Do Siamese Cats Meow Differently?

We’re not talking about a simple “MEOW” here. Chirruping, chatting, and staccato mewing are all part of the Siamese’s extensive vocabulary. Melodious and vocal, the meow of a Siamese cat stands out above all other cats.

The short answer is: YES, Siamese cats meow differently. And they meow A LOT.  Siamese cats have an intuitive way of meowing learned from centuries of attention-seeking.

The first time I met Batman and Robyn, I heard what I thought was a baby crying. Surprise! It was actually tiny Robyn, calling out to me for attention. Her plaintive cries were almost identical to an infant’s.

Why are Siamese cats so vocal?

There are many reasons Siamese cats are so vocal. The main reason is down to their sociable personality – they’re simply talkative by nature! Their voice is just another form of communication.

If you already have the pleasure of owning a Siamese, you’ll know just how distinctive their meow is. While this ‘meezer’ can be charming, often than not, consistent meowing can become rather annoying. 

If you’re concerned your furry friend is meowing more than usual, they may actually be trying to tell you something. That, or they may just be bored!

Take a look at some of the reasons your Siamese cat may be meowing:

Bored, bored, bored!

Babies cry when they’re bored, simply because they have nothing better to do. Siamese cats are no different! With no mental stimulation, they’ll turn to meowing around the house all hours of the day.

Since it’s impossible to constantly give our lovable kitties human interaction, we have to come up with other ways to keep them occupied. If not, you may find them turning to destructive behavior such as ripping up your favorite couch or eating your slippers.

If you’re preparing to bring a Siamese home, or you already have one that is showing signs of boredom, a trip to your local pet store is needed! Fill your house full of toys, and your feline will be in paradise.

Siamese cats are extremely intelligent, so a lifeless toy will not cut it. Try purchasing toys that invoke a reaction – ones that wind up, make a noise, some plastic balls they can kick around the house. If you struggle to find any in your local pet store, good old google will have the answers.

If your Siamese is a little more complex, you could also try out some cat puzzles. Simply click the link for the interactive cat puzzle I recommend which you can buy from Amazon. These cat puzzles incorporate treats and get your cat thinking. They’ll spend hours figuring out how to get these delicious treats out – but be aware, once these smart cats crack the code, it won’t be long till they do it again!

Bored cats get restless. A restless cat will make sure you’re not getting any sleep too. Keeping them entertained will save your sanity as well as theirs!

They’re not feeling the love.

While most felines love their alone time, generally, Siamese cats hate it. If they had it their way, they’d be with you all hours of the day. In the shower, on the toilet – you name it, they want to be there!

When a Siamese isn’t receiving the attention they crave, they’ll let you know about it. Failing to please their need for human affection will have them screaming all hours of the day. 

While they can be seen as needy little critters, Siamese cats can actually become depressed if they aren’t shown enough love. When this happens, their “pet me human” meow will turn into something sad and overall unpleasant to hear. 

They’re intelligent.

It’s no secret that Siamese cats are incredibly intelligent. Just like a baby, they can figure out that a meow signals their human parents to give them what they need. Whether that be food, attention, or entertainment. 

Constant meowing can actually be learned behavior. Without realizing it, you may have taught your kitty to meow on cue. It’s helpful to know that this behavior can be reversed. It’ll just take a lot of time and patience (and less spoiling!) 

If your Siamese is meowing more than usual, try to observe them more closely. You may be able to figure out what’s bugging them.

What makes the Siamese meow different?

Yes, the Siamese is much chattier than other cat breeds, but even their basic mew stands out. It is low, gravelly, and almost melodious. It’s enough to make the average person stop in their tracks like I did when I first met my twins.

Why is the meow of a Siamese cat so different, though? To understand that, we need to take a deep dive into history.

Have Siamese cats always meowed differently?

What makes the Siamese cat so chatty, when most other breeds settle for a simple “meow” to get our attention?

The Siamese cat is one of the earliest domesticated cat breeds on the planet. This occurred around the 14th century in Siam, which today is Thailand. They were favorites of the royal courts of Siam due to their striking markings and long, elegant form. I found this so interesting that I did a more in-depth research about the Siamese cat’s history. Simply click the link to the article if you want to give it a read.

As a result, the Siamese adapted to humans and learned our behaviors long before most other breeds of cats. Simply put, they’ve had a long time to learn one of the biggest weaknesses.

Few humans can resist the inquisitive meow of a cat! So Siamese cats have learned to meow early, meow often, and meow in as many (adorable!) ways as possible.

Even fewer humans can resist the cry of a baby. 

The warbling, piercing cry of the Siamese cat sounds a lot like a human baby crying.  Its resemblance to an infant in distress elicits an instant reaction from any human, which is likely why the Siamese uses it whenever they want your attention.

This is particularly true for women. Please don’t accuse me of being sexist – many studies have proven this to be true. Maybe this is why men who are in touch with their sensitive side make good fathers – and fur fathers. So if you find a man who can’t resist a cat’s cry, send him over to my place!

Why does the Siamese cat meow differently?

Their early domestication has made the Siamese a social butterfly. It’s the main reason they’re so talkative: so they can communicate with you!

Not only that, Siamese cats can be very social with other cats as well. They are very intelligent and know exactly what kind of “meow” to use and when.

Batman and Robyn often make rapid-fire chirp chirps when they want to show me something. Especially if that “something” is birds in the yard outside. Siamese cats will use their wide variety of vocals to convey how they’re feeling or what they need.

Does this mean Siamese cats need lots of attention?

Absolutely! Siamese cats shower you with so much affection because they need it in return. This breed requires a lot of attention to remain happy (some say this is the lingering result of their days as royal pets in 14th century Thailand!).

They will become quite lonely and depressed if left alone all day, every day. And they will vocalize about it, loudly! You may get some complaints from your work-from-home neighbors.

So, many experts recommend that you invite another Siamese cat into your home. This is the perfect solution as the Siamese gets along well with other cats. 

I read up on this before adopting Batman and Robyn. All the research said that one Siamese cat would become listless and unhappy while I’m away from the house. So I decided to get a pair. If you need a guide on how to introduce a new cat to your Siamese, you may also want to check out the article on the link.

There is no way I could have left one behind anyway – they were bonded from the beginning. Now they spend the days basking in the sun or roughhousing in the living room. I’m actually envious of their hours of play!

Of course, there are situations where you won’t be able to welcome a second cat.  Being a responsible pet parent means knowing your emotional and financial capacity.

If this is the case, make sure to stock up on a variety of toys and gadgets.  These should be interactive toys, and bonus points if they’ll talk back to your cat! They’ll respond enthusiastically…with the vocals to match!

What do different meows mean?

There are 3 different inflections to cats’ voices.

Vowel Patterns:  That’s right, your cat is actually using the same vowels we do! Cats can also vocalize diphthongs. 

What on earth is a diphthong? Not what you probably think! This is a combination of two adjacent vowel sounds within the same syllable. These are also called gliding vowels.  

Murmur Patterns:  These are the adorable little sounds cats make that we love to mimic.  Think purrs and warbling, trilling sounds. One of the most interesting is the bird call, where the cat will actually mimic the bird.  The theory is that they are trying to draw the birds into a false sense of security.

Frustrated and Angry Sounds: You know those growls that seem to begin low in their bellies.  This sound can frighten any reasonable human. 

When a cat hisses in frustration or warning, they may be mimicking a snake. As snakes are one of the most terrifying creatures in the jungle, this is an excellent defense.  You may have noticed that the swish of a cat’s tail also mimics the sly, slender reptile. 

Why doesn’t my Siamese meow?

As you can see, it is normal for your Siamese to make all sorts of noises and sounds. They meow at almost anything, and as long as it isn’t in pain or for questionable reasons, it’s completely normal. 

However, if your Siamese doesn’t meow at all, this is a cause for concern.

In most cases, your Siamese will stop meowing when they become sick. While cats cry in pain, they also go quiet. Depression, lethargy, and a lack of meowing are all signs of common feline illnesses. 

Some of these illnesses include:

  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Laryngeal paralysis
  • Cancerous tumors
  • Upper respiratory infection
  • Blocked throat

If you believe your Siamese is suffering from any of these illnesses, or you’re concerned about their lack of meow, it is a good idea to take a trip to your local vets. There they will be able to examine your kitty to pinpoint the issue.

Or, you can also check out one of our articles here which talk about diseases our Siamese cats are prone to. I also included prevention tips which surprisingly include understanding your cat’s meows.

How can I get my Siamese to quiet down?

The best way to fix a problem is to prevent it from happening in the first place. That’s why it’s important to know what a Siamese cat needs before you bring one home. 

If you’re looking for a cat to keep you company every now and again, then the Siamese is not for you. Unlike their brothers and sisters, the Siamese breed needs to be constantly stimulated. They can be a rather difficult breed, but once you know how to handle them, bringing one home may be the best decision you ever make!

From day one, make sure your Siamese receives proper stimulation and quality time. If your cat becomes depressed, withdrawn, or aggressive due to negligence, it can be hard to reverse the effects. 

All you need to do to bond with your Siamese is spend time with them. Sounds simple? That’s because it is! You can’t spend all hours of the day with your Siamese, and we don’t expect you to. However, showing your Siamese love and affection often will ensure they continue to live their best life. 

Your Siamese will get noisy around dinner time or when they’re craving some love. The key is to avoid giving it when they ask for it. As I mentioned, meowing can be a learned behavior. While it may be hard to ignore, giving them what they want is the easy way out. 

Try giving them attention when they’re quiet and minding their own business. This will let them know that they get love just because; not because they ask for it. 

As long as your cat’s basic needs are met, such as food, water, a clean litter box, etc – they’ll be happy. Allotting playtime every day will reduce your Siamese need to meow.

At the end of the day, if your cat is well fed, well stimulated, receives lots of love and attention – what do they have to complain about?

Is my Siamese cat unhappy?

If you’re concerned their meows come from a place of discontent, keep a close eye on your feline. When they meow will give you an idea of why they’re mowing.

If your Siamese has everything they need and they’re meowing, it just means they love you! As long as you provide your Siamese with all of the things I mentioned above, there’s no reason your Siamese needs to feel unhappy

Want to immerse yourself more in the captivating world of Siamese cats? I’ve got all the information you need from their distinct color points to their fun personalities: Siamese Cats: Unique Features and Personality

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