Do Siamese Cats Like to Cuddle?

In short, yes – Siamese cats love a cuddle.

If you look up the words “lovable” and “affectionate”, don’t be surprised when you come across a picture of a Siamese cat.

Siamese kitties are known to be one of the most lovable breeds out there. Due to their energy and loyalty to their owners, Siamese are often compared to dogs.

Cuddling, playing, and talking are just a couple of ways your Siamese expresses their love.

Are Siamese cats affectionate?

One of the main reasons why Siamese cats are so popular is due to their undivided affection. If you’re looking for someone to remind you just how much they love you – a Siamese cat is the perfect choice.

This particular breed will usually be found on your lap.

Siamese kitties absolutely adore their owner and will express their love whenever they get the chance. 

Do Siamese cats like to be picked up?

Generally, Siamese cats love to be picked up and cuddled. I know my little fella loves being cradled like a little baby. There was a time when I honestly thought his legs were broken he was in my arms so often.

But of course, this really depends on their personality and their history. 

Some Siamese cats hate being picked up. Point, blank, and period. Sometimes there’s no reason for this – they simply prefer four paws on the floor. 

Other Siamese cats, especially ones that have been adopted or were once feral, may have some history when it comes to being picked up and held. This could be a bad experience with a person or being dropped from some height. 

If your Siamese shows distress when being held or picked up, avoid doing so. While it can be nice to give them a little cuddle, it would be better to get on their level. 

If you do have to pick your Siamese up for any reason, ensure you pick them up slowly and gently.

Why is my Siamese cat so affectionate?

Siamese cats are among the few breeds that actually enjoy the company of humans more than the company of themselves. 

Loving comes naturally to them. I personally believe it’s injected into their DNA at birth – but maybe I am just biased. 

Either way, Siamese kitties crave human interaction, and they do their utmost to translate that into affection. 

Some fur parents have reported that their Siamese cats have become aggressive, angry, or even depressed when they are left alone too long. They worry that their Siamese is “broken” since they’re not as affectionate as they are advertised. 

However, there are a few factors that contribute to this.

  1. Environment 

The environment shapes both humans and animals. It has an effect on their behavior and overall health. If their environment includes plenty of enriching activities, enough love and attention from their owner, then there is no reason for them to show resistance. 

An environment in which they’re not taken care of properly will only result in an understandably, sad or angry Siamese.

  1. Trauma 

If you’ve adopted a Siamese from a shelter, another person, or if they were a stray in another life, there is a chance that they have some past trauma. 

Of course, isn’t your fault. But, it will take a lot of time and patience on your part to help them get over it and feel comfortable in your household.

A traumatized Siamese may not want to show any love or affection since they don’t feel safe enough just yet. 

  1. Socialization 

Socializing your Siamese from a young age is the key to having a nicely behaved kitty in the future. As little as 4 weeks, socialization begins. So, that time should be spent with lots of affection and playing, and most importantly, human activity. 

  1. Spayed 

Cats that are not spayed have a high chance of being aggressive. This is especially true during mating season when they’re looking for a partner. 

To avoid this behavior, consider getting your Siamese spayed at 8 – 9 weeks old.

How do Siamese cats show their love?

A Siamese may show their love by:

  • Cuddling

One of the best things about their affectionate nature has got to be the cuddles. Siamese cats will show you their love through lots of cuddling and physical touch. 

They may not be full-time lap-cats, but Siamese cats do love a snuggle every once in a while. They’ll more than likely be curled up next to you on the couch or sleeping with you in bed.

You may notice your Siamese rubbing up against your legs or head-butting you. Cats secrete pheromones, to show they are friendly, from the glands in their cheeks. They’ll rub this on their owners to mark them with their scent. Basically, they’re saying “I’m yours!” 

Belly rubs are also a huge sign of affection. If they show you their bellies, typically this means they want a little rub

  • Following You Around

Siamese cats are their owners’ biggest fans. They love to be with you constantly, even if that just means following you around the house.

You may notice your little shadow sitting by your feet while you do your chores or work. They love a cuddle – but they also like their space. Sitting in the same room as you is their way of getting the best of both worlds. 

No matter where you are, expect your Siamese to be there too.

  • Talking

If a Siamese is already part of your family, you’ll know just how vocal they are. 

Aside from being incredibly affectionate, Siamese cats are also known to be one of the most vocal breeds. Siamese kitties will chat with you all day long. They’ll tell you they love you whenever they get the chance!

Don’t ever think you can ignore a Siamese – they won’t let you! They’ll yell at you all day long until you give them the attention they crave. 

You’ll know when they’re happy, upset, or angry. Siamese cats vocalize everything! 

Like most cats, Siamese purr when they’re happy. When your feline friend rubs their head on you and purrs, that means it’s time for cuddles.

  • Playing

Siamese cats are super extroverted, so that means they love to play. Playing is one of the most common ways Siamese cats will show their affection. They enjoy all of the attention, fun, and quality time you put into playing with them.

Not all cats like to play – they’re very picky creatures. If they don’t like you, they simply will not play with you. But Siamese kitties are always ready for a playdate, no matter who their partner is. 

Siamese’s energy is unmatchable, so they’re always up for some playtime. If you don’t give them enough attention, they may go looking for trouble. 

When your Siamese decides it’s playtime, that’s their way of showing love!

  • Licking

Just like dogs, cats lick their owners to show their affection. Cats may never lick your hands, but Siamese cats will do so when giving love. 

Cats usually lick each other when grooming, so if your kitty does something similar, that’s a sign they love you.

Showing love this way may be a little uncomfortable because of their spiky tongue. But they’re not trying to hurt you, even if they occasionally nibble when doing so. They’re just trying to tell you that you’re their favorite human!

  • Loyalty 

One of the most loyal breeds, Siamese cats will stick with you till the end. When shown enough love and attention, they’ll latch onto you without fail. Their loyalty is another reason they’re often compared to dogs

The more time you spend with your Siamese (especially doing the things above!) the more they begin to trust you. 

Siamese cats are usually affectionate towards the whole family. But, they tend to pick out one special person to spend most of their time with. 

How can I give my Siamese love?

So, Siamese cats love to cuddle. But how do you give them that love back? Siamese cats crave time and attention. When you don’t give them enough, they can become depressed. 

It may feel impossible to show them as much love back, but here are a few ways you can try:

  • Cuddling

If you’re up for some cuddling, try pointing your finger at nose level. This trick usually gives them the cue to snuggle. It works with any breed, but you might not even need it considering how affectionate Siamese cats are. 

Siamese cats love being physical, so if you don’t like to cuddle, these cats are probably not for you. Cuddle time is their favorite time of day.

Since Siamese rub or head-butt their owners to show affection, you can nudge them back to reciprocate the love.

Siamese cats also enjoy being groomed. They still loved being brushed even though their coat doesn’t require much maintenance. Grooming your Siamese is another great way to show them you care.

  • Playtime

Scheduling some good old playtime is a great way to spend some quality time together. Siamese cats love to play, especially with their owners. Having toys such as lasers and balls are a great way to get out all that energy – and love!

Siamese cats are also very smart. Training them to do tricks will be a walk in the park. Plus, they’ll love the time you spend together doing so. 

  • Let Them Join In

Siamese cats want to be with you always. In the shower, while you’re working… allowing them to do so is a great way of showing love. 

If you’re not a fan of showering with your Siamese, try setting up a cat bed next to your desk if you work from home. 

Letting your Siamese in on the action will not only make them happy but make them feel loved too.

So, do Siamese cats like to cuddle?

Being one of the most affectionate breeds out there, Siamese cats love to cuddle. Not only that, but they also like to show their affection in many other ways.

Showing your Siamese love and affection back is vital for their happiness. If your Siamese is having a down day, a little kiss and cuddle might be what they need to pick them back up! 

Want to learn more about your Siamese cat’s behavior? We have compiled every information you need to navigate through the fascinating world of Siamese cats: Everything About a Siamese Cat’s Behavior: A Comprehensive Guide

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