What Do I Need to Know Before Adopting a Siamese Cat?

You won’t have as difficult a time of adopting a Siamese cat as you might think. There are more of about every breed of kitten or cat in the world than have homes.

The best ways to adopt Siamese cats is through a reputable breeder, a humane society or a rescue shelter. If you happen to rescue one from the streets yourself, bless you. Although, please make sure you have the room for it and get it checked out at your local veterinarian.

Remember, most Siamese cats are very vocal. They meow for everything from attention to food. Many owners report that their meows sound like a baby crying. Some of them can get super loud, too. If you don’t mind a noisy cat that wants constant affection and attention, the Siamese is right for you.

What is involved in the shelter adoption process?

Many states have rescue organizations specifically for Siamese kittens and cats. In most states, purebred Siamese kittens and cats will not be put down at the animal shelters. Animal shelters will contact these rescue organizations who come in to save the purebreds.

Siamese Cat Rescue is a nonprofit organization that specializes in re-homing Siamese cats. They operate on donations. They used to have several subchapters throughout the U.S. Unfortunately, the location in Southern California is the only one that is still open.

The main adoption fee for Siamese kittens to cats under 10 years of age is $125. If it’s over 10, your fee drops to $50. There’s a $25 transportation fee if you have your cat delivered to your home.

Shelter prices vary. Shelter cats tend to be cheaper than breeders.

Most rescue facilities will have you sign a contract. It covers the fees for the spaying/neutering and vaccines. It also covers their veterinary references and that it has tested negative for FIV. It also has an agreement for keeping your cat indoors and to not declaw.

What about adopting from a breeder?

If you want your cat to be a purebred, your adoption fee may range between $400 to $1,000. Reputable breeders who specialize in Purebred Siamese kittens tend to be much cheaper. Their prices usually range from $250 to $400.

One place to search for breeders near you is TICA (The International Cat Association). It means that they have signed their Code of Ethics. Although, TICA does not make any guarantees of the breeder’s practice. So you will need to exercise caution.

Luckily, it’s easy to tell if a breeder is reputable. They will be able to answer most, if not all, of your questions without hesitation. They will have an agreement form for you to sign. It covers everything from the neutering/spaying requirements to the sales agreement.

Although, some do the spaying and neutering before putting it up for adoption. The agreement will have instructions for you to follow. The agreement should include the dangers of your cat being outdoors unsupervised.

Most breeders make sure that their kittens have been vaccinated twice. Most of them don’t put their kittens up for adoption until they’re at least 14 weeks old. Some prefer to wait older than that.

The breeder will also likely end with asking you a few questions about your home. Don’t worry, they’re not trying to intrude on your privacy. They’re making sure that you and your family will make a good forever home for the kitten.

Beware of random advertisements that claim that they are pet rescue organizations. If there’s any truth to them at all, they’re actually trying to profit off of selling the kittens. The chances that they’re unscrupulous are very high.

Are There Other Places I Could Adopt From?

Yes. In fact, there are hundreds of reputable sites you can adopt from. Check out the chart below and find the best places where you can get the purrfect furry addition to your family!

How should I prepare my home for a new Siamese?

It’s best if you “catproof” your home before adopting a Siamese cat. The adoption is an even bigger deal for the cat than for you because it means a complete change for your cat. Change is one thing cats, the Siamese being no exception, tend not to understand and take time to adjust to.

When your cat first comes home, it’s best to prepare a safe room, such as your bathroom or bedroom, for it. It’s best if your cat stays there for about the first month or two depending on how fast it adjusts. Also, make any necessary modifications to sharp or open spaces. Don’t open any windows without screens.

What are the first steps for bringing my Siamese cat home?

If you’re transporting your cat yourself, use something solid and comfortable, such as a pet taxi. Never let it run loose in your vehicle, that can get very dangerous very fast. For example, they could discover your accelerator and cause you to run into a pole or worse.

When you first place the taxi on the floor, don’t coerce your cat to come out. That can set it back even further. Instead, wait for it to come out when it’s ready. It’s a good idea to be present when it does so that it’s actHaley meeting you for the first time. Also, it’ll know that you’re it’s safe person at the earliest time.

It may take a day or two to resume its normal eating pattern. The change is scary but it will eat as soon as it’s feeling famished.

If you have other pets, it’s generally recommended to wait about a week before introducing them. However, letting your new pet stay in the safe room for a month may be best. It encourages them to get adjusted to each other’s smells and sounds faster.

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