Are Siamese Cats Friendly?

Siamese cats are one of the top breeds when it comes to being friendly. Humans have domesticated them since ancient times, which made them social and brilliant pets. Besides their distinct looks, Siamese cats are very affectionate.

Are Siamese cats friendly? Most aspiring cat owners want to learn about the Siamese cat personality. It is only fair to know what to expect from your pet or if you can handle their character.

Let’s look at the factors that contribute to the Siamese personality. These include:

  • Your personality
  • Is she spayed?
  • Past trauma
  • Does the cat have proper socialization skills?

Your personality

Whether a Siamese cat is friendly or not will vary with the owner’s personality. If you do not spend enough time with your Siamese kitty, she might not display affection.

Cat owners who play and cuddle their Siamese cats tend to enjoy their friendly nature.

Is she spayed?

Unspayed cats may develop aggression during the mating season. You will notice a lot of growling and yowling when your cat is on heat.

Having your vet spay your cat will cut these behaviors. Spayed cats are friendlier and quieter.

Past trauma

Siamese cats are very social. She will follow you around and sit beside you on the couch. But, if you adopted a Siamese cat from a shelter, she might have trouble adjusting.

Your cat will develop affection for you over time. It will depend on how affectionate and attentive you are towards her.

Does the cat have proper socialization skills?

Siamese cats develop social skills when they are 3-6 weeks old. If the owner does not teach her to socialize with people and other pets, she might be less friendly.

You can bond with your cat by paying attention and tending to her needs.

What are Siamese cats personality?

Siamese cats have been living among humans for years. They are among the oldest domesticated cat breeds. You can recognize a Siamese cat, thanks to its distinct features. But what is their personality? Are Siamese cats friendly?

Siamese cats are affectionate

If you are looking for companionship, a Siamese cat is an excellent choice. They are very affectionate and will spend the day following you around.

I discovered that these cats enjoy human company as we enjoy theirs! But if you want a cat that can spend the entire day alone, a Siamese cat would not be an ideal choice.

Siamese cats also need the same amount of affection they give to us. And they do not shy away from demanding your attention.

Siamese cats love attention

Again, if you want a quiet and independent cat, the Siamese breed would not be a good choice. These cats love attention. Not only will your Siamese cat follow you around, but she will meow to see your reaction.

These cats are dependent on their owners for physical and mental stimulation. You must spend time with her every day and ensure that she is healthy and well-fed.

Siamese cats are vocal

A Siamese cat becomes very vocal when you don’t meet her needs. She will meow for attention, food, or because the litter box is dirty. If she desires to play with you, she will meow or yowl.

It gets worse when you forget to feed her on time. She will follow you around meowing until you oblige. You cannot ignore her needs.

How do Siamese cats show affection?

Siamese cats show affection through vocalization or body language, including:

  • Purring, chirping, trilling
  • Tail weaving
  • Slow blinking
  • Following you everywhere
  • Rubbing against you
  • Head bunting
  • Licking

Purring, chirping, and trilling

Siamese cats are vocal. Sometimes it will be a demanding meow, and other times it is a happy meow. But purring, chirping, or trilling or show a happy and affectionate cat.

If your cat purrs when you pet her, it is a sign of approval. Sometimes your Siamese will make a chirping sound when you come home. It excites your Siamese cat to see you come home.

Cats can also use vocalization to display affection.

Tail weaving

Siamese cats enjoy human companionship. When a Siamese cat loves you, she will weave her tail around your legs. It feels nice when one of my three Siamese cats twirls her tail around my legs.

It also means that your cat trusts you and feels content living with you.

Slow blinking

Have you ever seen your cat blinking at you? It is a sign that she has her guard down and approves of your presence. Cats only do this when they feel safe and affectionate.

You can blink back at your cat to reciprocate the gesture of affection. Siamese cats love it when we show them love in return.

Following you everywhere

A Siamese cat will follow you everywhere as you go about your chores. Sometimes my cats will sit beside me on the couch while I work. If you want a Siamese cat, the only thing that will keep you apart is a closed door.

If she chooses you as their favorite person, your Siamese cat will not leave you alone. She is trying to be affectionate and it should not be a reason to worry.

Rubbing against you

When a cat rubs against you or your items, she is showing affection. It is also a way of marking you as their territory by leaving their scent on you. 

Other cats will use head bunting to show love. It is when your cat pushes her head against you, especially when she wants to cuddle. Head bunting is also a marking behavior.


Does your Siamese cat keep licking your hands during petting? Do not worry about this behavior as it is a sign of affection. It would not be nice to push away your kitty when she licks you. She will take it that you disapprove of their appreciation.

Siamese cats are vulnerable to separation anxiety due to their affectionate nature. Do not leave your Siamese cat alone for too long. Separation anxiety leads to behavioral problems, including excessive meowing and urine spraying.


Siamese cats are an amiable breed. If you put an effort to bond with your Siamese cat, she will reciprocate the affection. If you are looking for a friendly cat, go for a Siamese cat.

The Siamese cat affectionate nature has a downside. These cats depend on their owners for physical and mental stimulation. They cannot be alone for long periods and are prone to excessive meowing. But you will not regret bringing a Siamese cat home if you are looking for a warm and social pet.

Besides, the Siamese cat breed is a brilliant choice for a family pet.

Want to immerse yourself more in the captivating world of Siamese cats? I’ve got all the information you need from their distinct color points to their fun personalities: Siamese Cats: Unique Features and Personality

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Siamese Cats Personality

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