Are Siamese Cats Quiet?

Siamese cats are vocal and energetic. They make excellent pets for people who want social and interactive cats. Siamese cats are affectionate but will talk to you all the time.

Are Siamese cats quiet? No. Siamese cats are the most talkative cat breeds in the world. You can use several techniques to calm her down, but they never really go silent.

However, cats meow to communicate with their owners. It is rare for cats to speak to each other in their natural habitat.

Well, the Siamese breed is among the first cats to be domesticated. Over the years, they have learned that humans respond to their meows. So, when your cat is meowing, she is looking for your attention.

Other reasons for your Siamese cat meowing include:

  • Hunger
  • Illness/pain
  • To say hello
  • To express happiness

Today, we will not be looking at why Siamese cats are vocal. Instead, we will talk about how we can encourage them to stop excessive meowing.

What can I do to keep my Siamese cat quiet?

Siamese cats are naturally vocal. They will talk to you and follow you around as you go about your chores. However, too much talking can be problematic.

Note that a Siamese cat will not go silent unless they are sick or asleep. It is a trait every cat parent should understand before bringing one home.

Now, it can be irritating when your cat won’t shut up. It gets worse when your Siamese cat is meowing to demand your attention or food. She can go on for hours.

So, ignoring your cat’s meows will only make it worse. It is not healthy for you or your cat. So, can you make your Siamese cat keep quiet?

Below, I have four measures you can take to keep your Siamese cat from excessive meowing;

  • Feed your cat on time
  • Play with her before bedtime
  • Leave the night light on for senior cats
  • Neuter/Spay your cat

Let’s look into each one of these solutions to excessive meowing in Siamese cats.

Feed your cat on time

Siamese cats are talkative and will not hesitate to let you know that she is hungry. Your kitty will become more vocal as the mealtime approaches.

It is also common for a Siamese cat to become vocal in the morning. She will wake you up in the morning when she finds her bowl empty.

If you want your cat to keep silent, you should feed her on time. However, you can also retrain her to stop meowing when she is hungry. It takes patience to do so, but retraining your cat will keep her quiet.

Luckily, Siamese cats are intelligent and trainable.

Move to another room when she starts to fuss about her mealtime. Of course, she will continue meowing for a few minutes. Then she learns that meowing is not working, and she will go silent.

Respond when she goes quiet and feed her. The trick is to reward her silence without negative impact.

If your cat keeps going after eating or does not want to eat, I suggest visiting your vet.

You can also invest in an automatic cat food dispenser. It allows you to set the mealtime, and it will dispense food for your Siamese cat at designated times. It will minimize excessive meowing during mealtimes.

Play with your cat before bedtime

Siamese cats meow so much because they have a lot of energy. Lack of stimulation and play can make your cat meow more than usual. Well, if you are dealing with nighttime meowing, exhausting your cat just before bed can work for you.

Schedule 45 minutes before bedtime to play with your Siamese kitty. If you are busy, have someone in the family do it instead.

Playing with your cat to exhaustion will prevent boredom, anxiety, and stress. These behavioral vices often lead to excessive meowing.

Purchase toys for your Siamese cat to play with at night to beat boredom. You can also invest in a nice cat bed for your Siamese furry friend. To make her calm, you can leave a cloth with your scent in her bed. It is a nice trick to keep your cat away from your bed, by the way.

You can also bring another cat home, a Siamese cat. They can interact with each other and reduce excessive meowing all the same.

Leave a night light on for senior cats

Senior Siamese cats can meow excessively, especially at night. Senior cats can experience the inability to see well at night. Besides, senior cats also have irregular sleep patterns, which makes meowing worse.

If you have a senior Siamese cat who meows at night, leave the nightlight on. It will help your cat to navigate around the house and reduce meowing.

It is also crucial to exercise your older cat. Your cat may not be interested in active play and exercise. However, exercising will ensure that your cat enjoys healthy and active last days of her life. Exercising your cat will also make her feel good even in old age.

Neuter or spay your Siamese cat

I encourage cat parents to take their furry pets to the vet for neutering at a young age. Well, unless you are raising the cat for breeding purposes.

Unneutered and unspayed cats are more talkative than sterile kitties. It gets worse during the breeding period. A female cat on heat will make all kinds of noises until mating.

Unneutered male Siamese cats are also vocal during this season. They can sense other female cats, probably from outside, meowing and growling. Your cat will also join in, which is irritating.

Ask your vet to check if your cat is neutered or spayed. If not, have them do it to curb excessive meowing and growling.

Other tricks to keep your Siamese cat quiet

Making a Siamese cat keep quiet can be a complex task. They are naturally vocal and can never calm down completely. However, Siamese cats are intelligent, and you can retrain them to keep quiet.

I do not advocate for ignoring a Siamese cat. It will only make the excessive meowing worse. Instead, move to another room until your Siamese cat is quiet. Reward her with a treat when she calms down.

However, it will take time and discipline to retrain your Siamese cat. During this process, avoid negative reinforcements such as yelling or hitting your cat. Punishment never works in pet training, especially not in cat training.

You may also use a clicker toy to help you with the training.


Are Siamese cats quiet? No. The Siamese cat breed is among the most talkative cat breeds in the world. They are social and affectionate, but constant talking is not a desirable quality.

If you are looking for a quiet cat, I suggest you cross siamese cats off your list.

The good news is that you can use the above-discussed methods to calm your Siamese cat down.

Want to learn more about your Siamese cat’s behavior? We have compiled every information you need to navigate through the fascinating world of Siamese cats: Everything About a Siamese Cat’s Behavior: A Comprehensive Guide

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