How Do You Get A Siamese Cat To Like You: 11 Effective Ways

Want to know the secret to winning the heart of our faithful Siamese? The answer may be more straightforward than you think!

While these complex felines are often depicted as the villain in most movies, after years upon years of owning Siamese cats, I can assure you that is pure fiction. 

Siamese cats are one of the most lovable and loyal felines around; you just have to know what makes them tick! Once you discover their likes and dislikes, it won’t be long until they’re stuck to you like glue. 

In this article, I’ll share with you 11 ways to get a Siamese cat to like you, as well as the ways they will show affection back. 

How do Siamese cats show affection?

Before we get into the tips and tricks, we first have to know the signs of a happy Siamese. If your Siamese does any of the following, they most likely think of you as a friend already!

  1. Shadowing

If your Siamese follows you around like a shadow, they’re simply trying to be a part of your day. 

While Siamese cats love to be playful and adore cuddle time, they also need their space; but that doesn’t mean they want to be alone. Sounds confusing? It’s really not!

For example, Batman, one of my Siamese kitties, loves to sit with me while I work. He doesn’t try to get on my knee or beg for attention; he simply sits in his cat bed next to my desk and watches me work. 

The same goes for when I’m doing my chores. My Siamese cats love to be as close to me as possible without interfering or disturbing me. This is why I’ll always recommend Siamese cats to people who feel lonely!

  1. Cuddling 

If your Siamese is coming to you for cuddles, you must be doing something right! 

Siamese cats are extremely loveable creatures, so it’s only natural that they enjoy cuddles. They’re not considered lap cats; however, they’re usually up for a cuddle or a snuggle on the sofa. 

It’s more than likely that your Siamese will want to sleep in the same bed as you or sit next to you as you watch a movie. Even if you fall to sleep without them, chances are you’ll wake up with them next to you. 

If you’ve ever noticed your Siamese rubbing up against your legs or giving you little head-butts, don’t worry, they’re not trying to start a fight or trip you up. This is their way of marking you as “mine.” Cats secrete a pheromone from their cheeks to mark objects with their scent and show that they’re friendly.

When your Siamese shows you their belly, they’re asking you for two things. Either they want you to rub their belly, or they’re ready to play. Whichever one it may be, they’re still looking to gain some attention from you. 

  1. Talking

There’s no denying that Siamese cats are noisy creatures. Like we humans communicate with words, Siamese cats communicate with meows and meezers. 

While other moggies may only meow when they’re hungry or bored, a Siamese cat will meow all day long, just to let you know that they love you. They will chatter away about their day and be ready to listen and talk about yours. 

That being said, Siamese cats will yell at you for other things too. If they’re feeling lonely, bored, neglected, or are craving some cuddles, they’ll scream and cry until they get it. 

Just like other felines, a Siamese cat will purr when they’re feeling happy and content. So, if your kitty is headbutting you and purring, take that as a sign it’s cuddle time!

  1. Playing

Siamese cats are hyperactive and playful by nature. Not a day goes by where Batman and Robyn don’t crave some sort of activity, whether that be a couple of hours with a laser point pen or jumping in and out a cardboard box 500 times. 

Since these kitties are extroverted, they adore playtime, especially when it involves their favorite human. Playing with your Siamese is a fantastic way to bond.

If your Siamese goes without playing for too long, they’ll start looking for trouble. They’re intelligent creatures, so they know you’ll give them some attention as soon as they act out. 

When your Siamese initiates playtime, it’s a sign they love you and the company you provide them.

  1. Licking 

Even though licking may be uncomfortable due to their spiky tongues, they’re not doing it to hurt you! sLike dogs, Siamese cats will also groom and lick as a sign of affection. 

Batman and Robyn will often groom each other, a sign of sibling love, and they will usually come over and give me a little lick too. Just think of them like kitty kisses.

  1. Slow Blinking 

Another thing referred to as “cat kisses” comes in the form of slow blinking. Cats will slow blink at both animals and humans as a sign of affection, showing that they trust you. 

Why doesn’t my cat like me?

Although I often say how lovable and affectionate Siamese cats are, that doesn’t mean all Siamese cats are. Cats have their own personalities; some enjoy cuddles, others do not. Some love playing, others hate it. 

Although it’s typical for a Siamese to act certain ways, you need to understand your cat’s personality and respect that. This may have something to do with their previous experiences, socialization, etc. 

If your Siamese isn’t overly affectionate, this doesn’t always mean that they don’t like you, and they may just show their love in other ways. 

How do I know what my cat is feeling?

Since Siamese cats can’t tell us how they’re feeling with words (although they do try), it’s your job to assess their body language and draw your own conclusion. 

If you want to create a strong bond with your cat, first, you need to learn the basics:

  • Relaxed: Signs your Siamese is relaxed include ears up, whiskers to the size, and paws flexing in content. You’ll usually find them stretched out on their back or side, and this is usually a good time to approach your Siamese. However, this stretched position could leave them feeling exposed and vulnerable, so take care when petting. 
  • Confident: Your Siamese will hold their head up high, with their tail upright. Their eyes will typically be wide, and their back arched slightly. This is the best time to interact as they will be in a good mood.
  • Aggravated: If your Siamese is feeling annoyed or aggressive, their fur will be puffed up, and their back will be arched. Ears will be flattened, pupils dilated, and they will swish their tails back and forth aggressively. It is best to avoid your cat when they are feeling like this. 
  • Defensive: Signs a cat feels defensive include flat ears, exposed teeth, and claws. Give your Siamese time to relax when they’re feeling this way because even though you may not have triggered this defensive state, chances are they’ll consider you as a threat too. 
  • Anxious: When your Siamese is feeling anxious, they will try to make themselves as small as possible. This includes hunching down and wrapping their tail around themselves. Their pupils will be large, and they will look like they’re ready to run. Avoid touching your cat if they feel like this, as you will only make them more anxious. 

How to bond with a Siamese

Here are 11 ways to get your Siamese to like you. 

  1. Give them some space

When you first meet a Siamese or bring them home for the first time, allow them some space to get used to their surroundings or atmosphere. We all want to pick up and snuggle every kitty we see, but we must first ensure they’re comfortable and don’t see us as a threat. If you rush this process, it’ll take even longer for them to warm up to you.

  1. Let them lead

The best way to initiate bonding is to let your Siamese lead. While some may be ready to interact as soon as they meet you, others may take weeks, if not months, to warm up. If your Siamese sits near you, purrs, kneads, or headbutts you, these are signs they wish to begin bonding.

  1. Brushing 

Did you know, Siamese cats spend 30-40% of their days grooming? While this is usually an instinct (to remove scents that attract predators), it also helps remove hair and prevent hairballs. On top of this, brushing is a great way to bond with your Siamese.

Depending on their personality, it may take some time for your Siamese to become accustomed to this. All my kitties love to be brushed; however, it took Batman a little longer to get used to it than Robyn.

  1. Playing

If you play with your Siamese often, this is a surefire way to become besties. Siamese cats are incredibly outgoing, and therefore they adore playtime and those willing to play with them. 

Avoid using toys that require no interaction from you. For example, giving them a ball to kick around will be a lot less effective than waving a fishing toy back and forth. 

They’ll soon associate you with fun. 

  1. Naptime

Taking a nap or sharing a bed with your Siamese is an excellent way to bond. This shows that both of you are comfortable being in your most vulnerable state, and your Siamese will love to snuggle down where it’s warm.

Even if most of this time is spent sleeping, they’ll feel much closer to you! 

  1. Clip your cat’s claws

While this may seem like more stress than anything, clipping your cat’s claws is not only a good way to keep their paw pads safe, it’s a great way to bond. If your Siamese lets you clip their claws, this shows that they trust you. 

However, don’t push it. Batman will happily let me clip his nails; he even purrs when doing so! Robyn, on the other hand, absolutely hates it.

  1. Watch some birds

Cats love to bird-watch. My cats would sit in front of the window all day and watch the birds fly as they could. They’ll appreciate the company as they do so.

  1. Conversate

Siamese cats love to listen to your story just as much as they like to tell theirs! They may not be able to understand English, but they do understand the frequency of your voice. Your voice can be a great calmer to them, and the frequency of their purrs in response can actually benefit them health-wise! 

  1. Kitty massage

A massage is a great way to bond with your Siamese. A quick search on YouTube will let you know all the good spots and ways to apply pressure. Your Siamese will love the fact that you’re focusing on their needs and giving them your undivided attention.

  1. Training 

Siamese cats are incredibly intelligent; you can train them to do just about anything. Teaching your Siamese even the simplest tricks such as fetch, sit, paw (believe me, it is possible!) is a great way to bond. 

This also does wonders for their mental stimulation, and they’ll lap up all the attention you’re giving to them. 

  1. Treats, treats, and more treats

Let’s face it; most cats are food-driven. They’ll most likely respond to you better if you bribe them with their favorite snacks every now and again. Just make sure you don’t overfeed your Siamese!

Do Siamese cats get attached to one person?

Siamese cats are known to play favorites, picking a human they will claim as “theirs.” 

Siamese cats are typically friendly to most people they meet. Unless there is any reason to dislike you, such as jealousy or mean behavior, they will have no problems coming up to you and saying hello. 

That being said, these kitties tend to become bored with people other than their families. So, do not be surprised if they ignore you and go straight to their owners instead. 

A bond between owner and Siamese is strong and will likely never be broken. If you’ve adopted an older Siamese who was attached to their previous owner, you may have a had time convincing them to be your friend. 

However, if you plan to be their full-time owner, they’ll more than likely become attached to you at some point. 

Are Siamese cats loyal?

Incredibly so! Once a strong bond has been formed between you and your Siamese, chances are they’ll never love anyone quite as much as they do you.

This has a lot to do with the fact that Siamese cats have lived with humans for thousands of years. It’s become a part of their nature to be loyal to those who care for them. 

This also means that they’re pretty protective of their owners, going so far as to risk their lives to ensure their owners are safe. If your Siamese senses a threat, whether that be from another human or animal, they won’t hesitate to get their claws out. 

Are Siamese cats clingy?

It all depends on what your definition of clingy is. Yes, Siamese cats are perhaps needier than other felines; however, I like to see them as extra loveable.

They crave love, time, and attention, so if you don’t have any of that to give, you’re better off going with another breed. Siamese cats aren’t like your average moggie, and they do not enjoy being alone. If their needs aren’t met (not just food, water, and a clean home), they’ll grow depressed, anxious, and possibly destructive. 

Before you get yourself one of these fantastic breeds, ensure you have enough time and love to give back because you’ll receive plenty in return!

How do I know if my Siamese cat likes me?

Siamese cats are usually not hard creatures to read. They’re very forthcoming with their emotions, and they’ll let you know whether they’re a fan or not. 

That being said, all cats have different personalities, even Siamese. Therefore if your Siamese isn’t very affectionate towards you, but they still enjoy your company, talk to you often, and are happy and comfortable in your presence, they may just not be a cuddly kitty. 

As long as you care for your Siamese, spend enough time with them, and play with them often, there isn’t much reason why they wouldn’t like you! 

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