Traveling with a Siamese Cat: 35 Tips for a Comfortable Car Ride

Siamese cats can be wonderful travel companions if we take the time to make car rides safe and comfy for them. How can we ensure that our cats have a pleasant car ride?

Preparing for a road trip with your Siamese cat should begin well before the trip itself. Your cat can have a comfortable car ride if you plan and consider what essentials to pack. 

I had a lot of questions when I was getting ready to hit the road for the first time with my Siamese cats, Batman and Robyn. Thanks to my vet, fellow cat owners, and extra research, I came up with a handy list I follow whenever I travel with my cats.

In this article, I’ll share tips on ensuring your Siamese cat has a safe and stress-free car ride!

How Can I Make My Siamese Cat Feel Comfortable During Our Trip?

Here are the most important things to remember when traveling with your Siamese cat: 

1. Talk to your vet before going on a trip.

It is best to consult with your vet as soon as you know the dates of your trip. Your vet knows what you need for the trip. This may include a health certificate and medicine for anxiety and car sickness. 

Your vet can also guide you on making your Siamese cat feel at ease during the car ride.

2. Get your cat a safety collar and attach an identification tag.

Pick a safety collar designed for cats. It should allow two fingers between the collar and the cat’s neck. It should also not be able to slip over your cat’s head.

Allow your Siamese cat to wear the collar for short periods before your trip. This will help your furry companion get used to having it on. Your Siamese cat may feel uncomfortable with the collar at first. Do not worry, as it will only take a few days for him to adjust.

Attach an identification tag to your Siamese cat’s collar. The tag should include your cat’s name and contact information. The ID tag can be helpful if your cat gets separated from you.

3. Consult your vet about anxiety medication (for use before or during the trip).

Your vet can answer any questions about anxiety medicines and possible behavioral issues. Do not forget to give the anxiety medication a “test run” at your home. Check how your Siamese cat reacts to it before you leave for your trip.

4. Try to calm your cat down in other ways before giving him medicine for anxiety.

Medications for stress and anxiety should be a last resort, according to Vetinfo. There are other options you can explore to see if they can help calm your Siamese cat’s anxieties. 

I’ve tried other calming methods like playing soothing music or using pheromone diffusers. It depends most of the time on how long the trip is. The music helped on some trips. On other trips, the diffusers helped. Sometimes neither helped, so I used anxiety medication for Batman and Robyn.

5. Buy a cat travel crate.

A cat crate is preferable for safety and long-distance travel. A crate is more roomy and spacious than a carrier.

Your Siamese cat will be more comfortable in a crate than in a carrier during a long trip. The right crate for your cat should be large enough for him to move around, turn around inside, and lie down. You can also put his bedding, blanket, and toys in the crate.

6. Put your cat through crate training sessions first.

Photo of a Siamese cat leaving his carrier...

How do I crate train my Siamese cat? 

  • Use treats to crate train your cat.
  • Call your Siamese cat by his name.
  • Place a small treat near him when he looks at you.
  • Give out more treats as he gets close to the crate.
  • Place a treat near the crate’s opening.
  • Put two treats inside and wait for him to come in.
  • Do not close the crate. Let your cat stay inside and eat the treats. 
  • Leave the crate open so he can walk out if he wants to.
  • Offer tasty treats in the crate several times a week to get your cat to go inside the crate when you call him.
  • Use wet cat food instead of treats.
  • Use wet cat food for a more powerful motivation if treats are not working.
  • Place a bowl of wet cat food inside the crate. Call your cat’s name as you’re putting the bowl inside.
  • Pick your cat up and put him in the crate when he approaches you.
  • Move away and observe how your cat behaves inside the crate before and after he eats.
  • Spray pheromones on the bedding.
  • Place clean and plush bedding inside the crate.
  • Spray pheromones on the bedding.
  • Put your cat in the crate and move on to the next step if he seems calm.
  • Try again next time if he seems too anxious and scared in the crate.
  • Bring the crate into the car and start the engine without moving the vehicle.
  • Observe your cat’s reaction to the vehicle’s sound and placement in the crate.
  • Bring your cat back inside and check if he feels fine or overwhelmed.
  • Drive your cat to the nearest corner next time and then back home if he’s feeling okay.
  • Give treats all along the way!

7. Set aside a comfy space in the car for the cat crate. 

The space should be big enough to fit the crate and keep it safe. Place the crate in the back seat, in the trunk, or another safe location, so it does not roll around the car’s interior. Make sure the crate is visible from the driver’s seat.

8. Bring a soft blanket and comfy bedding.

The blanket and bedding will keep your cat from becoming too concerned about where you are going. 

There is no need to buy new ones. The bedding and blanket your kitty uses at home are good enough. Your Siamese cat is familiar with them, which will make him less anxious on the trip.

Put the soft blanket and cozy bedding in the crate to encourage your cat to sleep and relax during the trip. You can also bring other familiar comfort items for your cat if the crate has enough space for more items.

9. Bring your cat’s favorite toy(s).

Bring your cat’s favorite toy and fill or spray it with catnip. The trip may stress your Siamese cat out, so he needs a travel toy to make the trip entertaining for him.

Your Siamese cat will also have something to do while you drive. 

10. Bring a portable litter box.

A portable litter box is a must so your Siamese cat can relieve himself without making a mess while you’re on the go. Do not forget to bring the scoop and litter supply!

11. Bring along a cat carrier.

A cat carrier can help if you need to make a few short stops. Also, It can come in handy if you often change places to sleep and stay at your travel destination.

Choose a cat carrier that is about 1.5 times the size of your cat. It should be small enough for your cat to feel cozy and large enough for him to stand, stretch, lie down, and turn around. Also, make sure the cat carrier is always secure before using it.

Train your Siamese cat to like the carrier way before you need to use it. The carrier will become a haven for your feline friend during the trip If the training goes well.

12. Bring portable bowls for holding water.

Choose a water bowl that is convenient to carry and keep. There are many travel-specific cat bowls available on the market today.

I bring Guardians Collapsible Cat Bowls on our trips and use them as travel water bowls for my kitties. The bowl is ideal for travel because it is collapsible, durable, and simple to clean. I like these bowls because I can move the bowl up and down to hold different amounts of water.

13. Bring a lidded travel food bowl.

I bring portable bowls with lids for my Siamese cats’ wet food because they are durable and leak-proof. I like food bowls with lids because they are best for road trips!

I bought a set of three Dashing Premium Cat Food Bowls and still use them when I travel with my kitties. Each bowl has a lid and is easy to clean.

14. Bring enough cat food for your trip and vacation.

Photo of a Siamese cat reacting to the pile of cat food given to him...

Bring enough food to ensure that your Siamese cat will not go hungry. A hungry cat will likely be an irritated cat during a trip. Make sure you do not let your Siamese cat eat too much on the long drive so he does not throw up or get diarrhea. 

15. Store dry cat foods in zip lock bags to keep them fresh.

Dry cat food usually comes in bags that we cannot seal again. I use bags with zip locks to keep the food fresh and easy to use during the trip. I also label the food bags before leaving so it will be easy for me to choose which ones to serve.

I used reusable containers at first, but one of my friends suggested I use zip lock bags. I immediately switched to the food bags because it saved me a lot of space when packing for the trip. 

16. Bring your cat’s goodies and treats!

Bring your cat’s favorite treats to help make the travel experience enjoyable for him. Giving your cat treats is the best way to show him love on the trip.

I always bring Batman and Robyn’s favorite snacks with me on trips so they can have a good time. The goodies reinforce their good behavior throughout the car ride.

Keep reading! I’ve got more! Here are some extra tips and travel hacks to consider when taking your Siamese cat on the road:

17. Spritz the crate’s cover with a pheromone spray to keep your cat relaxed and comfortable.

18. Bring an extra blanket or bedding for your cat. 

19. Pack towels and wipes in case your cat vomits in the car.

20. Bring plastic bags that you can seal and put away.

They may not seem necessary for your trip but trust me; they are helpful!

21. Bring cleaning supplies and odor-neutralizing spray.

22. Do not overfeed your cat the night before you leave to prevent him from throwing up on the road.

23. Do not feed your cat a few hours before you leave to keep him from getting car sickness.

24.Bring a small scratching post to keep your cat busy.

25. Make sure to lock all doors before you hit the road.

26. Do not leave the windows wide open to ensure your cat does not escape.

27. Give your Siamese cat short talks while driving to make him feel at home and comfortable.

28. Keep an eye on your car’s temperature.

Your cat should not feel too hot inside the car.

29. Make short and quick stops to check on your cat.

A few rest stops can help determine whether your cat is anxious or suffering from car sickness.

30. Do not open the door at a rest stop unless you are sure your cat is safe.

31. Avoid leaving your cat in the car for too long if you stop for gas.

32. Reward your cat with kisses and treats when you arrive.

33. Set up a safe and quiet resting spot for your cat when you reach your destination.

34. Do not forget to pack some patience.

Traveling with a pet is not easy. The trip with your furry companion will be worthwhile with patience and support.

35. Jot down your trip’s takeaways, and do not forget to include them in your next trip’s preparation.

Write down what you wish you had done so you can use them to improve your future travels. Learning what is best for your Siamese cat is a continuous thing!

Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope these suggestions prove helpful for your upcoming trip! Do not forget to pat yourself on the back for a job well done as soon as you get home from the long drive!

We gathered all the health tips tailored toward maintaining your Siamese cat’s optimal well-being. Check it out here: Siamese Cat Health: A Complete Guide

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