The 11 Best Toys for Siamese Kittens

Siamese cats – one of the most energetic kitties out there. If they’re not busy playing with toys and jumping off the walls, they’ll be found elsewhere, creating some sort of mischief.

The best toy for Siamese kittens is something small and light that can easily be pushed around or held in their mouth. It should be something that they could channel their big ball of energy into!

Due to this unmatchable energy, it’s important we stimulate them both physically and mentally. This will ensure they don’t get bored and turn to destructive behavior (bye-bye favorite couch!)

Not only that, regular exercise ensures your Siamese stays fit and healthy, both physically and mentally. 

In this article, we’re going to introduce you to the 11 best cat toys for your Siamese kitties, both store-bought and homemade. We’ll also let you in on some of the best ways to bond with your Siamese, aside from playtime, of course. 

Why do cats play?

Playing is often considered a childish activity. In cats, it was believed that they play in order to practice skills (like hunting) they’ll need later on in life. 

While this is true, older cats continue to play, knowing full well their human parents will fill their bowls whenever they are hungry. So, behaviorists claimed that the reason indoor cats play so much is simply a substitute for these rooted hunting instincts. 

However, both adult outdoor and feral cats play, so this proves there are indeed more reasons to play. 

  • Relieves stress – Cats will grab their nearest toy and pump all their stress and tension into it. They release all that negative energy by stalking and fake-killing their toys. If you find them scratching up your furniture, this may be an attempt at stress relief. So, it would be a good idea to escort them to the nearest scratching post.
  • Helps development – Kittens need play to not only teach them about themselves but the world too. They can learn that swatting a ball will make it roll away, and biting their moving tail will indeed hurt. Cause and effect is essential for one’s development. Playing will also help strengthen their muscles and develop hand (paw) eye coordination.
  • A form of physical exercise: Unless you teach your cat how to pump some iron, they need to find other ways to stay fit and healthy. This is where playing comes in. All that running, jumping and climbing will do wonders for that belly pouch.
  • A form of mental exercise: Playing is also a great stimulus for the mind. If your Siamese is old, playing often will help reduce the chances of Alzheimer’s.
  • Boosts confidence: Have you ever had a shy cat that seems to come out of their shell any time a feather wand is around? This is because playing is a great distraction and something they can’t deny. It also helps feral cats feel safer in their new homes.
  • Creates bonds: There is nothing more a Siamese loves than playing with their best friend – you! That’s why it’s super important to play with a new cat since it helps solidify the bond between the both of you.

So, play isn’t something they can simply live without. You can make playing something fun and a de-stressor for the both of you! 

How do cats play?

By as little as 4 weeks, Siamese kitties have begun to practice the basic techniques. These techniques fall into 3 different categories:

Object play involves a kitten and a toy (or anything entertaining they can get their paws on.) This type of play will have the kitten pawing, chasing, clawing, and capturing.

Since this involves a lot of movement, you’ll want to pick up a toy that is lightweight and easy to move. I recommend a ping-pong ball or a feather toy. 

Social play is the act of playing with others. This can be chasing their siblings, other pets in the household, or climbing, and biting their favorite human. 

Kittens around 9 weeks to 16 weeks are the perfect age for social play, and it usually begins to decrease after. If you’re having trouble with play aggression, try adopting two kittens together.

Self-directed play is when a kitty will chase their own tail and jump on imaginary objects. Cat behaviorists believe this is a replacement for social play. 

What is the best way to play with a kitten?

Kittens will use absolutely anything they can get their paws on as a plaything. This will involve biting, pouncing, stalking, jumping, and clawing. They much prefer small and light objects that can easily be pushed around or held in their mouth. 

Of course, you should avoid letting them play with small objects that can easily be swallowed. You should also avoid yarn and string since these can cause internal blockage and damage. Kittens are just like human babies – so don’t let them play with anything you wouldn’t let a baby play with.

Unless you want your hands eaten by your kitten, avoid using them during playtime. It can be tempting to get your hands involved, but there are various other ways you can get your Siamese interested in playing.

It may seem harmless fun at first, but your kitten will begin to see your hands as toys and will attack them every chance they get over time. This may be fun for them, but definitely not for you!

How much play time do cats need?

It’s important to remember that Siamese cats are not like any other cat you’ll ever meet. Believe it or not, they have more energy than most felines out there. So, this energy has to be directed somewhere.

It is recommended that you play with your Siamese at least 2 times a day. You should play with them for 40 – 60 minutes daily. Cats are usually active in short bursts, so you should split this time up accordingly. 

Scheduling this playtime will also ensure your Siamese isn’t crazy throughout the day. They’ll be able to reserve this energy until the time is right. 

If your Siamese is old, overweight, or has any underlying health issues such as high blood pressure, arthritis, and heart disease, you should adjust their playing time accordingly.

Kittens will have more energy than any cat and will most likely initiate playtime. They will also want to play more often and for longer. 

Best Toys for a Siamese 

Siamese cats are incredibly intelligent, so a stagnant toy just won’t cut it. In order to stimulate them both mentally and physically, they’ll need toys that invoke a reaction. This includes moving toys and ones that make noises. 

Assuming you don’t let your Siamese outdoors, they’ll need even more stimulation for their hunting instincts. They’ll be dreaming about chasing birds, rabbits, and mice.

Avoid leaving toys out after playtime, as having instant access to them may cause them to become disinterested. Some toys may also have small parts or things they could choke on, so ensure kittens are always supervised.

Of course, no toy can replace you. So don’t go thinking you can always give them a toy and leave, you have to get involved too!

Take a look at some great toy options for your Siamese. I have also included product links to where you can buy them on Amazon. Simply click on the link.

1. Feather teasers/fishing rods

Grab a fishing rod and go catch yourself a Siamese! Of course, I don’t mean a real one.

Cats love it when you animate their toys, so try moving the line to encourage them to leap and jump. You can also wiggle it across the floor and watch them try to catch it. 

This will help sharpen their natural hunting skills like pouncing, stalking, and chasing. 

The toy market is full of poles with feathers, ribbons, and other sparkly things attached. If you’re not fond of crafting one yourself, this MeoHui Cat Wand Toy is definitely a great choice! Simply click the link to get it from Amazon.

2. Scratching posts

You may not see this one as a toy, but it is a lot more important than you think. The reason cats scratch is to get rid of the outer layer of their claws. They also do it in order to mark their territory. 

Cat scratchers are a great outlet for all their natural instincts, plus it saves them scratching up your favorite furniture as punishment. Speaking of Siamese cats and furniture pieces, there are actually effective ways to ensure you won’t wake up to a damaged couch. Check out the simple hacks I compiled by clicking on the link.

The scratcher world stems far and wide, so you can find many different varieties. Short ones, tall ones, fat ones, thin. Some even incorporate other toys such as balls and feather teasers. 

Others are made within cat towers that have ramps and hideaways, or others feature a little sleeping spot on the top.

This PetFusion Jumbo Cat Scratcher Lounge has really won Batman and Robyn’s hearts. It can hold up to 4 cats, so it will most likely become your cats’ favorite hangout! Check it out on Amazon by clicking on the link.

3. Balls

Siamese cats also enjoy a nice game of soccer. To encourage them even more, you can purchase balls that have lights, make noises, are filled with catnip, or move around. 

Be sure the balls are light enough that they can move them around without causing themselves any damage. Here’s one that I found on Amazon. This K KAMY’S ZOO Wool Ball is lightweight, non-toxic and bite-resistant too! Check it out by clicking on the link.

4. Mice

Siamese cats love toys that resemble prey. This could be furry little mice or feathery little birds. They will stalk, hunt, and pounce on their prey, stimulating a hunt and attack scenario. 

They may even bring you their ‘kill’ as a present, so be ready to give them praise in order to encourage more play. It’s important to supervise your Siamese when they are playing with these toys in case they decide to eat them.

These types of toys always have small parts: fake whiskers, eyes, noses, feathers, and fur. Eating these parts can cause intestinal blockage.

5. Puzzles

Let’s be honest here, most cats are food motivated. So, food puzzles are a great way to keep them entertained while you’re away. 

A food puzzle consists of some sort of contraption that holds your Siameses favorite treat. This may be a ball or one where they have to push things with their noses and paws. They will spend a good amount of time figuring out a way to get them out.

Siamese cats are quite intelligent though, so they may quickly figure out how to transform the puzzle into a treat dispenser. If your Siamese keeps cracking the code, you can instead hide treats around the house like a little scavenger hunt – this is also free and fun for the both of you!

6. Catnip toys 

Catnip is essentially a drug for cats. But don’t worry, they can’t get addicted and it doesn’t negatively affect them. It is actually a natural plant, part of the mint family, containing an essential oil called nepetalactone. This oil can stimulate your cat’s brain. 

The effect of catnip varies; some cats may just smell it or roll in it, others will try to eat it and get a sudden burst of energy. In fact, only 50% of cats are affected by catnip, so your Siamese may have no reaction at all.

You can either buy catnip in a powder, or you can even grow it at home (don’t worry, you won’t get arrested!) Some toys already have a pouch of catnip incorporated inside, just like these Catnip Toys I found on Amazon. You can get one for your Siamese buddies by clicking on the link.

7. Cat furniture

This one is similar to a cat tower in the sense it’s not an actual toy per se, but it definitely gives them some form of joy and entertainment. 

If you have the space in your house, giving your Siamese a room to themselves would be a great idea. Not only will it ensure you have less of a mess around the house, but it’ll also act as a safe space for them.

Once you fill that room with cat furniture and toys, it’ll be like a theme park right in paw’s reach. This will keep them engaged for hours, and will also stop them from wreaking havoc in the house. 

Cat furniture includes: 

  • Cat towers
  • Tunnels 
  • Wall hangers
  • Jungle gyms 
  • Scratching posts 

I can tell you from personal experience that my Siamese was much happier when I brought a cat tower home. He loves sitting in high places, and thankfully the tower I purchased had a lot of high surfaces for him to sit on. It also included a hidey-hole, built-in toys, and a few ramps. You can check out the Yaheetech Multi-level Cat Tower on Amazon by clicking on the link.

Toys on a Budget

If you’re on a budget, don’t fret! There are tons of homemade toys you can give to your Siamese. Let’s be real, they play with their own shadow if push comes to shove!

8. Cardboard boxes

Just purchased something online and don’t know what to do with the box? Give it to your Siamese! No one knows why, but kitties just love to play in boxes. 

Maybe they’re going back to ancient times and using the box as their make-believe palace, but whatever it is, they love to jump, slide, and leap in and out. 

The box will most likely be destroyed in a couple of days (or hours, depending on how mischievous your Siamese is) but thankfully, it’s easy to replace!

9. Paper bags 

Talking about shopping, Siamese kitties also love paper bags. I wouldn’t be surprised if your cat has jumped in your shopping bag before you’ve even taken your groceries out!

We’re also not quite sure why cats love them so much. Maybe it’s the fact they love an enclosed space, or they simply enjoy the sound of a crinkling bag. Whatever it may be, giving your Siamese a paper bag may be the most fun they’ve had in ages. 

Avoid giving them a plastic bag to avoid suffocation, and always cut off the paper bag handles to avoid choking. 

10. Toilet paper treat holder

Is your Siamese food motivated but you don’t have any toys that hold food? Make yourself a toilet roll treat holder!

All you need to do is simply fold one end of the toilet paper roll in like an envelope and place treats inside. Once you’ve done so, you can also fold the other side in.

They may seem a little uninterested at first, but when they realize there are treats inside, they’ll be playing with it for hours!

11. Makeshift balls

You don’t have to spend money to watch your Siamese play soccer! There are tons of materials around the house that you can use as a makeshift ball. Try getting your hands on some pompoms, or better yet, newspaper or tinfoil. All you have to do is screw them into circles and watch the fun unfold. 

Make sure you’re supervising the play to avoid anything getting ingested that shouldn’t. 

Can cat toys be dangerous?

While cat toys can be a lot of fun, they do carry some risks. Kittens play with anything they can get their paws on, which is very innovative, but it can also be a health hazard.

Here are a few common toys and household objects you shouldn’t let your cat play with:

  • Paper clips
  • Plastic bags 
  • Small toys that your cat can swallow
  • String, yarn, ribbons, rubber bands, and dental floss
  • Feather toys 
  • Toys with small parts

The biggest dangers that come along with these toys include ingestion, falling, strangulation, suffocation, stabbing, and choking. 

As I said earlier, think of a kitten as a baby. They like to explore everything with their mouth, and they have no idea what they should and shouldn’t eat. 

For example, you wouldn’t give a small, sting object, or something sharp to a baby. Well, it’s exactly the same for a kitten. String objects can cause strangulation as well as getting caught in their intestines if swallowed. 

You also shouldn’t let your kitten climb to high places since they have more chance of falling and hurting themselves. You should wait till your kitten is at least 4 months old before buying them a cat tree. (Also keep them away from your curtains!)

How can I ensure my cat is safe when playing?

It’s relatively easy to ensure your Siamese stays safe while playing. 

First, you should always remove any small parts that may be on the toy. This includes plastic eyes, noses, whiskers, and any other small objects. The same goes for items such as bells, strings, feathers, and ribbons that they may be able to bite off and swallow. 

If you’re using a feather teaser, make sure everything is made from sturdy materials instead of flimsy string and glue.

For cat furniture, you should always make sure the item fits their size and experience. For example, you wouldn’t want to get a 6 FT cat tower for a 4-month-old kitten who has never climbed before.

You should also check for any loose strings or cords that they could get caught in if they fall. The space around the cat tower should also be empty, not near any sharp objects or things they could fall onto. 

The most important thing is to always supervise your kitten while they’re playing with toys that could cause injury. This includes anything with batteries, toys with small parts, and wands. Keeping a close eye on them will ensure you can quickly take the item away if it becomes a threat.

This also goes for any stuffed toys. If these toys ever get ripped open, the stuffing inside can cause intestinal damage or choking if ingested. 

How can I tell if my cat has eaten something bad?

There are a few signs to indicate your Siamese has eaten something they shouldn’t have. These include:

  • They’re coughing or having difficulty breathing
  • Their gums are pale 
  • They aren’t going to the bathroom as normal
  • They have a decreased appetite 
  • They have a low or high temperature

Behavioral changes include:

  • Anxiety
  • Limping
  • Wanting to be outside 
  • Excessive vocalization 
  • Extra clinginess 
  • Irritability 

Of course, these behavioral signs don’t necessarily mean your Siamese has ingested something they shouldn’t, but it does mean something is not quite right.

If your Siamese has started to show any of these symptoms, you should take them to the vet as soon as you can. If you have seen your Siamese eating something they haven’t, or chewing something off one of their toys, be sure to take it with you as evidence. 

Let’s Hear From Siamese Owners

What better way to learn about Siamese cats and their playful behavior than from real-life Siamese parents?

I never knew that cats could have so much energy!

When I first got my Siamese, he was only 5 months old. I knew kittens were playful, but this rascal was a completely different story.

He’d see anything as a play toy; the curtains, my clothes, the vacuum, the dyer… he even spent one hour chasing his own shadow around the house. As adorable as it was, it was definitely exhausting. 

Thankfully he started to grow out of it after a few months. I also noticed that playing with him for a full 40 minutes before bed ensured I got a good night’s sleep!”

If you’re thinking about adopting a Siamese, my best advice is to get two.

It sounds like a lot more work, but it turns out to be less in the end! They’re always playing together, sleeping together, and keeping each other company.

Siamese cats enjoy nothing more than playing with their brother or sister.”

The Bottom Line

Siamese cats enjoy playing, there’s no doubt about that! While it does a good job at keeping them entertained, playing is also essential for a kitten’s development.  

There are a bunch of toys your Siamese will enjoy playing with; balls, mice, sparkly things that move and make noise. 

But above all, they love having a playmate who enjoys quality time as much as them!

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