Do Siamese Cats Get Along With Dogs?

Siamese cats are known for being one of the most dog-like breeds around. But having said that, that doesn’t always mean they’re destined to be besties. 

Most Siamese cats get along well with most dogs due to their social and playful nature. I use the caveat, “most’ because every animal is an individual with their own unique personality. 

It’s a good idea to evaluate both the dog’s and the cat’s personalities before you even think about introducing them. And as always, a slow and steady introduction is the key to success.

Do Siameses’ personalities suit dogs?

The Siamese – a breed loved due to their good looks and wonderful personality. A Siamese owner will tell you that they’re very talkative. You’ll always know when they want something.

A common misconception about cats is they like to be alone. People also believe they have no regard for their humans. For Siamese cats, that’s so far from the truth!

Siamese cats tend to get incredibly lonely when their person is away. If they don’t receive enough love and attention, it is normal for them to get depressed. So, having a dog around will be the perfect solution for that loneliness when you’re away.

That being said, Siamese cats can become rather territorial and aggressive when the time comes. They are known for forming an unbreakable bond with their beloved owners, so a new addition to the family can cause jealousy among the household. 

This is why it is incredibly important to introduce the new potential besties slowly. It may take weeks, or even months, for them to become accustomed to each other. 

During this adjustment period, it is important you show your Siamese enough attention and let them know nothing is going to change. If you have multiple fur babies in your house, arranging play sessions altogether (once they are comfortable) can be a great bonding experience. 

How are Siamese cats like dogs?

Playful Siamese cats seek the same in dogs. So, if you’re planning to adopt a Siamese cat, consider also bringing home a dog. Both are high energy, so they’ll keep each other occupied while you’re at work – or working from home. This will also give your Siamese someone else to talk to when you’d prefer some quiet time. 

The Siamese cat is like a Type A, uber-intelligent human. You know the type: Motivated, ambitious, relaxes by running 10Ks. This is the Siamese in a nutshell, except she’ll leave you in the dust in the 10K.

So she’s going to need someone else to play with when you’re exhausted from mundane human interests. Like earning money, or cleaning the house. They can play tag, chase pretty much the same balls, and even engage in a game of fetch with you. That’s right, the Siamese cat loves a good game of fetch!

Which cats and dogs get along best?

Most dogs are energetic, while cats sleep eighteen hours a day, right? Maybe if you live in a cartoon. Most of us do not, so you’ll need to do some research.

Unless you’re introducing a new Siamese cat to a dog whose personality you already know.

We’ll start you off with some of the most energetic dog breeds:

The Goldendoodle:  Mixed breeds make some of the most well-rounded pets.  This is because breeders weed out the negative characteristics and keep the positive. The Goldendoodle combines the playfulness of the Golden Retriever with the Poodle’s intelligence.

The Siberian Husky: Known for pulling sleds, they have a strong work ethic and enjoy tussling in the snow. Whether you have snow or not, this is a great roughhousing pal for you or your cat. 

The Weimaraner: They are quick with a quick wit, and are expert game hunters. Adventurous and independent, you cannot keep this dog in a crate. Their personality is a 90 percent match with the Siamese cat. 

It is also important to remember that you are making a lifetime commitment to both animals. All kittens and puppies are energetic and will enjoy playing together. 

While the Siamese cat is a perpetual kitten, not all dogs hold on to their puppy nature. Here are some that do:

  • Golden Retriever – These doggos are known for being incredibly friendly and empathetic. They’ll be happy to accept a new partner in crime into their home.
  • Beagle – Even though beagles are often seen as hunters of the animal world, they do get along well with cats. They’re funny, sweet, and you’ll most likely find them snuggled up with your Siamese.
  • Boston Terrier – Don’t let the ‘Terrier’ part confuse you! Boston Terriers are the only types of Terriers known to get along well with cats. They have a glowing reputation of being incredibly friendly.
  • Boxers – Known for their ability to light up a room as soon as they enter, boxers are considered the clowns of the dog world.

Do dogs like Siamese cats?

Now, let’s reverse the question – do dogs like Siamese cats? Well, much like with Siamese kitties, it all depends on the personality of your pup.

The main thing to figure out is the temperament of your dog. All breeds are different and as their owner, you’re the best person to decide.

Non-aggressive pups can cause harm to a new cat brought into your home. Even if they don’t intend to, one wrong move can cause some serious harm to your kitty.  

It is important to understand your doggo’s temperament and overall aggressiveness to ensure the happiness of your household.

Before you take that big step, considering your dog’s background is essential. If your dog tends to show aggression or territorial nature, either due to their history or breed, maybe bringing a small animal into their space is not a good idea. 

A few things to look out for:

  • The way your dog reacts to small creatures on your walk – Are they happy and curious? Or show aggressiveness with territorial behavior?
  • Do they react badly to another animal wanting your attention?
  • How do they treat guests or small children in your home?
  • If another dog comes into their house or space, how do they react?

Making sure your feline friend is not in danger is important. But it’s also vital to make sure your pup won’t endure any stress by bringing an unfamiliar face into the household. 

You may also be put under stress and pressure trying to keep them separated for some time. If you’re positive you have a friendly little doggo, the next step is introducing them correctly. 

How do I make sure my Siamese cats and dogs get along?

If you’re sure your pup has a good temperament, you can go ahead and introduce the two. Depending on the personalities of your furry friends, this could be either a short or long process.

Do you want to know the secret to getting them both acquainted? Patience. Practice this along with caution, and you will have the recipe for success.

Remember, introducing a new cat or dog to the mix is a lot like introducing a new baby. There should be lots of attention showered on the older or current sibling. For cats, this must consist of Temptations Treats, extra cuddles, and belly rubs. You can buy the treats from Amazon by clicking on the link.

If you already have a Siamese and want to introduce a new pup into the family, these steps also apply: 

The first step is getting your Siamese acquainted with their new home. This will happen in one room of your house since your dog will be wandering around the rest. 

Taking the time to bond with your new Siamese is essential. Filling their room with toys, a cat tower, and a scratching post will make them feel more at home. Spend time playing with your new feline friend before you introduce your doggo. 

When you first introduce the two, hold your dog’s collar around their neck as a precaution. This will make it so you can pull them back if they act out. Let them get a quick look and sniff of each other, then take the cat back to their room.

Pay close attention to both of their reactions. Did they seem merely curious or were hostile to one another?

If they seem hostile, then repeating the process often is important. Keep hold of your dog’s collar and watch how they interact.

When you feel they’re starting to get along, move to holding your dog by a leash during their meetings. This will give your dog more room to explore, but also make sure there’s control in the situation.

If they seem like they’re becoming friends, then you can take it step by step till they’re finally living in the same space.

The main goal is to make sure they’re both happy and safe in the same household.

Here are some extra tips to make the transition smoother:

1.) Separate Rooms: Experts recommend placing the new cat or dog in a separate room.  This allows the resident cat to get used to their scent and the sound of their voice. Feliway, a leading pheromone product that calms cats, suggests you bring your new furry friend to their “safe room” right away. 

2.) Scent: Give each animal a favorite blanket or towel with the other’s scent. This is a huge comfort factor for cats, and dogs since their sense of smell are much more sensitive than ours.

3.) Timing: This can be the difference between getting off on the right or wrong foot. You should keep the animals separated for at least a week. Chances are, they will tell you when they’re ready to meet, so play it by ear. 

Timing doesn’t only refer to a decent introduction interval. The best time to make introductions is during a quiet season with few parties and other chaos. The Christmas season is not recommended.

You can also take some of the advice I have given on how to make your Siamese cat like you. After all humans, dogs, and cats are all very similar creatures, so how we make humans and cats get along may also work on building friendships between two furry cuties of different species. Here is the link to the article:

Do Siamese Cats Get Along with Other Cats?

The Siamese cat craves attention and is not picky about where it comes from. While one of the dogs listed above would make a great playmate, another cat might be an even better match. 

You may have heard people say that you have to “get cats”. And nobody does this better than another cat. At the same time, cats can be territorial with each other. So it’s important to do your research on the breeds least likely to clash.

You can also check out one of the articles here on my blog. In an attempt to make things easier for cat lovers like me who love to introduce new members to our pawmily, I made a guide on how to introduce a Siamese cat to a new cat in 3 easy steps!

The Abyssinian: With a mutual love of climbing, these pals will go to great heights together. The Abyssinian also match the Siamese tail for tail in intelligence and curiosity. 

The Orange Tabby: While not a breed, this one is a starred recommendation. Congenial and chill, this guy will balance out the energy in your household. And he will embrace a new Siamese sibling with open paws.

The Birman: This cat is loving, curious, and smart. Your blue-eyed beauties can compare notes on how much they hate it when you leave the house.

Cat combinations to avoid include the independent Persian, and the snooty British Short Hair. These two breeds would much rather be left alone in peace.

Do Siamese Cats Get Along Better with the Opposite Gender?

Batman and Robyn make excellent sidekicks. They are siblings from the same litter, so this plays a part. But it also has something to do with Batman being a boy, and Robyn being a girl. 

Think back to your high school days – or heck, even your current social circle. Multiple females will be “catty”, and two guys will fight over the same girl.  It’s just nature – human and cat.  

In cats, this sexual tension manifests itself in territorial wars over space, or you. And don’t kid yourself, girls can be every bit as aggressive as boys – sometimes even more so!

Of course, it’s a different story when your Siamese cat is aggressive to you or other humans. Luckily, I explored more about Siamese cats and the ways they can be aggressive in one of my blogs. Simply click the link to read more about it.

The tension can even exert itself even when the parties are not intact. Haven’t you ever seen the ladies and gents in the nursing homes fight over the hottest soap stars?  I had a neutered four-year-old who fell in love with the girl down the street.  He would roll around on his back, showing off his wares. 

Having your cat spayed or neutered does turn the heat down by about ninety percent. This will prevent unwanted and homeless kittens, and contribute to the peace in your multi-cat household. 

I recommend a boy-girl relationship with the caveat that I have had the opposite work. My Boots tolerates both Batman and Robyn about equally. They are nine-month-old kittens, and he’s a senior rescue, so he’s pretty much a saint! 

So, Do Siamese Cats Like Dogs?

Siamese cats tend to enjoy the company of dogs, especially ones that can match their energy and crazy personality. 

Dogs can be a great companion for our needy fur babies, especially ones that have been feeling lonely or in need of some extra attention.

Of course, you should always exercise caution when introducing the two. Even breeds that I have listed above may not get along well with your Siamese – it all depends on their individual personalities. 

While we all want to live in a happy household as quickly as possible, try to remember it’s not a race. A slow and steady introduction is the key to success! 

Want to immerse yourself more in the captivating world of Siamese cats? I’ve got all the information you need from their distinct color points to their fun personalities: Siamese Cats: Unique Features and Personality

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