Top 60 Good Names for Siamese Cats

It’s the age-old question of every pet owner: what should I name my new cat? If you’ve just adopted one of these Asian beauties, you’re in luck, because there is an abundance of good names!

I personally think Batman and Robyn are good names for Siamese cats. Of course, those are the names I chose for my beloved Siamese buddies. But you can absolutely choose any name you like for your Siamese cat, and considering how unique they are, you’ll want to come up with something special for your Siamese!

Here are some names inspired by all the traits that make Siamese cats so special.

What is a good name for a Siamese?

A name that honors their royal heritage will definitely fit a Siamese.

Not only is the Siamese one of the oldest domesticated breeds, they also have royal roots! The Siamese cat was once a favorite of the royal court of Thailand, all the way back in the 14th century. No wonder my Batman has such a regal bearing – his ancestors have had centuries of practice!

So, let their royal history get your creative juices flowing. Why not give your Siamese a name that sounds regal and royal? It would suit your lithe and graceful Siamese to a tee.

Here are a few regal-sounding names I love for Siamese cats. Most are self-explanatory:

1. Grace

2. Noble

3. Gilda

4. Golden

5. Diamond

6. Baron

7. Milady

8. Lotus

9. Jasmine

Here are some royalty-inspired names for Siamese cats:

10. King

11. Queen

12. Duke

13. Duchess

14. Regent

15. Rama – the name given to kings in modern-day Thailand

16. Nefertiti – one of the most famous queens of ancient Egypt

17. Majesty

18. Prince

19. Princess

20. Royal

Hey there blue eyes

You can get inspired by what could be the most striking feature of the Siamese…their eyes!  Yes, the Siamese’s buff, gradient-colored coat, and long, elegant body make them stand out. To me, though, it’s their wide, bright eyes that make them so memorable.

Looking into their blue eyes can make you think of the sky on a clear day, the water flowing in a stream. You might even imagine precious gemstones.

My dear friend named her Siamese cat ‘Lapis’ for her stunning blue eyes – as you might have guessed already! So, if you like, choose a name inspired by those beautiful eyes Siamese cat owners love so much.

Here are a few of my favorites:

20. Ocean

21. Seaglass

22. Lazuli

23. Sapphire

24. Skye

25. River

26. Topaz

27. Azure

28. Aquamarine

29. Zircon

Name your Siamese cat after his playful nature

You’ve probably noticed by now that I can go on and on about how smart and curious Siamese cats can be!  Well, you’ll have to excuse me, because I’m about to go on about it some more. 

The Siamese is one of the most intelligent cat breeds. Their brains make them natural problem solvers – and often problem creators! They also have a certain knack for making a game out of almost anything. And those things can sometimes get them into trouble!

Your Siamese might attack the dangling straps of your friend’s expensive purse. Or he may accidentally knock over a large porcelain vase in a fit of exuberance.  Whoever first said “curiosity killed the cat” might have been talking about a Siamese!

So consider a name that highlights this playfulness. You could choose a name that makes people think of speed and skill. Or name them after an explorer or mountain guide. Or have lots of fun choosing a name that’s just a bit silly!

Here are a few suggestions…several of which are self-explanatory!

30. Buzz – for Buzz Aldrin, one of the first men on the moon. Or if you have young children – or are a fan of Toy Story – Buzz Lightyear!

31. Rowdy

32. Zippy

33. Sherpa – Something tells me that Siamese cats would be great at mountaineering!

34. Magellan – for Ferdinand Magellan, who organized the first sail around the globe

35. Nemo– for Jules Verne’s Captain Nemo

36. Weasley– for Fred and George Weasley, the mischievous Harry Potter twins

37. Rumble – If you have two Siamese cats, they will always be “ready to rumble!”

38. Sonic

39. Spaz

40. Cruiser

Honor your home protector 

Siamese cats are regal, playful…and fiercely protective of their humans and home! I’ve talked before about how the Siamese is a loyal protector of the home (to the point where they’ve earned an unfair reputation for being nasty!). 

Think of your favorite superheroes. Would any of their names suit your Siamese? Or, think about the real-life superheroes. You know, the first responders who keep our world running smoothly every day. You could even base your cat’s name on a historical warrior.

Here are a few names inspired by the Siamese’s self-appointed “home protector” status:

41. Sergeant – This also works because, in a multi-cat household, your Siamese will call the shots.

42. Chief – Has the benefit of also being a friendly moniker given by one male friend to another.

43. Ninja – Remember when I said some of these are self-explanatory?

44. Lancelot – the legendary knight of King Arthur’s round table

45. Excalibur – King Arthur’s magic sword

46. Batman – (I’m kind of biased towards this one, I guess!)

47. Superman – With some of the high jinx Batman pulls – and gets out of – he must be!

48. Xena – after everyone’s favorite ‘90s warrior princess

49. Storm – the powerful member of the “X-Men” who can control the weather

50. Flash – Short for ‘Gone in a Flash’ when guests arrive.

A nod to your Siamese’s intellectual prowess

It’s true the Siamese’s brains can get them into trouble.  But for the most part, their smarts make them aware and thoughtful. Most importantly, they are super-sensitive to what’s going in their world. 

You’ve probably noticed your Siamese can tell when you’re stressed or upset.  And you may also have noticed that he is as happy as you are when things are going well! 

The Siamese can figure out how to reach the kitty treats hidden on the top shelf, how to open doors you thought were tightly shut, or even appear in rooms as if by magic (but it’s just a lot of cleverness!). 

So here are some names that highlight just how smart the Siamese can be.  I’ve put together my favorites here:

51. Prija – which means “intelligent” in Thai

52. Rhodes – from “Rhodes Scholar”

53. Minerva – the Roman goddess of wisdom

54. Hermes -the Greek messenger god

55. Akira – a Japanese word for “intelligence”, and a great unisex name too!

56. Loki – well-known thanks to The Avengers movies. Loki was clever and cunning enough to cause plenty of trouble to the Norse gods.

57. Tyrion –  of Game Of Thrones fame. Fans will attest that Tyrion Lannister may have been the most intelligent character.

58. Socrates – one of the most famous philosophers in history.

59. Shakespeare – perhaps the most legendary playwright in the world.

60. Athena – the Olympian goddess of wisdom and war

Whatever you choose for your Siamese, you’ll know it’s perfect for him or her the first time you call them.

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