Why Does My Siamese Cat Follow Me Everywhere?

Do you ever wonder why your Siamese cat seems to follow you everywhere? I do, too! It’s sometimes strange. We assume cats prefer to be alone until we get to know our oh-so-clingy Siamese kitties!

Your Siamese cat wants your care or company. He seeks attention or shows affection by following you everywhere. You are his human parent, so he goes to you for help and follows you until you figure out what he wants.

Batman and Robyn, my Siamese cats, often stick close to me and try to go everywhere around the home with me. They are caring and curious! Not only that! They are also vocal!

My cats either want my help or care whenever they follow me around. There are other serious reasons, too, such as being sick or in pain.

I need to know why they are persistent in following me to ensure my kitties’ well-being.

We will go over more reasons why your Siamese cat follows you everywhere in this article. Read on to learn more!

Why does my Siamese cat follow me everywhere?

1. Your Siamese cat is hungry and is telling you it’s almost his mealtime.

The most common reason Siamese cats follow their owners is their hunger. 

Your cat will do this, especially when it is almost mealtime. Your Siamese cat will follow you around and make loud meows to tell you that he wants food. 

Your kitty will stop following you once he’s not hungry anymore but will still follow you if there’s another reason other than hunger.

My cats, especially Batman, always do this. They are so persistent and intelligent! They follow me around to let me know that it’s almost mealtime.

2. Your Siamese cat feels bored.

Siamese cats can feel bored. They are prone to boredom, especially if they’re indoor cats.

Your kitty does not get many chances to hunt and can only explore the available sections of your house. Thus, resulting in boredom.

Cats need playtime to satisfy their instinct to hunt and stalk prey. One of those things could be to follow you around.

Your Siamese cat gets bored, so he follows you around the house, overeats, and over-grooms.

With almost ten hours of daily naps and a house full of toys, it is hard to believe Batman and Robyn can still get bored. 

They do get bored, though! They will not hesitate to tell me when it is time for them to release their pent-up energy. 

I have to give in. If I don’t, Batman and Robyn will keep following me everywhere I go!

3. Your Siamese cat is curious about where you’re going.

Photo of a Siamese cat folowing his owner. Image by Katerina Gasset, Siamese cat owner and former Siamese cat breeder...

This curious nature is not a surprise! Siamese cats are curious about everything! 

Their natural curiosity serves a valuable purpose. It works well with the feline senses. It helps them find food and detect danger when they are out in the wild.

Your Siamese cat may not be in the wild right now, but he feels he is in his heart. It is the reason why their enthusiasm and curiosity remain strong.

Batman follows me whenever I come home with a paper bag. He is always curious! 

Batman becomes intrigued by what is inside the bag and never stops pursuing me. My best guess is that he wants to know if I have treats for him.

Batman and Robyn are also fast to tail me whenever I open the door to receive a delivery package. They are curious about what is outside and the strange box I am bringing in. They follow me until I sit down to open it.

4. Your Siamese cat wants to bond and spend time playing with you.

Domesticated cats cannot hunt and explore as they would in the wild. They need alternative outlets for these instincts, which is why play is so important.

Your Siamese cat follows you when he has a lot of energy. He wants to bond with you and spend time playing with you. 

The best way for him to tell you about this is to follow you around the house, rub your legs, and pounce in front of you.

Batman follows me a lot to ask me to play with him. He either jumps on me, hides, or pounces in front of me. He loves doing this “I will keep following you until you play with me” thing almost daily!

5. Your Siamese cat needs your help with his bed and litter box.

Your cat may want your help with his bed or litter box if he keeps following you all day. Check your cat’s bed and litter box often to ensure they meet his needs and are easy to use. 

Do not move your cat’s bedding or litter box too often. Your Siamese cat will become irritated and continue to follow you if you change the location.

6. Your Siamese cat wants to guard you.

Photo of a Siamese cat and his owner both perched on a window...

Your cat is following you because he wants to guard or protect you. He shows his affection for you by guarding you.

You can expect this from a territorial cat like a Siamese.

Your Siamese cat considers you part of his territory. He believes you should be under his protection.

Why is my cat guarding me at home? A little funny, right? 

Guarding is his way of repaying your goodness and kindness for allowing him into your life. Following you is his way of expressing how much he cherishes and values you in his life. Such a sweetie, right?

7. Your Siamese cat is sick or in pain.

You’ll recognize this when your cat becomes more needy and affectionate. Your Siamese cat is more needy than usual when he is in pain. He meows and purrs a lot too.

Your Siamese cat becomes more clingy and demands your time and attention when sick. He follows you because he has low energy and wants your comfort and reassurance.

Maintain your cat’s grooming and keep him warm. Put him in the most peaceful room. Your pet needs a lot of quiet time to sleep when he is sick. Make sure he always has enough healthy food and water. Take care of your kitty so he can get better fast.

Final Thoughts

Your Siamese cat follows you because he loves to be with you and needs help from you. He feels safe and assured when he is near you. You see your furry kitty as a companion and part of your family. Your cat feels the same way too. He sees you as his family and enjoys being with you! Thank you for reading!

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