Why Do Siamese Cats Knead?

Is your Siamese cat “making biscuits” and showing off his playful paws again? Kneading may seem strange, but it is a normal behavior in cats. Do Siamese cats knead for a reason? This is the frequent question of many first-time Siamese cat owners. Let’s find out!

Siamese cats knead to recall memories, relax, stretch their muscles, and de-stress. They knead on blankets and other soft things to sleep better. They knead on their owners to show affection and claim them as their territory.

Batman, my Siamese kitty, is a kneading machine! He kneads on my lap or legs almost every night! I can’t help but giggle when I see how focused Batman looks while he kneads my legs. Batman will then sit or lie down at the foot of my bed. I call it “making biscuits,” while my daughter calls it “making muffins.”

Robyn, my other cat companion, does not knead on me. She prefers fluffy blankets! Robyn has a favorite blanket which she drags around the house. She kneads it with a loud purr when she’s about to sleep. Looking at Robyn, who’s so diligent in “making biscuits,” is too cute!

Kneading is one of the greatest joys of cat ownership, along with cuddling. It makes life as a cat parent so much better!

Read along as we discuss everything you need to know about Siamese cat kneading!

What Causes Siamese Cats To Knead?

Kneading is a well-known behavior of Siamese cats. Kneading is when cats push their front paws left and right into their owners’ lap or an object. There are a few good reasons why Siamese cats knead:

1. They Are Reminiscing About Their Kittenhood

Did you know that kittens already knead before they open their eyes? Newborn kittens instinctively knead to stimulate milk supply. They knead to help their mothers release more milk.

Siamese kittens connect kneading with positive sensations before seeing the world around them! They learn that more kneading means more milk at the earliest stage of kittenhood. Kneading becomes your cat’s habit because of these positive sensations.

Kneading is your pet’s way of reminiscing his warm, satisfying feelings during kittenhood. Kneading makes your cat feel nostalgic because it makes him think of nursing from his mother. He associates the motion of kneading with the rewarding comfort of nursing. 

2. They Want To De-Stress

Stress is real, even for cats. Our adorable Siamese cats can get stressed out like us, and they knead to calm down when they do. Kneading is a relaxing and therapeutic activity for them. It reduces their anxiety and stress levels and puts them at ease.

Kneading causes your Siamese cat to release endorphins, which aid relaxation and sleep. The repetitive motion of kneading relaxes him and makes him at ease and satisfied.

Holding Batman or Robyn while they knead and purr is relaxing and sweet for me. I hope it relieves any stress they feel too!

3. They Are Stretching Their Muscles

Cats are famous for sleeping in awkward positions and taking long naps. One of the things they do when they wake up is stretch. They stretch because sleeping in an awkward position for a long time has made them stiff.

Kneading helps your Siamese cat stretch and relieve tension in his paws and lower legs after he wakes up. The more your cat kneads, the more flexible he will be until he needs to sleep again.

Batman and Robyn are masters of yoga! They love to stretch out any kinks from sleeping!

4. They Are Getting Ready For Bed And Want To Sleep Better

Siamese cats knead their beds or blankets to improve their sleeping area and routine. They knead to make their space clean so that they can sleep better.

This type of kneading is instinctual for cats. Their ancestors would knead grasses in the wild to make a comfortable sleeping spot.

Your cat may look like he’s cleaning up some space for his rest as he kneads. Robyn does this! She’ll then keep kneading and chewing on the blanket until she finally falls asleep.

5. They Are Showing Love And Affection

One of the cutest things about Siamese cats is that they love to knead on their owners. They show their owners love and affection by purring, head butting, and kneading.

There may be times when your cat kneads your lap after getting a back scratch from you. It’s your kitty’s sweet way of repaying your love by massaging you.

Kneading is his unique way of telling you how much he adores you. Your cat also tells you he feels safe and comfortable around you when he kneads on your leg. 

6. They Are Marking Their Territory

Siamese cats are protective of their territory. They have scent glands in their paws. They knead to leave their scent behind and let other cats know what is theirs. 

These territorial kitties think that whatever they are kneading is theirs.

There are many ways for your Siamese cat to mark his territory. He scratches to leave visual marks or kneads to leave scent marks. Your cat may knead on your couch, bed, blanket, or other fluffy things to claim them as his.

Why Do Siamese Cats Knead With Their Paws?

Do you often find your cat tapping his paws against you or your comfy blankets? Why does he use his paws for kneading?

1. Your cat’s paws have nerve receptors allowing him to distinguish between different textures. Kneading with his paws is the best way to feel the warmth and softness of blankets and other fluffy objects.

2. Your cat’s paws have scent glands hiding between his toes. Your kitty marks your lap, legs, or other body parts when he kneads. He leaves a scent and a mix of pheromones behind to let other cats know you are his territory.

What Are Some Interesting Facts About Cat Kneading?

1. Not all cats are kneaders. 

2. Cats do not all knead in the same way. 

3. Most cats knead with their front paws, and some use all four. 

4. Some cats bring their claws out, while others do not.

5. Kneading has a hypnotic effect on cats. Some drool and glaze over as they fall asleep after kneading.

6. Female cats knead to attract males when they are in heat.

7. Pregnant cats knead to relieve labor pain. It makes them feel calm when they are about to give birth.

Why Do Some Cats Knead And Others Don’t?

Not all cats enjoy kneading. Some cats avoid kneading because it is not their thing. Others don’t knead because:

  • They prefer to appease or express themselves in other ways.
  • They are still getting used to their owners’ homes, so they are not ready to knead yet.
  • They haven’t found a suitable object they love to knead.
  • They have other ways to achieve relaxation and comfort.

Should I Worry About My Siamese Cat’s Kneading?

There’s no need to worry about your cat’s frequent kneading. It’s a normal activity for your kitty.

The next time your Siamese cat kneads you and purrs with contentment, sit back and relax! You’re getting a free kitty massage! 

Kneading may hurt you if your kitty has sharp claws. Do not scold him for kneading. Your cat might get aggressive if you punish him. Buy nail caps like these ones I bought on Amazon, or offer a blanket instead.

Our Siamese cats need to knead for many reasons. Understanding the reasons can help us care for them more and ensure they are free to enjoy kneading! Thanks for reading!

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