About the author of this website and the owner of this website:

Katerina Gasset has owned Siamese Cats for over 40 years. 

Currently, she has Batman and Robyn, two gorgeous siamese cats. 

Katerina also was a Siamese cat breeder for over 20 years. She has also rescued Siamese cats and helped the Siamese rescue centers. 

Katerina Gasset has experience in raising and caring for Siamese cats from kittens to seniors. Her expertise is in understanding Siamese cats, their personalities and behaviors. 

She is the author of ‘Siamese Kitten and Cat Care Guide’ and was on the advisory board of the Rogers Siamese Cat Society. 

ABOUT OUR CATS: Batman, Robyn, and Boots

Batman and Robyn are full blooded Siamese cats. 

We found them as little tiny 8 week old kittens on a Facebook group for Siamese rescues. 

It is very difficult to adopt Siamese rescue cats because they are in such high demand. People are just waiting to pounce on being the first ones to buy the kittens and even adult Siamese cats. 

We were very fortunate to adopt these two cuties! 

Batman and Robyn were found in an abandoned building that was about to get torn down. Someone noticed a litter of kittens. Mama cat was no where to be found. Most likely, she was spooked by the noise of people going in and out of the building as it was getting ready to be demolished. 

Siamese cat mamas are very protective over their litter. However, natural instinct is to survive first. 

The Siamese cat rescue group picked up the litter of kittens. They were about 5 weeks old when found. 

The kittens then were brought to the veterinarian, and when they were old enough, were given their shots, etc. 

Once they were 8 weeks old the Siamese rescue center put them up for sale on their Facebook group which we are members of. 

Robyn is a female and she was the runt of the litter. It is a miracle she survived. 

Batman – personality traits of Siamese kittens and cats:

He is a very sweet and gentle boy. He listens for me to come to the door. Then he runs to the door as soon as he hears me come in. He pushes up against my legs until I acknowledge him.

Batman rubs his cheeks on my feet making sure he marks me as his own. 

He is the definition of curiosity. He must know exactly what any of us are doing. 

He jumps up on the ledge by the kitchen sink and watches us wash dishes. He has to smell everything he walks by. He likes to eat pretty much anything we are eating, or at least taste it. 

It’s almost like he is trying to learn how to do the same things humans do. 

He loves chips and sunflower seeds. 

When I am sitting on my bed he jumps up and purrs so loud that you can hear him in the hallway. 

Oh, and he also drools when he purrs, ?

He plays in the running faucet and tries to stop the water. 

Robyn – different Siamese cat traits 

She is more my reserved kitty that only comes out when she wants to be seen. 

Robyn is easily spooked. Due to the trauma she experienced during the abandonment, she hides a lot. 

She talks a lot more than Batman, and even calls for him to come play with her. 

She doesn’t purr as loud as Batman but loves to get the attention.

If Batman and Boots are not around me she will jump on my bed and lay with me while I just rub her soft fur. 

She smacks her water glass around when she wants water. 

Most of the time she really minds her own business unless she wants the attention.

 She hides in the bathtub and calls for her brother to come play with her. 

Boots: Boots is not Siamese. 

He is the only cat we raised after many Siamese cats. He is an American Short Hair cat. We got him as a surprise for my then 16-year old son who had been begging for a kitten for years since Cleo died. Cleo was a Seal Point Siamese. 

We found Boots at the Palm Beach County Animal Shelter during the, “adopt a cat” month. During this month, adopting a cat is free and includes all the shots, the chip, and some other items. 

We went looking for a part Siamese cat at the shelter. Boots came up to the little window and started crying for us to take him. 

We could not help but to adopt him. 

He gets along well with Batman and Robyn. He was around before they were so he made sure they know he is the alpha-male of the house.