What is a Siamese Mixed Cat? 9 Ways to Tell Your Cat is Part Siamese

Is it ever a mystery to you if your cat is part Siamese? There has been a long history of “mix-breeding” cats to create new and distinct cat breeds. And this is particularly true in the Siamese breed.

Siamese mix cats are “hybrid” or “crossbred” cats. They have one Siamese parent, and the other parent can be of any different breed. Compared to purebred Siamese, they have a broader range of traits. 

Siamese mix-breeds have been famous across the entire world. A lot of people dream of having Siamese mix cats as pets. That is an undeniable fact. There’s a superb deal of reasons to love them.

If you’re curious about how to tell whether your cat has Siamese lineage, read on! Here are nine ways that are sure to help.

How do I know if my Siamese cat is mixed?

By looking at their eyes, head, face shape, body type, color points, and tail, you’ll have a fine idea if your cat is a Siamese mix. You can also tell through your cat’s personality, intelligence, and DNA analysis.

1. Eyes

One of the most unique and endearing details about Siamese cats is their striking blue eyes. Their impressive eyes can vary from light blue to dark blue. Also, Siamese cats have eyes that are like almonds. If your cat has almond-shaped eyes in a gorgeous shade of blue, it may have Siamese ancestry.

2. Head and face shape

Most Siamese cats have either defined triangles or more wedge-shaped and rounded heads. A pronounced chin and a long, somewhat downturned nose round out their head form. Two massive, curved ears on top add to the shape of their heads. Your feline friend may be part Siamese if your cat has these particular features.

3. Body type

Siamese cats are elegant and slender by nature. Our Siamese friends are thinner than most felines, sport a very athletic build, and are well-muscled. Due to their lengthy body, neck, and legs, Siamese cats are famous for their jumping prowess.

4. Color points

Another good sign that your cat is part of Siamese is the presence of color points. This tapered coloring is genetic in Siamese Cats. Cats of the Siamese breed have striking color points or differing markings. 

The extremities of their legs, ears, and tails are usually darker than the rest of their body. These color points give them a distinctive appearance. 

They are born white and reach their full point coat at roughly one year. Albinism is particularly prevalent in Siamese cats. Siamese has partial albinism, inhibiting their coats from developing much melanin wherever warm.

5. Hair

Siamese is well-known for having short, silky, and glossy hair. Even with their sleek and short hair, they also shed like any other cat breed. They are re-growing their fur, shedding their older hairs at regular intervals. If your feline companion has short and glossy hair, it may be part Siamese.

6. Tail

It is interesting to note that many Siamese cats have a kinked tail. Their tails have curled, but they experience no discomfort or pain due to this condition. Their crooked tail has always been a part of the Siamese cats and does not interfere with their conduct. Their kinky tail also looks like a friendly greeting from them. 

7. Vocal personality

Siamese cats are much more vocal than other breeds. They are great communicators with their distinctive voices. The Siamese breed is overflowing with a conversational personality. Loud meows are their preferred method of expressing their emotions and making themselves heard. If your cat is more talkative than other cats you’ve met, your cat may have some Siamese heritage.

I found my Batman and Robyn’s vocal personality so interesting that I even made a blog about the fascinating ways Siamese cats communicate with us. You can read it by clicking on the link.

8. Intelligence and interaction

The intelligence of Siamese cats places them near the top of the list for all cat breeds. They are quick learners of new skills. They also like to communicate with various people. You can tell how intelligent a Siamese is by how well this cat handles problems and proves its learning ability.

Siamese cats get along well with both people and other animals, including other cats. 

9. DNA Analysis

As I’ve never tried one for my feline companions, I cannot tell whether they are effective. So I researched to find out what other people thought about it. 

It appears that the prominent motivation cat owners do DNA testing relates to health concerns. Cat owners get DNA findings to check if their cat has any hereditary disorders or mutations.

Examining your cat’s DNA might provide further information about their ancestry. On top of that, it can give you insights into their physiological status.

Using the prominent features of Siamese cats listed above, we can best make an educated guess about the breed that makes up your cat. 

Did you find four or more attributes present in your cat? If yes, then there’s a good possibility that your cat is a member of the Siamese family.

Are Siamese mixed cats rare?

These days, Siamese mix cats are not relatively rare. Our Siam feline friends are among the most favorite cat breeds in the United States. More and more families want Siamese mix cats as pets, so their popularity is growing.

Siamese cats are one of the oldest breeds of domestic cats today. People have been familiar with Siamese for millennia. At first, people thought of them as an aristocratic cat breed. The royal families were the most common owners of Siamese cats back then.

Even though no one knows when the first Siamese cats were specifically bred, the frequently identified claim is that they originated in an Asian country named Thailand around the 14th century. Read more about Siamese cats and their history in one of my articles by clicking on this link.

What two breeds make a Siamese cat?

Two Siamese cat parents will most likely make a Siamese kitten, but other than that there are no other cat breeds that have been proven to produce a Siamese cat when paired. Even having one Siamese cat parent is not guaranteed to produce Siamese kittens since the Siamese gene is a recessive gene.

The Siamese is one of the oldest of all the Oriental and Asian cat breeds currently in existence today. Siamese is one of the notable naturalistic breeds in the cat world. Its members developed in their ways without human influence. Siamese is one of the few breeds that keep most of its biological characteristics.

There are two distinctive types of the Siamese cat. The first is the “traditional” Siamese and the second is the “modern” or contemporary Siamese. 

The traditional Siamese has a head like an apple and a slightly fat body. The modern Siamese is pretty slender and has a head in the shape of a wedge. Both types are from the same distant ancestors, but they share mostly very few or none of their more recent lineages.

Are Siamese mix cats smart?

Yes! Siamese mix cats are intelligent felines. They are very receptive and responsive to your gestures, pointing cues, and daily routines. Batman and Robyn, my Siamese companions, are seasoned veterans in understanding the ins and outs of our day. They will track the times we go to work, eat, and go home. 

Siamese mix cats are good at training too. They have a good sense of direction and are quick at learning new tricks. You can teach your cat to sit, stay, leap, and rollover. 

You can try giving them instructions not to scratch or jump on your furniture. You’ll be amazed at how capable they are of comprehending! The Siamese mix is an excellent choice if you’re looking for an intelligent and trainable cat.

Wondering what goes into your Siamese cat’s mind? What do they think about all day? I answered those questions and more in one of my blogs. Visit this link to read more about it: https://siamesekittykat.com/what-do-siamese-cats-think-about/

Are Siamese mix cats chatty cats?

Not only are they chatty cats, but they are clever cats as well. Siamese cats have a creative and fascinating manner of communicating with their owners. Batman and Robyn both have distinct meows that relay different meanings. One suggests “feed me,” yet another “play with me.” Another meow also means “I want to sleep here.”

They also communicate with you by headbutting or rubbing. When your cat rubs against you, your furry buddy merely displays their fondness for you in this way. Their headbutting is the equivalent gesture in their nature to hugging and exchanging a lot of affection.

Are Siamese mix cats friendly?

Photo showing a seal point SIamese cat and American Shorthair sleeping on the same cat bed. Image captured by their owner, Katerina Gasset, author of the Siamese Cat website...

Siamese mix cats are, without a doubt, friendly felines. You won’t find a better friend than a Siamese. I was so glad when I learned that Batman and Robyn love our company just as much as we enjoy theirs. They are one of the most affectionate, playful, and social breeds. They have a lot of love to give and will spend all day following you around everywhere you go. 

Keep going with the reading. Let’s get to know some types of Siamese mix breeds, shall we?

The Siamese cat is the base breed for many other cat breeds. Some famous breeds descended from the Siamese are the Himalayan, Savannah, Burmese, Snowshoe, Snow Bengal, Tonkinese, and Colorpoint Shorthair. These distinctively hybrid Siamese cats have boasted a bewildering array of distinguishing traits.

  • Himalayan

The Himalayan cat is a lovely crossbreed between a Persian cat and a siamese cat. Known to be the most glamorous feline, the Himalayans are sweet and loving companions. They are also very friendly, thanks to their Persian and Siamese roots.

  • Savannah

A domestic Siamese cat and an African serval cat are the parents of a Savannah cat, which is a hybrid breed. Savannahs are one-of-a-kind cats that can learn and adapt quickly. Savannahs are very active animals. The majority of the time, they like activities such as climbing and playing.

  • Burmese

The Burmese are a hybrid cat between a seal point Siamese with an unidentified dark brown cat from Burma. Affectionate and talkative, Burmese cats inherit these traits from their Siamese ancestry. They love having a great time interacting with their owners and the other pets in the household.

  • Snowshoe

Snowshoe is a crossbreed of a Siamese and an American Shorthair cat. They are great at connecting with their owner. They get joy and pleasure just by being the center of attention and interacting and playing with children and other animals. 

Snowshoes, like their Siamese ancestors, have an extraordinary level of intelligence. They can quickly pick up new skills and have a good way of expressing themselves verbally.

  • Snow Bengal

Snow Bengal is a mix of the leopard cat and the Siamese cat. Often called a miniature leopard, this unique crossbreed is exceptionally energetic. Like the Siamese, they are intelligent cats. Snow Bengals are always curious and like to look out for more play and adventures.

  • Tonkinese

Tonkinese is a crossbreed between the Burmese and Siamese. These cats, like both of their parent breeds, are pretty lively. 

Tonkinese cats, much like Siamese, possess an outgoing and talkative nature.

  • Colorpoint Shorthair

The Colorpoint Shorthair is the result of the breeding process of the Siamese and American Shorthair. Like Siamese, these types require much attention and time spent playing. The Colorpoint Shorthair is an extroverted feline. They have a cheerful demeanor and like interacting with others.

If you’re looking to add one of these beautiful, unique cats to your home, you can find Siamese mix cats in rescues and shelters. Be sure to research before going to a breeder, shelter, or rescue centers.

Do Siamese mix cats make good pets?

Siamese mix cats, for sure, make excellent pets. They are affectionate and loving with the people in their lives. If you want an outgoing feline friend, having a Siamese cat will not be a decision you come to regret making. 

With Siamese cats, training isn’t that tough. They are bright, talkative, and will follow your instructions when in the right mood. 

A Siamese mix cat would be an excellent addition to any home as a family member and feline companion. 

What’s special about Siamese mix cats?

Aside from being mysteriously beautiful, Siamese mix cats have a lot of lovable traits. Their sleek and iconic appearance is a lovely irony to their outgoing personality. 

Siamese mix cats are passionate about the people in their lives. They are good with children and with other pets too. They hold many cuddles dearly and show you different ways to tell you they love you. 

How can we possibly return all of the love that our cats have shown us? Perhaps by getting a head start on learning more about their lineage and never treating them as ordinary. All cats are special. Because, in all honesty, every cat is unique and noteworthy. What do you think?

Be the Siamese Cat expert you always wish to be! From color points to similar cat breeds, discover everything you need to know about their unique charm and characteristics in our comprehensive guide: Siamese Cat Breed: Types, Color Points and Comparison to Other Cat Breeds

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