How Many Hours Do Siamese Cats Sleep?

Have you ever wondered why your Siamese cat sleeps so much? I had questions about how much sleep my little cuddly companions needed when I first brought them home. Let’s find out how long our Siamese cats sleep each day.

On average, Siamese cats sleep 12–18 hours every day. They aren’t that different from other breeds. “Catnapping” is an intriguing behavior of Siamese and other cats. Adult cats can sleep anywhere from 13 to 18 hours per day. Kittens, especially newborn kittens, need more rest than adults.

Read on for more intriguing facts about Siamese sleeping habits. And find out why your Siamese cat is always napping.

How do I adjust my cat’s sleep schedule?

Siamese cats sometimes adjust their sleep schedules based on our rigid routines. Your cuddly kitty sleeps most of the day when you’re not around. Your Siamese could spend most of the day awake when you’re home, following you around the house.

But, it takes a few days for Siamese to adjust; because they are nocturnal creatures. You may notice that your furry friend is more active than usual around the house at night.

Batman and Robyn like to wake us up with their running around at night! It is so cute and fun to watch them race around the house playing some sort of, “Catch me if you can” game. 

If your Siamese was active the night before, you could expect them to sleep longer the next day.  If that happens, leave them at that.

Your Siamese will sooner or later be able to adjust to the times you wake up and go to sleep. Your cat may wake up a few minutes before you do in the morning and again to eat and engage with you. A cat’s sleep-wake cycle develops with age.

How often do Siamese cats sleep?

On average, Siamese cats sleep for fifteen hours each day. Some can even sleep for up to twenty hours.

It is a common misconception that Siamese cats are lazy due to their love for napping, but this is not the case. Siamese cats do not have lazy personalities.

The Siamese cat breed is well-known for its high degree of energy daily. My cats are the most outgoing furry pals. They take great pleasure in playing games and other competitive activities.

Playtime is a favorite activity for our Siamese buddies. I play ball games with Batman and Robyn when I take my breaks from working. 

The exercise helps maintain their high energy. I also give them catnip toys to keep them interested throughout the day. If you’d like to buy the same one for your Siamese kitties, simply click the link to get it from Amazon.

But do Siamese cats really like catnip? I did some research about this and actually was surprised with the answer. Check out the article by visiting the link above.

Do Siamese cats like to sleep with their owners?

Siamese cats are affectionate and enjoy snuggling up to their owners. At night, Siamese cats prefer to snuggle with their owners. Those who care for them provide them with a sense of security.

In fact, they reciprocate that by protecting their owners too. Check out one of my articles that talk about how Siamese cats protect their owners.

You may have observed your pet following you from room to room. And sometimes, even into your bed. Siamese cats are very attached to their human companions.

Siamese, like other breeds, may prefer to sleep in a specific position on the mattress. Your pet may prefer to fall asleep with one of its paws cradled in your palm. Or your pet may lean against you and curl up. It shows he has enormous confidence in your relationship when your pet sleeps with you.

Batman likes to cuddle up more than Robyn does. Batman comes up to my pillow and will literally try to sleep on my face! 

Robyn will sleep at the foot of my bed and sometimes under my bed. 

Robyn is more jittery than Batman and is easily spooked. This is how she dealt with the trauma of being abandoned. 

You can read more about our rescue here.

The Siamese cat rescue lady we bought Batman and Robyn from found these two as very young kittens in an abandoned building that was being torn down. Their mother had abandoned them there. 

Siamese cats climb on beds when their owners are away from the house. Your furry friend enjoys some playtime when lounging on your bed.

Are Siamese cats relaxed?

Siamese cats don’t belong in the “relaxed” type. Siamese cats want attention, and they’ll do anything to get it.

If you don’t mind living with a noisy cat companion, a Siamese cat is a fantastic choice. They are ideal if you desire more expressive and engaging buddies.

Nothing is more enjoyable than carrying on a “conversation” with Batman and Robyn. Their capacity for self-expression has always been one of my favorite aspects of them.

When it comes to getting their owner’s attention, Siamese cats are willing to do anything. If you miss feeding them, they’ll tell you how hungry they are. They meow with clarity and at a louder volume. They also make loud meows when they ask for playtime. Their meows are so interesting that I decided to center one of my blogs around this topic. Read more about it here:

Younger Siamese cats love playing games with their favorite humans. As Siamese cats get older, they slow down their activity and become less restless. You may notice that your Siamese sleep pattern and schedule change as they grow older. They are more comfortable and satisfied, which encourages them to slumber better.

In contrast to other felines,  Siamese cats are not your run-of-the-mill feline friend. They would rather be with you or with a group of other people than be by themselves. They are pretty demanding of their owner’s time and attention. If you are often on the go, you might want to think about getting a different breed of cat.

Why does my Siamese sleep on me?

Cats assert their ownership over their humans by sleeping on them. 

Your cuddly cat does not fear being near you because it is confident in your ability to keep him safe. The fact that it naps on you means you are unique to him. Your Siamese cat prefers to fall asleep on you. This is fascinating. There are many different reasons why.

Batman is the one who loves to sleep on me. He is so funny with his expressions and the dominant characteristics he showcases! 

Your cuddly child is eager to lay claim to you as her or his own. There is a desire for Siamese cats to stake their claim or mark their territory. Your cat friend thinks of you as his priceless protector, and you ought to know that this is how he feels about you! You are his parent, and you are his favorite. Siamese cats show they adore you by their expressions.

Second, your Siamese requires a warm environment. Your cat looks forward to the warmth you provide when he’s sleeping.  Share a warm embrace with your cat on the couch to keep yourself and your cat warm.  Third, your furry friend thinks that being close to you is always the safest thing he can do. They love it when their caretaker gives them attention.

Why does my Siamese cat sleep so much?

Siamese cats, like all cats, sleep a lot. Many factors can influence how much a cat sleeps. Your Siamese sleeps so much due to age, weather, environment, activity, and health.

As our pets get older, they tend to sleep for more extended periods each day than they were younger. Older cats experience faster fatigue, so they nap more. In the same vein, kittens who have been born sleep more every day. Physical exertion is stressful for kittens and thus requires extra downtime.

In this table, I have collated some data about the average sleeping hours of cats based on age. Let’s compare:

Newborn to 2 months old18-22 hours
3 months old to 2 years old14-20 hours
3 years old to 10 years old12-18 hours
11 years old and above16-21 hours

The weather seems to be another factor affecting your Siamese sleeping habits. Our furry friends sleep more than they would when it’s raining or snowing outside

ASPCA research shows cats sleep 12 to 20 hours each day. During the months when it’s cold and chilly, they might sleep even more than usual. 

It’s no secret that our Siamese friends prefer to cuddle up for extended periods in the winter.  Your cat loves to sleep at a steady temperature while staying close to you, his favorite person.

Siamese cats prefer to sleep in quiet, easy-access places where they can rest. They prefer spaces that are quiet, easy to get to, and where they may be by themselves.  When you create or provide an environment that is calm and peaceful for them, they can sleep better.

The other day I found Robyn curled up sleeping in a tiny crevice in my linen closet. I hardly noticed she was there. She was curled up in a ball in between two towels and right behind some sheets. 

Both Batman and Robyn learned how to open up the heater vents and sneak inside them to sleep. This is too dangerous of course so we had to screw down the heater vents. 

Felines exhibit circadian cycles. It is in their nature. Their internal biological clock tells them when to sleep and get up. Like humans, cats have busy times. The hours before sunrise and the hours around dusk are the most active for our cat pals.

The number of sleeping hours does not determine or suggest health concerns.

Is it ever wrong for cats to sleep too much? Yes, if it has anything to do with the Siamese cat’s health and wellbeing.  If you notice that your Siamese cat is sleeping more than usual, he may not be feeling well or be going through:

  • Feline depression – is one reason why your Siamese oversleeps. If your cat stays away from you most of the time and loses his appetite, he may be suffering from depression.
  • Obesity –  is another most likely cause of your cat’s excessive snoozing. If your cat isn’t active enough or overeats, or if its diet isn’t balanced, your pet may become overweight.
  • Arthritis –  this happens to older cats most of the time. This is easy to recognize because cats in this pain tend to sleep more, so they don’t have to move around as much.
  • Fatigue and lethargy – relate to infections with bacteria and viruses. This makes cats have diarrhea, lose weight, get a fever, and sleep too much.

Knowing these health issues can help you protect your Siamese from foreseeable risks. 

If your Siamese sleeps more or less than is typical for him, consider taking your cat to the veterinarian. There may be something wrong with his health. Knowing your cat’s usual sleep patterns is best and recognizing when they alter.

Should I let my cat sleep all day?

It is typical for cats to get a lot of sleep since they need it. Engage in active play or do a fun activity with him before or after his naptime.

If your cat likes to stay inside most of the time, find ways to get him to move around

Let your Siamese follow you anywhere in the house, or let him climb up on you while doing chores.

 Give your friend playthings he can use. Talk to your cuddly cat and give him hugs! I promise your Siamese buddy will thank you for that.

And when the time calls for them to take a nap, let them. This could be your cuddly friend’s way of reminding you to get those sleep hours you deserve. Get ready for a lot more snuggling.

Want to learn more about your Siamese cat’s behavior? We have compiled every information you need to navigate through the fascinating world of Siamese cats: Everything About a Siamese Cat’s Behavior: A Comprehensive Guide


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