secrets to winning your cat’s trust and keeping his loyalty. Hence, my biggest tip is to give your cat time and pay attention to what he needs. He will never leave your side as soon as he realizes his importance to you. 

Thank you for reading! Your kitty will trust you and appreciate your care soon! Be patient and try your best to make your cat feel safe and loved.

Want to learn more about your Siamese cat’s behavior? We have compiled every information you need to navigate through the fascinating world of Siamese cats: Everything About a Siamese Cat’s Behavior: A Comprehensive Guide

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