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We are accepting applications for passionate writers who want to earn a little side money while playing and learning about Siamese kittens and cats.

This website is about Siamese cats and kittens. Our mission is to help pet owners choose their pet wisely and with the information they need to be good pet parents.

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My name is Katerina Gasset and I am a Siamese cat pet owner. I used to breed and raise Siamese kittens. I have a lot of experience having owned Siamese cats for over 30 years.

I write a lot of the content on this website. I also have hired ghost writers to write for this site. If you are interested in being a ghost writer, this may be a good fit for you.

I started this website to help pet owners and also to share my experiences and expertise in raising Siamese kittens and cats.

We are looking for writers who are just as passionate about Siamese cats as I am. But I am also looking for writers who write as if English is their native language. fake franck muller You do not need to be American or even be born into an English speaking household, but you do need to sound like that in your writing.

Writers are expected to understand English and the topic of Siamese cats very well. You need to understand the basics of SEO, and be willing to improve your writing skills, and to take constructive criticism and apply what you learn to your writing.

We pay a starting rate of .02 cents per word. Your rate is increased based on how much we have to request edits from you. Your rates goes up the less work we have to do with your content up to .04 cents per word.

You must have a grammarly account and only submit writing that has passed through the Hemmingway editor. You must also vow to not plagiarize any of your content. If you are caught plagiarizing your contract will be terminated.

If your content does not pass, it will be sent back to you unedited in order for you to rewrite it prior to your next submission.

You get 3 chances to write the correctly formatted content, we no longer send you titles to write about if you can not get us a working piece of content within 3 tries.

We have a training course you will need to complete. This course is going to help you improve writing for the internet.

You will receive a title to write about, the word count for the article or page content,

Research your topics well. The more time you spend on researching your topic, the more valuable your article will become. You can do your research on Google, knowledge bases, forums, blogs, google scholar, videos, books, local pet shops, humane societies, pet breeders, and groomers.

You will be writing as a ghost writer under my name, Katerina Gasset. I am the owner and writer of this website. I own the content that you write. You have not license nor permission to repurpose or use it any way. Any violation of this clause may result in termination of work and civil action.

You are expected to be able to write 3 response post articles per week, at least. Each response post article is around 1,100 words. If you are assigned a staple post – that would be 2,500 words and pillar posts are 3,500 words and up.

We hire you as an independent contractor. You are not a salaried employee. You are responsible to pay your own income taxes, etc.

If you are interested in getting started – click here to go to start your application, get your independent contractor agreement, training, and first test article to do.

If we hire you as one of our writers, we will pay you for your first test article. This test article is check to make sure you meet our criteria as a writer.