Are Siamese Cats Naturally Skinny?

Are Siamese cats naturally skinny? I had the same concerns when I noticed that my Siamese cat, Robyn, was not growing at the same rate as the other two.

Several factors will determine your cat’s body weight. For instance, a traditional Siamese cat can be bigger than the modern breed. Selective breeding has improved the Siamese cat breed in a significant manner.

Well, are all Siamese cats naturally skinny? Not all Siamese cats are naturally slim. Some can be bigger than others, even when they are on the same diet. An adult Siamese cat can weigh from 8-15 pounds.

The factors that determine your Siamese cat’s weight include:

  • Breeding
  • Nutrition at an early age
  • Current diet
  • Health
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Lifestyle


There are three main types of Siamese cat breeds, thanks to selective breeding:

  • The modern Siamese cat
  • Traditional Siamese cat
  • Classic Siamese cat

The traditional Siamese is bigger and can weigh up to 15 pounds. However, depending on other factors, a traditional Siamese cat can weigh lower. These cats are rare to find and can cost more than modern or classic Siamese cats.

The modern and classic Siamese cats can either be skinny or bulky.

Selective breeders can select small cats to breed naturally skinny Siamese cats. So, if you take care of your kitty, there is no reason to worry about her weight.

In most cases, you will find more skinny Siamese cats than bulky ones.

Nutrition at an early stage

Kittens need to spend quality time with their mother after birth. However, most breeders separate the two before proper weaning. The kitten will miss the nutrients from suckling and can lead to a skinny cat in the future.

If you adopt a Siamese kitten, speak with your vet about a special diet. Your vet will recommend a diet that will make up for the missed nutrients.

Early weaning is a significant reason for a skinny Siamese cat.


Female Siamese cats are smaller than male cats. She can weigh from 6-12 pounds, depending on the specific breed. This will also depend on all the other factors listed above.

For instance, a modern female Siamese cat can weigh a little less than a traditional female cat.

The male Siamese cat can weigh from 11 to 15 pounds.

However, these are estimations as cats will vary from an individual perspective.

Age of the cat

Cats have various growth stages from when they are born until they reach adulthood. Now, you will notice the difference as your cat gets older. Below are the growth stages of a Siamese cat.

From 0-6 months, a Siamese kitten can go from 4 ounces to 8 pounds. It is crucial to make sure that she is on the proper diet to ease growth.

At six months, a Siamese kitten will have a slower growth rate. Well, this is because she is hyperactive and always on the move. However, you will notice that your Siamese kitten is growing in length and height.

This can go on until she is 12-24 months old. At two years, a Siamese cat has reached adulthood. She should maintain ideal weight for the next several years.

Siamese cats have a long lifespan and can live for over 15 years. Between 2-10 years, you should keep your cat on a healthy diet.

Senior cats, between 10-15 years, can start to lose weight. It is due to old age and the complications that come with it. Other cats can gain weight during this stage.

You should schedule regular vet checkups for your senior cat. It will rule out medical complications and help you determine the proper diet for her.


A Siamese cat can be naturally skinny. However, a poor diet can make your Siamese cat appear slender even though she can gain some weight. It is crucial to put your kitty on the proper diet at all stages of her life.

If you adopted a skinny Siamese cat, it would help to see your vet first. Your vet will put her on a scale to determine their current weight. If your new Siamese cat is too skinny, your vet will recommend a proper diet.

It would help if you also fed your cat on time to keep her at a healthy weight. For instance, a kitten will feed more times than an adult cat. Identify your cat’s growth stage and administer the proper diet.

However, if your Siamese cat is naturally skinny, she may not change much despite putting her on a diet.

You can keep your cat’s bowl full at all times to encourage her to eat. The good thing is that it is rare for a cat to overfeed. Most of them eat only when hungry.

One more thing, if you want your Siamese cat to add some weight, you can opt for dry cat food. However, wet food is healthier for cats without weight problems.


A Siamese cat can be skinny because she is sick. These social creatures are good at hiding their physical pain. Spend time with your Siamese cat to identify any signs of an illness.

Underlying health problems can make your Siamese cat skinny. For instance, hyperthyroidism, diabetes, kidney disease, or cancer are common in Siamese cats.

If your cat refuses to eat her food, visit your vet for a checkup. Reduced appetite is a common sign that your Siamese kitty is ill.

It is easy to notice when your Siamese cat is ill, even though she can hide physical pain. Note that this is an active and energetic breed. If she is quiet or lethargic, see your vet immediately.


As with the human species, a cat’s lifestyle will determine its weight. For instance, if you stay indoors without exercising, you will gain some weight. The same goes for Siamese cats.

An indoor Siamese cat will be bulkier than an outdoor cat. The outdoor cat will use energy when running about and playing with birds and toys. An indoor cat might sit at the window to watch passersby.

If you own an indoor Siamese cat, it is up to you to provide exercises and stimulation. Otherwise, your cat is prone to boredom and stress, which can often lead to poor eating habits.

For example, your cat may refuse to eat because she is bored. And this can go on for days, leading to tremendous weight loss.

Make time to play with your Siamese cat. It would be best if you also considered getting her a few toys to play with when you are busy or away from home.


Are Siamese cats naturally skinny? Not all Siamese cats are lean, even though the Siamese cat breed falls under the small cats category. Your cat’s size will depend on the factors I have highlighted above.

If your cat is healthy, energetic, on a proper diet, and happy, being skinny should not bother you at all.

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