Do Siamese Cats Talk a Lot?

Siamese cats have a unique and social personality. If you are looking for an intelligent feline friend, a Siamese kitty is an excellent choice. But do siamese cats talk a lot? Yes, Siamese cats are both talkative and smart creatures. And because of their personality, they can talk more than other breeds.

Several factors can lead to your Siamese cat meowing more than usual, including:

  • To say hello
  • Demanding your attention
  • Oh, it’s mealtime!
  • Dirty litter box
  • Stress and boredom
  • Health problem

Let’s not look into individual reasons your Siamese cat talks a lot.

To say hello

It takes a few days for your cat to learn your routine. She will watch your routine and even relations with other members of the family. It is usual for your cat to meow at you as a way of saying hello in the morning.

My three siamese cats meow at me every time I come in the front door. They have learned my routine already! You will notice your cat meowing at me when I get out of bed.

Usually, when your Siamese cat says hello, she will give you a low-pitched meow and follow you around.

Demanding your attention

Siamese cats can be vocal when demanding your attention. They love their human parents and will follow you around. When they need your attention, Siamese cats meow until you tend to them.

Sometimes your Siamese cat does not want to be held. She would rather play with you. If you ignore your cat’s demands, she is likely to meow.

Playing with your cat is a bonding opportunity. Plan your day and leave a few minutes to play and bond with your kitty.

If you ignore your Siamese cat, chances are she will meow until you oblige.

Oh, it’s mealtime!

Cats prefer a consistent routine for everything. Your Siamese cat has already mastered your daily routine; you just don’t know that. She will nag you when you are late to feed her. At first, your Siamese cat will meow to remind you it’s dinner or breakfast time. When ignored, she will go on until you feed her.

Avoid stressing your cat by feeding her at the same time every day. She will usually calm down when you feed her.

And what’s more? Cats love the people who feed them, making this an excellent opportunity to win her love.

Dirty litter box

Your cat will avoid a filthy litter box as much as possible. Your cat will meow to complain when you cannot scoop her litter box on time.

Some cats will go on the floor or carpet when you do not clean after them. It is crucial to have over one clean litter box for your Siamese feline friend.

Scoop soiled litter from her litter box in the morning and evening. It will make sure that your cat always has a clean litter box and cut excessive meowing.

Stress and boredom

Cats, too, get stressed like we do. While you have a busy day at work, your cat has little to do at home.

When a Siamese cat gets lonely and bored, they take up meowing as a coping mechanism. You cannot work in the other room when your cat is suffering from stress.

Later on, I will outline some tips to stop a siamese cat from talking a lot.

Health problems

Does your Siamese cat talk a lot these days? Excessive meowing is one of the leading signs that your cat is ill. If she has meowed too much recently, it might be a cry of pain.

Check for other signs of an illness and changes in your cat. If you are worried, pay a visit to your local Vet for an examination.

But, if you have owned other cat breeds, you should not worry when your Siamese cat meows. It is natural for a Siamese kitty to talk a lot. If she is meowing in a high-pitched voice, she could be sick or in pain.

Siamese cats meow in a low pitch in normal circumstances.

How to stop your Siamese cat from excessive meowing

When looking for a cat to adopt, new cat owners should understand the breed differences. Siamese cats are vocal and social creatures. If you want a quiet companion, I tell against getting a Siamese cat.

Despite their vocal nature, this breed is still a favorite to many. So can you stop a Siamese cat from talking too much?

Understand why your Siamese cat is meowing first. Cats meow to communicate with their human owners. Thus, it is up to you to figure out what your Siamese kitty is telling you. So, how can you make a Siamese cat stop meowing so much?

Feed your cat on time

Cats love it when we stick to a routine. If you dislike your Siamese cat meowing so much, feed her at the same time every day. Otherwise, you can hear her from your bedroom demanding her rights. She will rarely bother you so much when you’ve fed her.

Buy plenty of cat toys

Stress and boredom are the top causes of excessive meowing in Siamese cats. Siamese cats are intelligent and need something to keep them occupied. You can buy plenty of toys for your kitty to entertain her when you are busy.

Yet, you cannot replace playtime with toys. You must also be available to play with and pet your Siamese cat to keep your bond strong.

A scratching post is a fun toy for your intelligent, furry friend.

A second cat can help to stop your Siamese cat from meowing too much. Siamese cats are social and will accept a new companion and playmate.

Keep the litter box clean

Cats dislike dirty litter boxes. Your Siamese cat will avoid a litter box if it has a foul odor. So, make sure that the litter box is clean before you leave in the morning. Get over one litter box to provide an option. Cats will soil the house if the litter boxes are dirty.

Change the cat litter weekly to ensure that the litter box is always clean and ready for use.

Spend time with your kitty

Siamese cats talk a lot when they need your attention. Make some time every day to play and bond with your cat. She will love it and keep quiet while you run your fingers through her silky coat.

I spend at least 30 minutes playing with and petting my 3 Siamese cats every day. This has brought us together, and they can now play with each other.

Seek medical help

While Siamese cats are famous for their social and talkative nature, too much meowing can signify an illness. Watch your cat and observe for any other signs that she is ill.

A careful examination by a vet will show whether your Siamese cat is healthy.


When I brought my first Siamese cat home, I had done a lot of research. I was aware of the Siamese cat’s personality and temperament. Yes, Siamese cats talk a lot, but they are excellent pets. If you prefer a quiet pet, a Siamese cat may not be an ideal choice.

Want to learn more about your Siamese cat’s behavior? We have compiled every information you need to navigate through the fascinating world of Siamese cats: Everything About a Siamese Cat’s Behavior: A Comprehensive Guide

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