Do Siamese Cats Protect Their Owners?

When it comes to protective instincts, Siamese have some of the strongest among all cats! Once you have earned the trust of your Siamese, their dedication will never go unnoticed. They will prioritize your protection whenever needed. 

So, yes! Siamese cats do protect their owners. 

Their protective nature dates back to the 15th Century. “Siamese” comes from the former name of Thailand, “Siam”. There, they were originally bred as temple guardians. 

Siamese cats were positioned to protect the king of Siam. These cats were often buried alongside royal family members, with the belief that they will help spirits cross over. 

These days, Siamese cats have developed possessive and protective qualities stronger than any other domestic cat.

Do Siamese cats love their owners?

Siamese cats love their owners and they express it through many ways including being protective.

One of the reasons Siamese are such popular breeds is due to their ability to form strong bonds with their owners. Once they get a taste of that person’s love, they begin to become more trusting and open.

The reason Siamese cats are so protective is due to that strong emotional attachment. A bonded relationship between a Siamese and owner is what makes them willing to sacrifice all for the ones they love.

When a Siamese cat is attached to you, you may notice them being dependent and protective. Once that bond is formed, it becomes virtually unbreakable.

These feline friends love attention, affection, and intimacy. Once you give those things, they’ll give you love and protection in return. 

A bonded Siamese will spend a lot of time with their owners. They will follow them around, watching over them and guarding their surroundings. Don’t you think about closing that door on them, they’ll make sure the entire house knows they’re upset!

Siamese values companionship above all. Their protective instincts are just an extension of their loyalty to those they trust and love. It’s in their nature to be protective.

What triggers a Siamese to be protective?

Siamese cats are great at analyzing potential threats since they are always on guard, observing their owners.

Anything that seems unfamiliar or out of character to them may trigger a Siamese cat to act in defense. This may result in clawing, jumping, and sometimes extreme aggression in the name of their owners. 

You may not notice their protective qualities until a situation arises, and most of the time there probably won’t be any danger. But, these cats may become overly alert and protective for any of these reasons: 

  • Members of the family are approached by an unfamiliar person
  • Another animal is present
  • Jealous of new editions to the family 
  • Unfamiliar people showing affection 
  • Regular human interaction like touching and playing could be seen as a threat to a Siamese

The moment your Siamese catches wind of these situations, they will transform from an affectionate companion to a visual, protective cat. Your little bodyguard would immediately jump to your defense!

It’s important to remember all Siamese cats are different. Just because your Siamese doesn’t show protective qualities doesn’t mean they don’t love or care for you. 

These situations may not seem threatening in the eyes of the owner, but for a Siamese, it’s a different story. Surroundings and routines are highly influential to Siamese behavior. Anything out of the ordinary for them could trigger these protective instincts and cause them to act unfavorably. 

Can Siamese cats protect you from danger?

As we’ve established, Siamese cats aren’t your usual moggie. They are far more advanced, intelligent with highly protective instincts.

They may not be able to save you from a lion attack, but Siamese cats are capable of protecting you against certain dangers. They can help prevent daily hazards and potential attacks. 

Think of them as small but mighty, with paws that pack a punch!

Siamese cats on the defense will usually use biting, jumping, hissing, scratching, and other forms of vocalization. If a situation is dangerous in their eyes, they’ll do their best to protect you from it.

In a dangerous situation where Siamese cat’s protective instincts are triggered, they will try their best to scare the threat away. You may have heard stories of cats fighting off dogs or snakes in the name of their owner!

Cats alike are driven by instincts. It’s important to remember they can not rationalize like humans. You probably don’t view a toddler as a big threat. But, if they are unfamiliar to your feline friend, they may be perceived as a terrifying monster. 

Their intention is not to be mean or aggressive, they just want to protect their favorite person. 

How do I stop my Siamese being over-protective?

It’s a great feeling knowing you have a kitty by your side who is willing to protect you at all costs! But when it comes to them being over-protective, that’s when a cause for concern is raised. 

If you’ve found your Siamese attacking family members, friends, or a new pet, give these a try:

  • Distance

Siamese cats form a strong bond usually with one person in particular. It’s important to create some sort of distance between you and your Siamese. 

Don’t spend every waking moment with them. Get them used to your family members or being alone in a different room to you.

Let the household help with feeding, changing the litter, and playing with your Siamese. This will help your Siamese trust other people and realize not everyone is a threat.

  • Socialize your Siamese

Socializing a Siamese cat from an early age is a must. Getting them used to multiple people, other animals, and cats is the key to preventing them from becoming too overprotective. 

If you adopted your kitty at an older age and found them to be not very sociable, you can talk to a behaviorist specialist. They will be able to tell you how you can best begin.

  • Teach them to accept it

You can reward your Siamese with their favorite treats, attention, and praise when that potential “threat” is around. It will help them realize that when that threat is around, only good things happen. Therefore, there is no reason to see it as a threat. 

Try incorporating your Siamese into changes in routine or lifestyle whenever possible. 

For example, if your cat is unhappy with a new addition to the family, try holding the baby or pet while petting or playing with your cat. You can also feed your Siamese before your new pet to establish rank and priority within the household.

If your Siamese becomes too aggressive to handle, you may need the help of a cat behavior specialist. Some cats become aggressive for other reasons, so it’s best to rule out any other situations. 

So, do Siamese cats protect their owners?

They certainly do! 

Once you accept this fluffy little companion into your life and shower them with the love and affection they deserve – they’ll never leave your side. 

Protecting you will become their priority since you’re the most important thing in their life. 

Want to learn more about your Siamese cat’s behavior? We have compiled every information you need to navigate through the fascinating world of Siamese cats: Everything About a Siamese Cat’s Behavior: A Comprehensive Guide

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