How To Choose a Cat Litter Box for Siamese Cats

As a cat owner, it’s no secret how picky our feline friends can be when it comes to doing their business. And when I say business, I’m not referring to a 9-5 job where they wear a suit and tie (even though that would be SO cute.) I mean the type that involves a litter box.

To keep your home looking and smelling fresh, you’ll want to pick your litter box carefully. There are so many shapes, sizes, designs, and features out thereall that can alter how your Siamese cat goes to the toilet.

If you own multiple cats, you may have more trouble getting them to do their business in the office. To save your nice new rug, finding the correct litter box that makes them happy is key.

“One size does not fit all.” – I’ve gone ahead and tested that theory. Over 4 weeks, I tried out 5 litter boxes with my two Siamese kitties and my American Shorthair. For testing purposes, we made sure to use the same litter in each box.

In this article, you’ll find out what we liked, what we loved, and what we didn’t enjoy so much.

Keep on reading to find out which litter boxes will keep your Siamese (and you!) happy, healthy, and thriving!

Things to Consider

Before we dive right into our tried and tested litter boxes, first there are a few things you should consider:

  • Litter boxes come in all shapes and sizes. Therefore, they all have different pros and cons. It’s best to understand your kitty’s bathroom habits before purchasing.
  • Generally, you should always have one more little box than needed. Eg. if you have two cats at home, you should have three litter boxes. This helps your felines feel more comfortable, knowing they have space of their own.
  • You should go with a litter box that gives your Siamese some room to move. The box should be at least as long and as wide as your cat. 
  • The typical cat will be happy with a litter box that has 5 – 7 inches high walls. If your Siamese enjoys kicking the litter out of the box or lacks good aim, it’s better to go with higher walls. 
  • If you have a kitten or a cat with mobility issues, you may need a litter tray with low walls for easy access. Remember, kittens grow very quickly, So you may want to save for a high-end litter box later in life.
  • Covered litter boxes may be appealing to us; but maybe not to your kitty. If you’re not sure your cat will get on with a hooded box, you can try purchasing one that has a removable hood.

Now we’ve got the basics down, and you’ve thought about what your Siamese may or may not like, let’s get into it!

Our favorite: Litter Genie 

Key Features:

  • High sides and walls to prevent tracking and scattering
  • Flexible plastic 
  • Handles for easy mobility
  • Spout for easy disposal
  • Coated bottom and round base for easy cleaning

Although the Litter Genie cat box looks different, it works just as well (if not better!) than any other litter box. The difference being this one is much more convenient and easier to carry around the house. 

After using this litter box for 30 days, I noticed very little spillage and almost no tracking. Even faced with the king kicker (my Siamese Batman)!

I love that the Litter Genie has tall sides since it gives my felines some much-needed privacy, while also keeping the litter inside. That being said, it is larger than what it appears. So, if you have an old kitty who can’t maneuver well, maybe this isn’t the best option.

The Litter Genie is also very easy to clean. All you have to do is grab the handles and gently bend the box into a spout to get rid of the kitty litter. When it comes to washing, you can use a damp cloth or hose to rinse it down. 

The Litter Genie is quite flexible. It can expand to create more room for your feline. It may look a little odd (almost like a laundry basket) when full of litter, but personally I quite like the style!

Not only a favorite of mine but a favorite of the cats too! This is the box my Siamese kitties just kept going back to, and I had no problems with that! I can happily recommend this box. It’s definitely a keeper!

You can buy this on Amazon by clicking here.


  • Unique design 
  • Easy and convenient to move around with tall sides and handles
  • Very little litter scattering and tracking
  • High walls create privacy for the cat
  • Easy to clean 
  • Lightweight 
  • Good size for most cats
  • Reasonable price
  • Flexible plastic that can fit in most small places
  • Our cats loved it!


  • A little larger than the pictures – may be hard for older kitties 
  • If your cat goes to the bathroom near the front or back of the box, the litter box may have a hard time containing it. (If they use it as intended, it works great!) 
  • If you’re not careful, it could crack and bend in some places.

Bottom Line

Our cats love this box! It’s great for keeping in all the litter and mess inside. It’s a reasonable price, and I love that it can fit into small places while still being usable. 

Runner up: Van Ness High-Sided Litter Tray

Key Features:

  • High sides to prevent litter spills and tracking 
  • Odor and stain resistant
  • Ideal for cats who love to dig
  • Made from high-impact plastic

This Van Ness litter box is exactly what it says on the tin. A very simple litter box but surprisingly, a family favorite! 

If you’re looking for a fancy litter box that your guests will compliment for its stunning design – this isn’t it. But clearly when it comes to litter boxes, simple is better. My cats loved this little blue box. They had no problems jumping in, doing their business, and jumping out again. 

Sure, it would be nice if it came in a few different colors.  But, the recycled plastic is both stain and odor-resistant, so I won’t complain too much. 

Since the high walls are the main feature of this box, you’ll be happy to know they really work! There was little to no tracking. The high walls kept the litter and waste from escaping. 

The litter box is also a good size. All my felines had no problem doing their business inside the box and covering it when they’d finished!

The reason this box comes second is down to the cleanup. While it’s easy to scoop the poop out of the box, things can also get a little sticky. It’s not impossibly hard to clean, just a little harder than the Litter Genie. 

All in all, my Siamese kitties loved this box! Its design may be simple but that didn’t deter them. This box will be staying in the house for sure!


  • High walls prevent litter spillage
  • Very cheap
  • Big and accommodating
  • The cats become used to it quickly 
  • Fairly easy to clean 


  • Simplistic design may not be aesthetically pleasing
  • May be hard for kittens or older Siamese to enter
  • “Odor resistant” may have more to do with the litter than the box

Bottom Line

This Van Ness litter pan is basic, big, and affordable. Our cats loved it, and we loved that it kept the litter where it was supposed to be. If you or your kitty likes an uncovered pan, I highly recommend this! You can purchase this on Amazon by clicking on this link.

We also love: Omega Paw NRA 15-1 Roll’n Self-Cleaning

Key Features:

  • Manually self-cleans by rolling the litter box left to right 
  • Controls dust and odor with hood
  • Easy to clean with a pullout tray 
  • No electricity needed

I should start by saying, although this box is considered a “self-cleaning” box; you still have to put in a little bit of work. The good thing about this is it doesn’t require electricity or filters.

All you have to do is roll the litter box side to side and the waste will fall into a tray where you can easily dispose of it. I found this to work great with clumping litter, but it may not work so well with another type. 

My Siamese cats don’t have any problems with privacy, but if you have a cat that does – maybe this will be your saving grace! The hood not only provides privacy but helps keep in the odor and litter. 

My cats had no problems using the Omega Paw. They were more curious about this box than any!

I liked the fact that I didn’t have to mess around with scooping out the litter. The cleaning system works well and leaves little to no mess on the floor. The only downside I could see with this box is it is on the bigger side. It wasn’t a problem for me, but if you have a small apartment it may take up too much space. 

That being said, my cats enjoyed this box! They had no problems using it and they often chose it over their favorite litter box. 

As for me, I really liked how convenient it was. It was easy to clean and I found it to reduce the amount of litter usage. I’ll be keeping this box around, and I’m happy to recommend it! 


  • Fast, easy, and convenient to clean
  • Good for busy people 
  • Provides privacy 
  • No electric need
  • Waste is covered 
  • Low tracking 


  • May not be good for other types of litter
  • Takes up a lot of space
  • Not good for large cats
  • On the more expensive side (but cheap for a “self-cleaning” box!)

Bottom Line

The Omega Paw is great for people who don’t enjoy scooping poop on the daily! Our cats liked this litter box and so did we. If you’re looking for a self-cleaning box on the lower end, this is the one for you! You can buy Omega Paw NRA 15-1 Roll’n Self Cleaning by clicking here.

Van Ness Sifting Pan

Key Features:

  • Open sifting litter box
  • High frame
  • 3 part design 
  • Works with different types of litter

This sifting litter pan may look slightly confusing at first! It comes with two blue trays, a sifter, and a high lip. Thanks to the lip, this tray is said to be good with scattering and spreading of the litter

I still experienced quite a bit of tracking. I couldn’t tell if this was due to my Siameses’ tendency to kick litter everywhere or the box itself.

My kitties had no problems using this box. They weren’t deterred by the lack of privacy and they seemed to enjoy the spacious box. 

The Van Ness sifting pan is made from recycled plastic and is odor-free and stain-resistant. Sure, it won’t be winning any style awards, but it does its job!

When it comes to the cleaning part; I have some issues. I found the sifting part to work well, other than some litter getting stuck. But when it came to disassembling the lip, sifter, and two blue litter pans – I found it quite time-consuming. I’m not sure if this is because the Omega Paw tray was super easy to clean, I may have been too spoilt!

The saving grace for this pan is the fact it’s very inexpensive! I think it’s great value for money, and it does take scooping poop out of the equation. 

Therefore, I think this litter box is a good option for people who are looking for an easier clean at a lower price. 


  • High lip to prevent tracking
  • Reduces odor and staining
  • Good for big kitties 
  • Inexpensive 


  • Can be time-consuming
  • May be harder for older cats or kittens to enter
  • Not so aesthetically pleasing 

Bottom Line

The Van Ness Sifting Pan is good for cats who enjoy their space. My Siamese kitties had no issues using this box, they just preferred the other options more! As for me, I felt the cleaning process was a little time-consuming, but its pros definitely outweigh its cons. Buy it on Amazon by clicking here.

Kitty’s Wonderbox Disposable Litter Box

Key Features: 

  • Made from biodegradable recycled paper 
  • Suitable for most litter types
  • pH system to neutralize odor

Now, I should start by saying these litter boxes are not made for long-term use. I decided to test this type of tray to see how it would hold up in a multi-cat household. Taking a disposable litter tray when you go camping, or to a hotel, etc is super convenient.

What I like about this box is it’s made from 100% biodegradable materials. It’s recommended for a 3-week use, but I managed to use it for 30 days and it held up very well!

Scooping the box often helps neutralize the ammonia smell. It’ll also lengthen the life span of the box.

Unfortunately, I experienced a very high track rate with this box. For some reason, my Siameses’ loved to kick around this box; creating quite a mess! Since the litter box is made for travel, they’ve made it smaller than usual. The low sides mean it’s easy for waste and litter to get scattered outside

If you have a one-cat house or even a kitten, his box may be a better option for you. For me and my cats, it just didn’t work. 


  • Convenient for travel
  • Economical
  • Good odor control 
  • Hassle-free cleanup


  • High track rate for cats who like to kick
  • Limited size choices 

Bottom Line

Grab this litter box and keep some of these on hand for when you go on trips and take your Siamese kitten with you. It’s convenient, economical, and hassle-free. Buy these with my amazon link here.

PetMate Rimmed Litter Pan

Key Features:

  • Easy-grip handles along the rim
  • High back and low front 
  • Simplistic design

This was the litter box that started it all! We’ve been using this litter box along with the litter we used in this experiment for as long as I can remember. 

While the cats seemed to like it, our Siamese Batman would have a little trouble with his aim. Due to the low sides, he would often do his business outside of the box, and then get upset about it!

If you have an older cat or kitten I think this tray would be better for you. It’s easy for them to access and it will probably have a lower track rate if your Siamese isn’t a kicker. 

I never had a problem with the odor and the box has a standard cleaning process. 

Nothing special, but you get what you pay for! This box is incredibly cheap and good if you’re looking for something on a budget. This Pet Mate litter box has held up well. 

For our family, this box isn’t ideal. Some litter boxes work and some don’t. That’s not to say it won’t work for you, though!


  • Super cheap
  • Simplistic 
  • Holds up well


  • High track rate for kicker cats 
  • Some cats may have trouble with their aim

Bottom Line

This litter box is great if you’re on a budget. This is the perfect starter box for your kitten! If you think Petmate Rimmed Litter Pan will work for you, you can buy it on Amazon by following the link.


With many different litter boxes out there, it can be difficult to find the right one! It’s important to remember what works for some kitties doesn’t work for others. 

Before you purchase a box, it’s good to take your Siameses’ personality into account. For this test though, the Litter Genie came out the best. Batman, Robyn, and Boots unanimously decided it’s their favorite!

I hope our little test has given you some insight into the world of kitty litter boxes! 

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