Do Siamese Cats Like Belly Rubs?

Yes! Siamese cats like belly rubs very much if you please. When they’re relaxed, and when they trust the rub giver.   

The Siamese is one of the most affectionate cat breeds that will ever make your acquaintance. When some cats flip over onto their bellies, the term “Venus flytrap” comes to mind.

Some cats will expose their bellies, appearing to want you to rub their soft, silky belly fur. Then they’ll close all four paws and multiple sharp teeth over your unsuspecting hands. Siamese cats do not fit into this category. However, any cat can pivot to this painful stance if provoked, so be sure to exercise caution!

Why do we want to give Siamese cats belly rubs?

What, exactly, makes our cats’ belly fur so alluring? Like with the skin on the human tummy, feline belly fur is ultra-soft.

The relaxed, lazy yoga stretch also beckons us.  It just makes us want to jump into the pose and somehow capture their zen. It actually does work too. Try it!

Try diving into that kitty tummy right after they’ve had a bath. You can call me strange for this one, I don’t mind. But if you have a cat, I’m pretty sure you’ll understand. I know we wouldn’t smell so heavenly after grooming ourselves with our tongues!

Why do Siamese cats like belly rubs?

Siamese cats like belly rubs for the same reason they like them in moderation. The hair follicles on a cat’s belly are hypersensitive and overstimulation can happen. 

Because this area is so sensitive, a cat will not trust just anybody to give him a massage there.  Since Siamese cats are one of the most social breeds, they tend to trust more people. So giving them a belly rub is less of a risk.

If you have the appropriate level of trust with your cat, belly rubs can stimulate a wonderful bonding experience. 

What other types of affection do Siamese cats like?

The better question would be, what gestures of affection do Siamese cats not like?  If you’re looking for a cat who you can carry around like a baby, you’ve found her. Most cats do not like this as it tends to throw off their equilibrium and they don’t feel safe. The Siamese cat has no such problem.

The Siamese is not a lapcat. While you may enjoy hours in front of the TV with your tabby ensconced in your lap, this is too boring for the Siamese. They would much rather show their affection with something that quenches their curiosity.

Batman and Robyn follow me around on all my household errands.  They especially enjoy “helping” me make the bed as this is sure to turn into playtime. Parachute is definitely not only a game for the grade school set! Add a wand with a mouse on the end and making the bed turns into the best part of my day.

As with everything else about them, the Siamese cat shows her affection in unique ways.

  • Perching:

The Siamese cat loves heights, so chances are she’ll enjoy perching on your shoulder. She can see everything from up there!

  • Talking:

You may have heard the rumor that Siamese cats love to talk.  It’s not a rumor! I don’t know about you, but I have a best friend I’ll talk to for hours. Your Siamese baby will do the same with you because you’re her best friend.

  • Cuddling:

All cats like to cuddle, but the Siamese takes this to a whole new level. They are one of the few breeds I’ve encountered who will actually spoon with you at night. While most cats will curl up at the foot of your bed, your Siamese will tuck in right beside you. Covering them up like a baby makes an adorable insta post!

Which are the most affectionate cat breeds?

Besides the Siamese, there are many affectionate cat breeds. Here are a few of them:

  • The Russian Blue

If you’re looking for a personality twin to the Siamese, this is it. They are equally gorgeous, with their double plush silver-tipped coat and green eyes. They too will follow you around everywhere and even come when you call them. They also enjoy belly rubs and spooning. Read more about the Russian Blue here in their official Hill’s profile.

  • Somali Cat:

With an orange-red tipped coat, the Somali cat looks a lot like a fox. Unlike the fox, he is not cagey in the least. Like the Siamese, he wants to know what you are doing at all times so he’ll be your constant companion. If you’re a nature lover, he will be happy to join you on a hike.

  • Maine Coon:

This big, fluffy sweetheart is nicknamed “America’s Cat”.  He might look like a lion, but he’s a gentle one and bonds to his parents for life. The Maine Coon enjoys life – and food.  He enjoys the second one a little too much, so make sure you monitor his diet to avoid unwanted weight gain.

  • Ragdoll:

Like the Russian Blue, this fluffy friend will follow you all around the house. They enjoy most people and get along well with dogs and other cats. And as their name implies, they are more than willing to let your kids carry them around like a doll!

  • Scottish Fold:

They are almost too adorable due to the genetic mutation that folds their ears. They look a bit like Yoda.  Affectionate and social, they don’t like to be alone. This is the perfect cat for our current “work-from-home” trend. 

Other types of affection Siamese cats like

The Siamese cat is a love bug who relishes pretty much any kind of attention. As long as it’s directed toward her. Cats are very jealous creatures, so you’re bound to get the cold shoulder during a new romance.

  • Playing!

Nothing will make the Siamese happier than having your undivided playful attention.  Playing a game of cat-dancer, feather wand, or ball track tower, is the best way into her heart. Followed by treats, of course.

  • Grooming:

You get a twofer here. Brushing is an important part of caring for your cat, but it is also an excellent way to bond with her. With a soft grooming tool brush like this one I found on Amazon, your cat is definitely in for a heavenly massage! Long-haired cats, in particular, enjoy a good brushing. I had one long-haired boy who would actually drool. The sensation took him to a place of pure rapture.

Make sure to note that not all forms of grooming have this effect. Trimming his nails or giving him a bath isn’t likely to send him into seventh heaven!

The most important thing to remember when it comes to affection is that every cat is different.  Learn his personality and you will discover the perfect bonding ritual. 

We gathered all the health tips tailored toward maintaining your Siamese cat’s optimal well-being. Check it out here: Siamese Cat Health: A Complete Guide

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