How Much Do Siamese Cats Cost?

Siamese cats are known for being a unique, sought-after breed. They cost between $250 – $1000 from a reputable breeder. The cost varies depending on the Siamese age, color, and breeding.

Prices can reach as high as $1500 if both parents are pedigree.

Adult Siamese cats can set you back $2000. So, it’s a good idea to check out your local pet shelter first!

It’s also important to consider how much these cuddly creatures will cost annually. The ongoing cost of a Siamese cat is more expensive than their purchase price!

Are Siamese cats expensive?

While Siamese cats can cost you a pretty penny, you might be surprised to know they’re not the most expensive! 

Maine Coons hold a similar price tag to Siamese cats. Whereas they’re a bargain compared to Savannah cats, which can cost above $25,000!

Siamese cats are the most expensive when it comes to veterinarian visits in the US. So, they may be considered expensive when looking at outside costs.

Through a study I did for one of my blogs here on this site, I found out that the Siamese is actually considered a high-maintenance breed. Find out why by clicking on the link to the article!

But then again, the love you receive from a Siamese cat is worth the price of vet and care bills. 

Here’s a list of the 5 most expensive cat breeds:

  1. The Ashera – $22,000-$125,000
  2. Savannah –  $10,000-$25,000
  3. Bengal – $4,000-$10,000
  4. Persian – $1,800-$5,500
  5. Peterbald – $1,700-$3,000

How much do Siamese kittens cost?

Siamese kittens are not only cuddly and cute, but they’re also less expensive than adults! 

If you’re into purebreds, you should visit a reputable breeder. You can expect to pay anywhere from $250 – $500 for a Siamese kitten.

Thus, it is less expensive to adopt a Siamese kitten from a cat shelter. If you’re set on bringing one of these blue-eyed beauties home, you can check this article about everything you need to know before adopting a Siamese cat.

You can also get a beautiful Siamese kitten or adult from many siamese rescue centers. I bought both Batman and Robyn from a rescue lady. They were found abandoned in a building that was ready to be torn down. 

Purchasing or adopting a Siamese kitten is a great option if you have lots of time to nurture them into adulthood. It also creates strong bonds between you and your kitty too!

Does the color of a Siamese cat affect price?

The color of a Siamese is a huge factor when determining the price. It usually only affects cost when buying from a breeder.

The Cat Fancier’s Association (CFA) manages official cat shows. The CFA is the one that approve colors for each cat breed. They also determine which cats don’t comply and therefore can not take part. 

So, cats with a certain coloring have a significantly higher price tag.

The coloring shows how common the Siamese is, referred to as “points.” The points include the face, feet, tail, and ears. 

The CFA only recognizes these four colors for purebred Siamese cats:

1. Seal Point 

Seal point Siamese cats’ bodies are either creamy, fawn, or pale in color. The points are deep-brown, similar to those of seals – hence the name! Their eyes are blue, and their noses match their toes. 

Average price: $250 – $800. 

2. Chocolate Point 

Chocolate points are similar to seal points. The only difference being their points are a warmer and lighter brown. Chocolate points have pink pads on their feet and a pinkish nose. Their eyes are a very vivid blue. My Siamese cat, Robyn, is an example of a beautiful chocolate point Siamese!

Average price: $250 – $1000. 

I had a hard time telling Chocolate Points and Seal Points apart before, but not after I explored all their differences in one of my recent blogs! Read more about it by clicking on the link.

3. Blue Point

These Siamese have a cool white boy with a bluish-gray cast, just as their name suggests. 

Blue point Siamese cats have a bluish face, tail tip, and ears. Their eyes are blue.

Average price: $250 – $1000. 

4. Lilac Point 

Lilac point Siamese cats have a much lighter white coat. They are characterized by their pinkish, purplish color.

Their nose and feet often match, and their eyes are blue.

Average price: $250 – $1000. 

The above color variations are only really important when looking for a show cat. There are many other variations of Siamese out there. These can include Red points, Lynx points, Tortie points, and many many more. Numerous combinations came about from breeding a Siamese with a common breed. 

If you’re not into owning a purebred, these other colorings may be the way to go. 

The price varies vastly, but will most likely be less expensive than a purebred. Reputable breeders will be able to provide you with all the details, whether the cat is pure or mixed.

All Siamese will be soft, silky, and great companions. You can’t go wrong either way!

What are the one-time costs when buying a Siamese cat?

Buying supplies like toys, beds, food dishes, etc. can soon add up. Usually, we don’t realize the cost because we’re too busy being excited!

Add an extra $150 – $300 for pet supplies, depending on if you buy a cat tower or mansion. 

I have tested a lot of toys, catnip, litter boxes, and cat trees over the many years I owned and bred Siamese cats. Just click the links to buy them from Amazon.

Microchips and neutering are also two very important things. If your cat ever gets lost, you’ll be more than happy you installed a little tracker! 

You can add an extra $150 – $350, depending on if your cat is male or female. 

How much do Siamese cats cost annually?

On top of one-off costs, you’ll also incur costs almost every day. They soon stack up over the months! 

All prices depend on how old your Siamese is, if they have health problems, where you shop for insurance etc. 

One of the decisions you want to make now is how much you are willing to invest in keeping your cat healthy. 

Below are the average estimates of annual costs.

  • Annual health checks – $180
  • Cat Insurance (depending on age and health) – $300
  • Worming, Flea, and tick medication – $150
  • Cat Litter – $150
  • Food – $800

Altogether, that’s around $1,580 per year! Keep in mind, Siamese cats can be with you for up to 20 years. (And hopefully beyond!)

Where can I adopt a Siamese cat?

Adopting a rescue Siamese is not only cheaper, but it is also a wonderful thing to do! You’re giving a cat that doesn’t have a home the chance to be loved again. How beautiful is that?

While shelters usually house mostly shorthairs, ferals, and black cats, it is possible to find Siamese cats. In early spring and late summer, shelters usually get an influx of cats. Search your local animal shelters to see what cats they have available. 

Most shelters offer a “Free Adoption Day” for cats during high birth seasons. 

There are also shelters specializing in the adoption of Siamese cats. To make your search easier, you can refer to this chart below to find the nearest Siamese cat adoption center:

You’ll also have to consider traveling to meet your new friend. Due to their popularity, they’ll most likely be harder to find. But it isn’t impossible to find one to adopt, perseverance is the key! 

The adoption cost should be available on the shelter website.

Cats listed as “free to a good home” need to be viewed with caution. There is a chance that cats are not healthy and will usually cost you more in the long run.

So, how much do Siamese cats cost?

A purebred Siamese cat will set you back about $400 on average. Purchasing your new friend from a breeder will be the most expensive yet safest way. 

All in all, the ownership of your Siamese cat will cost far more than the original price! 

But, a small price to pay to be loved by one of the most loyal cats out there!

Be the Siamese Cat expert you always wish to be! From color points to similar cat breeds, discover everything you need to know about their unique charm and characteristics in our comprehensive guide: Siamese Cat Breed: Types, Color Points and Comparison to Other Cat Breeds

Want to know more about adopting Siamese cats? Here’s everything you need to know about welcoming this unique feline breed to your home: Siamese Cat Rescue and Adoption.

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