Do Siamese Cats Cry?

Yes, Siamese cats cry – a lot. In fact, many owners attest to the fact that a Siamese is the most vocal breed out there. 

You either love or hate this characteristic, and it’s something you should be aware of before you choose to bring one of these lovable kitties home. 

Day or night, a Siamese will vocalize each and every thought they may have. Of course, crying can go past the simple need for being heard.

If your Siamese cries more than usual, this could be a sign that something is wrong. The best way to determine this is to keep an eye on your kitty and figure out why they’re crying in the first place.

What sounds do Siamese cats make?

Before we can figure out why your kitty is meowing, first we have to distinguish the difference between a “good” cry and a “bad” cry. 

Along with the more traditional meow that all domesticated cats make, Siamese cats are known to make a range of unusual and distinctive sounds.

Referred to as ‘meezers’ these kitties have been described to make sounds similar to a crying baby, a chirping bird, or even a screaming human. 

You’ll also be able to tell when your Siamese is simply talking to you as it sounds a lot different from their usual meow. To help you distinguish between Siamese cat sounds better, check out this article and confirm whether Siamese cats really meow differently.

Why do Siamese cats sound different to other cats?

There are quite a few reasons why a Siamese cat sounds different from other domesticated felines:


The sounds a cat makes depend a lot on the size and shape of a cat’s vocal cords. Each breed has slightly different anatomy, therefore they will all sound slightly different.

The Siamese, for example, has quite a slim neck and small vocal cords. So, they tend to make sounds that are much higher-pitched than usual.

Speaking of a Siamese cat’s anatomy, they’re more than just a vocal blue-eyed pet. Just click the link and read on to find out what more does a Siamese cat has to offer!

Sociable Creatures

It’s no secret that Siamese cats are incredibly sociable animals. They rely hugely on physical touch and contact – much more than your typical feline. They’d love nothing more than to have you all to themselves!

A bored Siamese is a noisy Siamese. Just like one who is lonely and is vocalizing their need for love. If you’re a first-time Siamese owner, this definitely takes some getting used to, however it can easily be controlled once you meet their basic needs. 

Learned Behavior

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing a Siamese kitty, you’ll know just how intelligent these kitties can be. They’re quite clever when it comes to watching humans and learning from them.

Just like a baby crying, a Siamese has learned that crying loudly or making ‘distressing’ sounds gets your attention. And once they have your attention, they’ll then get what they want. Kinda smart, huh?

Meowing as general may not be as attention-grabbing as a chirp or a meezer. Therefore, these smart felines have developed sounds over time that catch your attention more.

These vocalizations are actually quite complex, and just another attempt at further communication.

Why are Siamese cats so vocal?

A Siameses’ meow can get old fast, especially when it is incredibly persistent. At times, they’ll have a real reason to meow. Other times, they just want to play.

They Need Attention 

Many people describe the Siamese breed as ‘clingy’. However, they’re just super affectionate animals! 

Unlike their ‘aloof’ brothers and sisters, these friendly kitties crave human affection, going out of their way to seek it.

Even if you’re doing something you may deem as boring, to a Siamese, it’ll be the most exciting thing in the world – simply because they’re with you. All in all, they’re quite like toddlers more than cats.

There are tons of ways to keep your Siamese entertained while you’re busy, however, fail to show them enough attention and they’ll quickly resort to loud meowing. 

It’s Dinner Time 

If dinner time is approaching, you’ll know without the need for a clock. As mentioned earlier, Siamese cats are incredibly intelligent. They know your schedule better than you do, so chances are they know when it’s dinner time – on the dot. 

Avoid feeding your cat every time they’re hungry and always stick to a schedule. Random feeding times will let them know that all they have to do is cry for food.

Bored, Bored, Bored

It’s normal for animals to get bored – especially ones that spend all day at home. The toy industry, for both humans and animals, is thriving after all. Without their human interaction fix, they’ll quickly become bored and seek out other forms of mental and physical stimulation.

On top of loud vocalization, this can also lead to destructive behaviors such as tearing up your lovely couch. 

Always make sure your Siamese is surrounded by an abundant amount of toys. This will stop them from experiencing too much boredom. You can find great toys at your local pet shop or online.

Siamese cats enjoy toys that stimulate their natural hunting instincts. To us, a little game of cat and mouse can be a bit of fun, but to them, it’s all about the hunt. Toys that invoke a reaction such as this Toy Roller that Batman and Robyn love! Simply click the link to check it out on Amazon.

If you’re kept up all night by your noisy cat, having things to entertain them while you’re sleeping is a great way to turn down some of that noise. 

A bored cat is a restless cat, so keeping them entertained is in your best interest too!

Something Bigger 

If your Siamese is constantly meowing, something bigger could be at play. As we know, they’re an incredibly intelligent breed. Therefore, they’ll tell you when they want or need something. 

Reasons why your Siamese cat may be crying include: 

  • They’re in heat and looking for a mate
  • They’re sick and experiencing pain
  • They’re feeling lonely and need a friend 
  • They’re uncomfortable or don’t feel safe in their environment
  • They’re stressed due to changes in routine or new family members
  • They’re trying to adjust to their new life

    Still unsure why you’re Siamese cat is crying? This article about why Siamese cats are vocal might help out.

Are Siamese cats noisy?

All in all, Siamese kitties are the noisiest of the bunch! From their constant need for communication, to telling you when it’s dinner time, down to crying when they’re lonely – you’ll always know when a Siamese is home. 

If you’re worried the meowing goes beyond the norm, keep an eye on your Siamese to determine when and why they are crying. 

Once you’ve figured this out, you can then work on teaching them when it’s okay and when it’s not okay to vocalize. 

Want to immerse yourself more in the captivating world of Siamese cats? I’ve got all the information you need from their distinct color points to their fun personalities: Siamese Cats: Unique Features and Personality

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