Do Siamese Cats Really Play Catch? (Plus 7 Easy Steps to Train Them!)

When it comes to playing catch, our Siamese friends are not the first furry animals that come to mind. When I took Robyn and Batman into my home, I didn’t think playing fetch was something we could bond over. But you’ll be surprised because, yes, siamese cats can really play catch!

Most Siamese cats will enjoy playing catch with their owners. Siamese cats are often said to be more like dogs. Surprisingly, one thing they are known to do as well as a dog is play fetch.

Siamese are also known for being one of the least independent cat breeds. They’re the perfect balance of being affectionate and fun! Let’s explore more about the Siamese’ playful nature.

Do Siamese cats like to play fetch?

Just as there are dogs that do not like to play fetch, there are most likely cats that are not as happy with this kind of game as well. Some Siamese cats may enjoy playing fetch, while some may not.

Comparing to how dogs play fetch, there may not be that much difference in the way cats do it, at least physically. However, their motives are arguably different.

For dogs, it’s a way of maintaining their owners’ affections so that they can continue to have access to a comfortable home and food. For a cat, it’s actually more instinctive.

Think about it. An untrained domesticated dog doesn’t usually just go after hunting game and then think they’re bringing it back to you as a gift. Cats, including the Siamese, do. With wildcats, the mothers bringing their game back to the den is how they keep their kittens fed.

Most domesticated cats aren’t fond of playing fetch because as far as they’re concerned, they have everything right where they need it. 

However, true to their nature, some outdoor or partly outdoor cats have been known to steal random things from neighbors.

How Can I Train My Cat to Fetch?

If your cat is a Siamese kitten, that’s even better. They’re more open and learn faster than adult cats. They may even turn out to have a natural penchant for fetching.

Step 1. Choose a good spot.

If you want to train your Siamese kitten or cat, start with a quiet spot. You want a small space that doesn’t have a lot of obstacles or too many distractions. Ideally, you should also do it out of the way of any electrical cables, outlets and cords. Siamese kittens probably won’t understand that they’re dangerous and may try to explore them while they’re at it.

Step 2. Pick a toy.

Then, you may want to pick a spot to line your cat’s toys up in. About 4 or 5 options is plenty for a cat. It could be a catnip toy mouse, a tissue wad, a ball with a ringing bell or even a kibble treat.

Or, you may choose from the list of toys I featured in one of the articles on this site. I made sure they’re the best toys for your Siamese, so you can rest assured whichever you choose will be fun for your cat. I even had my feline buddies at home test them and made sure they gave it a thumbs up before recommending them to you.

Step 3. Observe their reactions.

Notice what your cat goes after the most and work with that. If it’s the treat, they probably won’t bring it back to you. However, chances are, they will probably come back to you for another. Be careful not to overdo it so that they won’t gain too much weight.

Not sure if your Siamese cat is on the right weight? Is your Siamese cat too thin or do they need to go on a diet? While your trusted vet is the best person to ask, there are tell-tale signs that your cat isn’t getting the nutrition they need. Find out more here in this article.

Check also if your cat is genuinely enjoying it. If it seems like they’re not having fun with playing fetch, you may want to try again some other time. Forcing them to like the activity will make them recall playing fetch as a bad memory, making them not want to repeat the same activity again.

Step 4. Set a play time.

Timing is important as well. Not that your cat actually knows what time it is. However, trying to get your cat to play when it’s tired won’t get you anywhere. If you feed your cat on a schedule, just before the meal is usually best.

Some experts recommend setting aside just five minutes for training time. Most cats will stay focused on something for 10 minutes at the most. They recommend calling it quits before your cat does. It’s more likely to be left wanting more by the next day that way.

Don’t be afraid to copy your cat’s mannerisms a little. It’s a little like bending to a child’s level while talking to him or her. It will probably reassure your cat that you understand what it’s doing. It can also help you understand why it’s moving the way that it is.

Step 5. Assign a name to the game.

Don’t hesitate to assign a name to the game. A simple one-note name such as “fetch” or “catch” should do the trick. Again, a Siamese kitten will likely pick it up much faster. However, the more you use repetition with the name in connection with the game, the faster your cat will be motivated.

As far as the reward goes, your cat may actually find the game rewarding enough. If it’s the treat that it usually goes after, eating it will be the reward. However, some cats just aren’t easily inclined to form new habits if you offer an actual treat. Some owners have found that using something like a clicker is just as effective.

Step 6. Gradually move into a larger space.

Finally, once your cat’s used to the game, it’s recommended to move it into larger spaces. They should eventually be able to do it in spaces with distractions. This is when you can get another person, such as a potential cat sitter or any kids you have, involved.

Step 7. Introduce variations

Once your cat is fetching one item regularly, you can try tossing another item. It can prevent boredom and keep the game exciting.

You may also have to change the reward every few days. If you give them the same treat every day, your cat will probably get bored with it.

It’s best to keep the toy out of your cat’s reach when you’re not playing the game. That way your cat won’t run the risk of choking or boring itself out too soon.

Do Siamese Cats Fetch Any Differently from Dogs?

The general idea is the same. Like the dog, the cat catches the toy and brings it back to you. However, there are some noticeable differences in the way that they do it.

Since dogs use fetch as a way to keep their owners pleased, they bring the toy right back almost every time. The Siamese kitten or cat, however, may want to play with the toy themselves from time to time. Fetch is a good way for them to sharpen their hunting skills. As a result, it’s no surprise that they’ll be inclined to treat the toy as their own hunting game from time to time.

Dogs can jump pretty much only up and down. Cats, however, are much more flexible and can do some fancy twisting if they have to. Catching a toy up in the air allows them to practice their twisting quite nicely.

Playing fetch can be a fun experience for your Siamese!

Siamese kittens and the adult Siamese kitty alike are hardwired to be affectionate toward their owners. Playing fetch with their owners is one way for them to show that affection. They have a lot of energy and tend to get very irritable if it’s not used properly.

But just like any other type of play, it is never a good idea to let your cat fetch unsupervised. They could swallow the toy and choke on it. You also don’t know if they could inadvertently end up somewhere near an electrical cord or outlet. So, play fun and safe!

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