Do Siamese Cats Like Water?

Most cats avoid water as if they were made of sugar. However, you may have caught your Siamese going beyond toleration to water. Is it possible they may enjoy it?

Siamese cats are known for liking water. Even if your Siamese dislikes being wet, they will most likely enjoy playing with it.

You usually won’t find cats jumping headfirst into the fish pond. But, with a Siamese, you may find them meowing their heads off to join you in the shower.

Not all Siamese cats enjoy water. You may find they have a complete aversion to water and hate the sight of it. It’s all relevant to your particular feline friend

But generally, Siamese cats do enjoy water more than most breeds.

Do Siamese cats like or dislike water?

Some Siamese cats like water, some don’t. If you catch your Siamese doing any of the following, it’s safe to say they’re a fan of water:

  • They love to drink from the faucet or any source of running water.
  • You’re taking a bath or shower and they really, really want to join you.
  • Water straight out of the toilet is preferred.
  • They enjoy playing with the water in their dish (usually making a mess!)
  • It’s raining cats and dogs but they’d rather be outside.

You may believe your Siamese cat dislikes water because:

  • You’ve never spotted them hanging around the pool or pond.
  • They prefer to take the long route instead of going through a puddle. 
  • The bathroom is avoided at all costs.
  • You never catch them drinking water.
  • When it starts to rain, they’re home quicker than you can say “tuna.”

Why do Siamese cats like water?

Siamese cats find water fascinating. Their curious nature means they’ll always be first to explore and try out new things. 

  • Instincts

You may notice your Siamese isn’t too interested in the water sitting still in their bowl. That’s because it’s their instinct to source out fresh, running water in the wild. 

You may not have a mountain in your back yard. But, you do have an equally good faucet and toilet bowl. 

Curiosity and instincts kick in when a Siamese is faced with dripping water. They must investigate, leaning in for a drink or touching it with their paws. 

  • Playfulness

Siamese cats are super playful, bouncing around the house with tons of energy. Running water is just another source of fun for them. 

They love the reflective surface of the water, the way it catches the light, and the sound it makes.

  • Taste

Siamese cats simply prefer the taste of running water. Stagnant water, like the one in their water bowls, can collect dust and bacteria. It’s in their DNA to find a fresh source of water. Drinking running water is a lot fresher, colder, and oxygenated. 

Do Siamese cats need baths?

This one has to be a joke, right? All cats detest baths. 

Though Siamese cats are okay with baths, they are natural groomers, so it’s not often you’ll need to bathe them . However, if they get themselves into a messy situation, bathing is unavoidable. 

For Siamese cats, bathing should not be a problem. Other breeds may have a very strong opposition towards baths. Siamese cats may dive right in even before you have to ask nicely!

Siamese cats love hanging out in the bathroom. They love the sensation of smooth surfaces on their paw pads. If you already have a Siamese, you can probably attest to the fact that they’re never far away from the bathroom.

If your Siamese has managed to meow it’s way into the bathroom, they may stalk around the tub or sit on the side. While you’re in the bath, you might have to stop them from joining you!

Unless your cat has a skin condition, I wouldn’t recommend bathing them often. There are more ways for your feline friend to enjoy the water!

How can I indulge a Siamese cat’s love for water?

Instead of deterring your Siamese away from water, try to feed that curiosity! Nothing is better than a happy Siamese. 

  • Preserve your floor

Put their water dish on a waterproof surface to stop it from splashing all over the floor. You can also put a few ping pong balls into the bowl to watch (controlled) chaos unfold. 

  • Toys

Buy cat toys that can be filled with water. They’re available in most pet stores and you can find them online too. Your Siamese will love playing with the balls, fish, and various other shapes available.

You can also fill a bottle with a bit of water for a home-made option. Just make sure the top is screwed on tightly! 

  • Cat fountain

A cat fountain – two for the price of one. A cat fountain will be a great source of entertainment for your cat. It also provides fresh, running water. Since Siamese cats prefer drinking running water, it means their water intake will increase. A healthy cat is a happy cat!

  • Leave the bathroom door open

Not only will it stop the meowing outside, but it’ll also satisfy their curiosity. If you’re in the bath, your Siamese might sit on the edge of the tub. They also enjoy watching the water hit the shower doors. 

Either way, they’ll be overjoyed to be both in your company and in the presence of water. I would recommend keeping your toilet closed if you don’t want them drinking out of the potty!

  • Pool and pond safety

It is important to ensure your cat has a clear escape from any deep water. If you have a pond, install a shallow area where your Siamese can easily walk out from. 

Pools should be covered tightly, making sure there’s no way for them to sneak beneath the cover. They should also have several ladders, easy enough for cats to climb.

Which cat breeds enjoy water?

Siamese cats aren’t the only ones with a strange fascination for water. Some of these feline friends also enjoy getting their paws wet:

  • Bengals. Bengal cats are highly intelligent. They love water and may even learn how to turn the faucet on!
  • Maine Coons. The lions of the domestic cat world. They tend to copy their owners, thinking baths and showers are great because their humans love them too. Their big fluffy paws usually means there’s a big, slippery mess nearby.
  • Turkish Vans. They’re also known as the “swimming cat.” Turkish Vans have a history of fishing for food, evolving an affinity for water.

So, do Siamese cats like water?

Some Siamese cats love water, some don’t. There’s no guarantee your cat will love water just because of its breed. If your Siamese doesn’t embrace water, your cat isn’t broken! 

All cats are unique, which is the reason we love them so much!

Want to immerse yourself more in the captivating world of Siamese cats? I’ve got all the information you need from their distinct color points to their fun personalities: Siamese Cats: Unique Features and Personality

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