Siamese vs. Burmese Cats: The Easiest Way to Tell Them Apart

Siamese and Burmese cats share many similarities since they are close cousins. How do we tell them apart?

The easiest way to tell Siamese and Burmese cats apart is by looking at their physical traits. You can also tell them apart by observing their personalities. Siamese cats are known for their blue eyes, unique color points

It is hard not to fall in love with Siamese and Burmese cats. They are comparable in beauty and a vibe of mystery. 

Siamese cats and Burmese cats have captivated and charmed feline enthusiasts for decades. That includes me! Many people, even those who are not the biggest fans of cats, have come to admire both breeds.

I detailed the differences between Siamese and Burmese cats here in this article!

How To Tell Siamese Cats And Burmese Apart?

Siamese vs. Burmese: Physical Differences

The best way to tell Siamese and Burmese cats apart is by looking at their eyes, bodies, and coats. The most visible differences are their eye color, body type, ears, and coat color. 

Let’s look at the physical characteristics of these two fascinating cat breeds.

ComparisonSiamese catsBurmese cats
Eye Color Tanzanite blue, frosty blue, sapphire blueHypnotic gold, amber, yellow, green
Body TypeSlender and elongated Compact and more muscular
Color(s)Light-colored coat with dark points:  Seal, Chocolate, Lilac, Cream, Fawn, Blue, Red, CinnamonSolid-colored coat: Sable, Deep Brown, Chocolate, Cream, Cinnamon, Blue, Platinum, ChampagneRed, Lilac, Fawn, Tortoiseshell
Coat PatternColor pointsSolid color, Tortoiseshell
Coat SizeShortShort to medium
Coat TextureFineSmooth
Ears Large-sized and pointedMedium-sized and low set
TailLong and thinShort and thick
SizeSmall to medium (generally more prominent than Burmese)Medium
Average Height24 cm – 30 cm23 cm – 33 cm
Average Weight2.5 kg – 7 kg3.5 kg – 5 kg

1. Eye Color

Siamese cats have blue eyes, while Burmese cats have gold or yellow eyes.

Siamese cats have almond-shaped blue eyes. They have eyes that range in hue from a light shade of frosty blue to a rich sapphire blue. Their eyes are attractive and full of life and expression. 

Did you know that Siamese cats can have one blue eye and then one green or yellow eye? We call this a “walleye” or “parti-eye.” This walleye rarely happens, though.

Siamese cats have slightly slanted eyes like a little angle, giving them an exotic look. Their eyes are one of the most striking things about their breed. 

Burmese cats have almond-shaped golden or yellow eyes. Their eyes can be any shade of yellow, from a deep golden hue to a lighter, richer shade. 

Some Burmese cats can also have amber or green eyes. These colors are rare, though, on these cats.

Burmese cats have incredibly expressive eyes. Their eyes are among their most notable features. Their large, widely spaced eyes give them a sharp, watchful look.

2. Body Type 

Siamese cats have slender bodies, while Burmese cats are more muscular.

Siamese cats typically have long, slender bodies. They have long, skinny legs and an elongated, tapering tail. 

Their bodies are slim and stylish. They have a striking “S” shape when you view them from the side.

Burmese cats typically have compact, muscular bodies. They have thick coats that give prominence to their toned and well-defined muscles. They have short, thick legs and similarly short, thick tails.

You can identify a Siamese cat with its slender and graceful body and unique color points. Also, it is easy to identify a Burmese cat by its solid and muscular build.

3. Ears

Siamese cats have huge, pointy ears. Burmese cats have medium-sized, triangular ears.

You can quickly identify Siamese cats by their dark large, pointy ears. Their big ears certainly stand out and are wedged or triangular.

Purebred modern Siamese cats have ears as big as their heads, which is astonishing! Their big ears, inherited from wild cat ancestors, help them spot prey. This is why they are so good at picking up sounds that we can not even hear with our ears.

Burmese cats have medium-sized ears with rounded tips. Their ears are triangular and slightly angled forward. The bases of their ears are wide.

4. Coat Color

A Siamese cat and Burmese cat- The Siamese cat has a cream colored fur with color points while the Burmese cat has a dark brown colored fur, matching the color of his paws and tail...

Siamese cats have light coats with dark markings, but Burmese cats have solid coat colors.

Siamese cats have light coats, dark face masks, ears, paws, and tails. They can be in colors of cream, pale fawn, or ivory. Other standard colors are cinnamon and red. Their mask, ears, legs, paws, and tail may have chocolate, seal, lilac, or blue markings or color spots. 

Seal Point is the most famous Siamese cat color you will likely also adore.

Burmese cats have uniformly colored coats. They can be in one of these four colors: blue, sable, champagne, and platinum. Their noses and paws match their coats’ color.

Most Burmese cats are sable, which is a traditional dark brown color.

5. Coat size and texture

Siamese cats have silky, short coats, while Burmese cats have shiny, medium-length coats.

Siamese cats have short and glossy coats sticking snugly to their bodies. Burmese cats have modest-length, lustrous coats. 

A Siamese cat’s coat sticks closer to the body than the looser fit of a Burmese cat’s coat.

6. Tail

Siamese kitties have longer and thinner tails than Burmese cats.

Siamese cats have longer tails than Burmese cats. Burmese cats have thicker tails than Siamese cats.

7. Height 

Siamese cats are typically taller than their Burmese counterparts.

The height of a Siamese cat can be between 24 cm to 30 cm. The average height of a Burmese cat is around 23 cm to 33 cm.

8. Size and weight

Siamese cats are generally bigger and heavier than Burmese cats. Siamese cats can weigh up to 7 kg, while Burmese cats can weigh up to 5 kg.

Siamese cats are medium-sized cats. Male Siamese cats can weigh up to 7 kg, and female Siamese cats can weigh up to 4 kg.

Burmese cats are small to medium-sized cats. Male Burmese cats can reach 5 kg, while female Burmese cats can reach 3.5 kg.

Siamese vs. Burmese: Personality Differences

Let us learn more about where these two breeds came from and what they are like.

ComparisonSiamese catsBurmese cats
Need for attentionHighModerate to high
Affection towards ownersHighHigh
Friendly to childrenModerateHigh
Gets along with other petsHighHigh
Lifespan15 years – 20 years11 years – 17 years
Price$600 – $1200$450-$3,000

1. Intelligence

Siamese and Burmese cats are intelligent felines. They are among the most intellectually curious cat breeds. 

Siamese and Burmese cats are among the top ten most intelligent cat breeds on internet sites. 

Siamese cats ranked second on Newsweek. Burmese cats got the third spot as the most intelligent of all cats. They made it into the top ten alongside the Abyssinian, Bengal, Singapura, and Cornish Rex.

2. Vocality

Siamese cats are noisier than their Burmese counterparts.

Siamese cats are highly vocal. They have a lot to say, especially with their humans. They are, without a doubt, the most talkative of house cats. 

Burmese cats tend to be more subdued than their Siamese relatives.

These cats are cousins of the Siamese, but they are quieter and do not move around as much. They only get particularly chatty when among folks they care about.

3. Playfulness

Siamese cats are typically more hyperactive and playful than Burmese cats. 

They spend more time playing with toys and scratching posts than Burmese cats. 

Siamese cats often welcome house guests without hesitation. They get intrigued at first. They become friendly and responsive after they warm up to the visitors. It does not matter if they have just met the visitors; they will always find a way to play.

Burmese cats are also playful. They are frequently content with a short period of playtime during the day. But, they sometimes pass up the opportunity to play, unlike Siamese cats.

Siamese and Burmese cats have lovely personalities and are eager to engage in play.

4. Trainability

A photo comparing how Siamese and Burmese cats play with a toy prey...

Siamese and Burmese cats are both highly trainable.

Siamese cats are incredibly trainable due to their intelligence and high activity levels. They are quick learners. They can easily teach themselves simple things, like opening doors, refrigerators, and sinks. 

They are very playful. They enjoy being around their humans, making training simpler than other cat breeds.

Burmese cats are also very easy to train. They can do straightforward tricks, like giving high fives. Burmese cats are fun-loving felines. They are especially good at playing tag and hide-and-seek.

Both cat breeds are bright, making learning new tricks a breeze. They can learn to play fetch and be litter and clicker-trained. They both enjoy reward-based training. 

They can learn new skills and respond well to training, thanks to their high intelligence! They also learn how to interact with humans with proper training from a young age.

5. Need for attention

Siamese cats have a stronger, constant need for human attention than Burmese cats.

Siamese cats have a constant need for human companionship. They are very content when you shower them with constant attention. 

It would be best to leave these cats alone for a short time. They get anxious and depressed when you leave them for too long.

Burmese cats, unlike Siamese cats, do not need constant attention. You should only leave them for a short time, especially if there are no toys to keep them occupied. They may become agitated if you leave them alone bored. They might also show stress-related behaviors, like obsessive grooming.

6. People-oriented

Burmese cats are people-oriented, while Siamese cats are clingy and intensely people-oriented.

Siamese cats enjoy being around people the most. They are more friendly and outgoing than other cat breeds. They are well-known for their gregarious nature.

Burmese cats are also people-oriented. They like to bond with their human companions. They do not like to be alone for a long time.

Burmese cats are social, but Siamese cats are incredibly devoted and social to a great extent. Siamese cats tend to develop lifelong attachments to their favorite humans.

7. Friendly to children

The Siamese and the Burmese are excellent choices for families with young children. 

Both breeds are sweet-natured and easy to get along with.

Siamese cats enjoy being near children. They enjoy watching toddlers, and young kids play. They are also remarkably tolerant of active toddlers. These cats also display childlike behavior and interests.

My grandchildren’s playtime has become a source of entertainment for my Siamese cats. Batman and Robyn are active playmates! To my amazement, they, too, like watching my grandchildren play. 

Burmese cats also do well in homes where there are kids. They have a welcoming demeanor and are good-natured. They make excellent companion pets in general.

8. Get along with other pets

Siamese and Burmese cats get along well with other pets. 

Siamese cats get along well with other pets. They love being with cats with similar playfulness and activity levels to them. 

Burmese cats do well with cats and dogs as playmates.

Siamese and Burmese cats generally get along well with pets, with a few exceptions. The exceptions have to do with factors like socialization and early upbringing.

Siamese and Burmese cats occasionally have jealous tendencies. They might quickly become jealous of a new pet in the family because of their need for attention. But even so, these cats can get along with other pets if adequately introduced before moving in.

9. Affection toward owners

Siamese and Burmese cats are very affectionate toward their owners. They are incredibly loving pets that are a joy to have.

Siamese cats are affectionate. They always want to engage with their owners. They have a persistent yearning to bond with their owners.

Siamese cats grow overly energetic and follow you around to show you their affection. They become chatty and boisterous when they want to play with you.

Having owned female and male Siamese cats, I know the males are the sweetest. They are more likely to show and seek affection from their owners than female Siamese cats.

The same goes for Burmese cats. They like being with their owners. Burmese cats are affectionate. They have a penchant for showing their owners affection and trust most of the time.

Thank you for reading!

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