Why Does My Siamese Cat Yowl?

Siamese cats are excellent pets to have around. Unlike most other cat breeds, a Siamese cat does not shy away from communicating her needs. She will meow to communicate with you, and it is your job to figure out what she needs.

Why does my Siamese cat yowl? Siamese cats are vocal. But, your cat could be yowling as a result because:

  • She wants your attention
  • She is hungry
  • Illness or pain
  • Boredom
  • It’s breeding season
  • Cat yowling can be a learned behavior
  • She is afraid

Let us look into the causes of your Siamese cat yowling in detail below.

She wants your attention

You should know that Siamese cats, and all cats in general, love human interactions. We cannot speak to cats, but it is easy to recognize when your cat is seeking your attention.

Yowling is likely to happen when you do not spend time with your cat. Siamese cats are social creatures and will do anything to get your attention. She wants to play, cuddle, and interact with you.

When dealing with an attention-seeking Siamese cat, you must not ignore her. Instead, set aside some time to play and give her the attention she demands.

I must also warn you not to respond to every yowl your Siamese cat makes. It can develop into a learned behavior where she expects you to react to yowling at all times. It would only make it difficult to stop your Siamese cat from yowling.

She is hungry

Siamese cats like to stick to a routine, including a feeding schedule. It is necessary to have a pattern from the first day you bring her home. Now, when feeding time comes, and her bowl is empty, you will have problems.

A Siamese cat will yowl and meow out of hunger. I have experienced the mean yowling from all my three Siamese cats at some point.

If your Siamese cat is yowling close to dinner time, it could be a sign of hunger. The yowling usually stops when you fill-up the bowls.

Illness or Pain

Cat yowling can also be a sign that your cat is ill or in pain. For instance, if your cat starts yowling, observe her and notice any behavior changes.

Illnesses such as cat arthritis cause pain which causes yowling.  It can take time to notice that your cat is ill or injured because cats hide the pain.

Examine your cat and consult your vet if you notice any signs of an illness. Your cat could also be suffering from cognitive dysfunction such as cat dementia. It can cause your Siamese cat to yowl and meow for no reason.


Siamese cats are social creatures. They want to be interactive at all times, and boredom is bad for them. Yowling is a common sign of cat boredom and the need for stimulation.

If you have a 9-5 job, it can be challenging to spend a lot of time with your Siamese. But, you can ease boredom by purchasing interactive cat toys.

My Siamese cats love moving toys. They also spend time climbing and hiding in their respective cat trees. Yet, this should not replace the time you spend with your cat.

Buy exciting toys for your cat to reduce boredom. If you are ready, you can bring in another cat to play and interact with your Siamese cat.

It’s the breeding season!

Unspayed Siamese cats will yowl and make funny sounds when in heat. Your cat is yowling to attract a potential mate. It can go on for days which will disturb you and your neighbors.

Unless you plan to breed your cats, talk to your vet to have your cat spayed. It should stop your Siamese cat from yowling each breeding season.

Spaying your cat will also end other behavioral issues such as urine spraying. It also prevents illnesses such as the notorious urinary tract infections.

Yowling can be a learned behavior

Siamese cats are intelligent and will learn everything about their surroundings. At the same time, your Siamese cat will notice what you respond to and what you don’t.

A cat can learn excessive yowling if you reward the behavior with attention. I know how difficult it can be to not give in to your furry best friend’s demands. Do not let your Siamese cat expect treats or cuddling each time she meows or yowls.

Feed your cat on time, play with her, and make sure she is healthy. It will help cut excessive meowing and yowling.

She is afraid

Most Siamese cat owners have experienced this; your cat is sitting by the window, and she starts to yowl. Siamese cats yowl when they are afraid or startled.

It could be a stray cat or dog walking by, which could make your cat feel threatened. In some cases, Siamese cats who love to go for outdoor adventures may yowl when they catch prey.

If your cat yowls, check on her to make sure she is okay. Consider leaving the blinds down if there are stray cats around your neighborhood.

What can I do to stop my Siamese cat from yowling

Cat yowling can be very disturbing, even for people with vocal Siamese cats. It is the long-drawn-out and deep meow many cats do in disapproval.

Your Siamese cat may also yowl to communicate with other cats. It is usually during the mating season. A cat may also yowl to show dominance when feeling threatened. Siamese cats can be very territorial.

Here are a few things you can make to stop your Siamese cat from yowling:

  • Don’t ignore your Siamese cat when she needs attention. It will only reinforce this behavior. Instead, spend time with your cat to meet her human interaction needs.
  • Identify the triggers of yowling. For instance, if your cat yowls out of boredom, you can get your Siamese cat a playmate. Siamese cats are social and playful with other cats.
  • Buy interactive cat toys for your Siamese cat. It is crucial to make sure your cat does not get bored when you go about your business.
  • Visit your vet for a health check-up if you suspect that your cat is ill or in pain. Illnesses such as cat arthritis and dementia are common causes of yowling. A vet will also get your cat spayed to reduce yowling when the breeding season comes.
  • Cuddle, play, and pet your cat to meet her attention needs. You will both find comfort in spending time together with your Siamese kitty.
  • Set a feeding schedule and stick to it. Always feed your cat on time. It can be helpful to buy a food puzzle toy if you have a 9-5 job. The toy dispenses food or treats when your Siamese cat solves a simple and fun puzzle.


Are you wondering why your Siamese cat has started yowling? I have highlighted some of the most common reasons why a Siamese cat may yowl. Other factors like change in the household may result in yowling. Identify the circumstances that trigger your cat to yowl and stop the behavior as soon as it starts.

Have you dealt with a yowling Siamese cat? I would love to hear about the methods you used to stop the behavior.

Want to learn more about your Siamese cat’s behavior? We have compiled every information you need to navigate through the fascinating world of Siamese cats: Everything About a Siamese Cat’s Behavior: A Comprehensive Guide

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