Where Can I Find Siamese Kittens For Sale?

Looking to welcome a Siamese kitten into your home? Congratulations! You’ve found yourself a loyal, lovable friend for life. Before you dive straight into the deep end, there are a few things you should know before purchasing a kitten.

You can find Siamese kittens for sale in a few different ways: pet shops, directly from breeders, and online registries. You may even be lucky to find one in your local shelter.  

However, each method has things you need to look out for before fully committing. Some methods should be avoided altogether. 

In this article, we’ll go over all of the things you need to know to adopt a healthy and happy Siamese!

Are pet stores safe to buy from?

It may be tempting to step inside a pet store when you see a cute little kitten in the window. However, it is important to know that many pet stores source their kittens from mills. Mills treat these cats like baby-producing machines and they are far from loved and nurtured. 

Additionally, there are a few other reasons why you should avoid pet stores altogether:

  • They’re often sick: Have you ever looked at the animals in a pet store and thought, something doesn’t look quite right? Chances are, the animals are sick. Many people have purchased a dog or a cat from a pet store, only to pay hundreds and thousands of dollars a well week down the line in their local vet. Truth is, most pet stores don’t really care if their animals are healthy or not. 
  • Their cages are too small: The cages or tanks in pet stores are often too small for the animal to stay inside comfortably. 
  • The animals are often dirty: Kittens may look dirty and like they haven’t been cared for or cleaned in a long time.

While it may be tempting to “save” these animals from these horrible conditions, unfortunately purchasing a kitten from a pet store is only supporting the money-hungry owners. Instead, you should find yourself a reputable breeder.

How do I find a reputable cat breeder?

There are many Siamese breeders out there, but how do you know which is the right one? Finding the perfect Siamese kitten is as much about the cat breeder you choose as choosing the right cat. 

A good breeder will:

  • Invite you to their home – Once you’ve shown interest and made initial contact with your chosen breeder, they will ask you to visit their home to see how their kittens are raised. A breeder who insists you meet elsewhere only has something to hide.
  • Be clean – If a breeder is taking good care of their Siamese kitties, you’ll notice clean food bowls, litter trays, and the overall environment. Of course, don’t be worried if things aren’t absolutely spotless – cats go when cats gotta go! Click the links to see examples of my recommended food bowl, litter, litter tray, toy, cat tree, and scratching post for Siamese cats which you can also buy from Amazon. Good breeders buy good quality items for their cats.
  • Introduce the parents – Some breeders own both parents, others only own the mother. They’ll most likely introduce the mother, or be willing to if you ask. 
  • Raise healthy cats – A good indicator to a good breeder is healthy and happy Siamese kittens. Their mother may look a little thin, but that’s usually due to feeding her kittens. 
  • Raise cats with a good temperament – Most cats are wary of strangers, however, they should not be aggressive or petrified. Cats who have been raised with a good temperament may seem cautious but generally friendly and happy. By no means should they seem scared of their breeders. 
  • Have lots of toys – Siamese kittens who have a nourishing environment will have lots of things to keep them entertained and happy. Toys, scratching posts, space to run and climb… The breeder may even encourage the kittens to play with you. 
  • Give their kittens space – Young kittens may be kept in kittening pens to keep them safe or to litter train them, but older ones should have room to run and play freely. 
  • Have a GCCF registration – When you first visit your kitten, they may have not been registered with a cat registering body such as GCCF or TICA. A good breeder will make sure your kitten is registered before they leave their home.

Always rely on your gut feeling. If something doesn’t feel right, then it probably isn’t. Go away, have a think about it and come back if you feel ready. Adopting a feline is a huge commitment so you have to be sure to get it right.

Helpful tip: Help the kitten adjust to a new environment (your house) by recreating the one they’re used to. Take note of the food bowl, litter, tray, scratching post, and toys the breeder is using for the kitten you’re adopting. Have it prepared days before getting your Siamese cat.

How much do Siamese cats cost?

The price of a Siamese cat varies on a whole range of things: their age, color, and breeding. From a reputable breeder, you’ll be looking to pay anywhere from $250 – $1000. 

If both parents are of pedigree status, prices can reach as high as $1500, and if they’re adults, around $2000. 

If you’re looking to purchase a Siamese kitty instead, you’ll be pleased to know they cost less than adults! A purebred Siamese will usually cost you around $250 – $500. 

Can I find a Siamese cat at my local shelter?

Local shelters and humane societies are full to the brim with kittens that need homes. If you want to adopt a Siamese kitten from a shelter, you’ll be happy to know they do pop in from time to time. All you have to do is keep an eye out. 

Adopting a Siamese from a shelter is not only helping an adorable kitty find a new, loving home, but it’s also the cheapest option. However, you will know little about the kitten’s temperament and background. 

Avoid animal “rescue” associations that charge an arm and a leg for their kittens. They’re usually posers only looking to sell their Siamese cats. Always adopt from nonprofit organizations such as these:




Shelters usually get an influx of cats and kittens around spring and late summer. You should consider traveling around to meet your new feline friend. Due to their lovable personality and popularity, they may be harder to find. 

Search your local animal shelters to see what cats they have available. Many shelters offer a  “Free Adoption Day” for cats during high birth seasons. 

There are also shelters specializing in the adoption of Siamese cats. A simple google search in your location may find you a winner. 

So, where can I find Siamese kittens for sale?

Siamese kittens are incredibly popular – and there’s a reason for that! Due to their unique personalities, Siamese kittens are being snapped up left, right, and center. 

If you’re looking to purchase a Siamese kitten from a breeder, always make sure to do your research beforehand to ensure they’re repeatable. Visiting your kitten before you decide to buy will give you a good idea of their background and how they will flourish into an adult cat.

A Siamese cat will love for their entire lives, so make sure you do too! 

Be the Siamese Cat expert you always wish to be! From color points to similar cat breeds, discover everything you need to know about their unique charm and characteristics in our comprehensive guide: Siamese Cat Breed: Types, Color Points and Comparison to Other Cat Breeds

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