Why Does My Siamese Cat Slowly Blink at Me?

Photo of a Siamese cat blinking at a human

I knew I was in for a treat when I adopted my two Siamese cats, Batman and Robyn. They are both sweet and have charming personalities. I find their small gestures adorable and endearing. My heart fills with affection for them whenever they slowly blink at me.

One of the fascinating behaviors of Siamese cats is when they give you those slow blinks. You might have noticed your feline friend doing it occasionally. You’re probably wondering what it means.

Slow blinking is your cat’s way of communicating his sweet and peaceful intentions. It’s a sign of affection, trust, and relaxation. It can also mean respect and submission. The meaning of your cat’s slow blink can change occasionally. It depends on the context and situation he is in.

This blog post will reveal the secrets behind our Siamese cats’ slow blinks.

Why Does My Siamese Cat Slow-Blink At Me?

1. Affection

The most common reason your cat slowly blinks at you is to show affection. A slow blink is often your cat saying, “I love you.” Your cat expresses the same “I love you” when he meows at you or rubs against your legs. 

Our cats often slowly blink at us as a sign of affection and love. 

Also, your cat may slowly blink at you when you are hanging out together and enjoying a petting session. Your feline friend may also do this when he is grateful you’ve given him a one-on-one play session. 

A frequent slow blink from your cat is a sign of a strong bond between him and you.

Batman loves to sit on my lap for a good petting session. Batman closes his eyes, moves slightly before opening them, and slowly blinks at me whenever I pet him. I’ve understood this gesture as his way of saying “I love you too” for many years now. 

Batman seems grateful and feels loved whenever I pet him, so he responds with a slow blink. I feel happy knowing Batman feels comfortable and loved with me.

2. Trust

Another common reason your cat may slowly blink at you is to display trust. It’s your cat’s way of telling you he feels cozy and safe in your home.

Our feline friends often slowly blink at us when they trust us enough to let their guard down. They may do this when they feel relaxed, coolheaded, and at ease around us.

Your cat slowly blinks at you to let you know that he approves of you as his owner and caregiver.

Robyn has always been a bit nervous during vet visits, so I always bring her favorite blanket whenever we go. I wrapped Robyn in this blanket and held her close while we waited our turn during our recent visit.

Robyn meowed twice and then slowly blinked at me to my surprise. It’s as if my kitty is showing gratitude for my presence and keeping her safe. 

It meant the world to me, even though it was a cute, small gesture. I knew that I had earned her complete trust at that moment.

3. Contentment and relaxation

Another reason your cat may slowly blink at you is to express contentment and relaxation. This often happens when your cat is lounging in his favorite spot. This also happens when your cat wakes up from a nap and sees you nearby.

Our cats tend to blink when they are in their most calm state. They also do this to show they feel happy and at ease in our presence.

Robyn likes to take naps on the windowsill. One afternoon, I approached her there and listened to her deep purring. Robyn was utterly relaxed and content. 

I started petting Robyn, and soon enough, she opened her eyes to blink at me slowly. It was as if she was grateful for the peaceful moment.

4. Respect

Slow blinking is one of the most evident signs of respect in the feline world. Cats use slow blinking to avoid conflicts with other cats and show deference.

Your cat slowly blinks at you to show respect. Your kitty acknowledges your presence without being aggressive or confrontational.

The day I brought home Batman and Robyn, our older cat, Boots, was not thrilled about the new additions. He hissed and growled whenever they came near him. Boots often asserted his position as the alpha male of the house. 

To my surprise, after a few days, I caught Boots and Batman napping beside each other. They became best buddies in that instant. 

I noticed that Batman often slowly blinks at Boots when they’re together. It looks like he’s showing respect to Boots. Batman surely doesn’t want to be in a fight. I was happy to see my cats getting along well.

5. Submission

Slow blinking can be a sign of submission or fear in cats. You’ll notice this when your cat tries to avoid eye contact with someone he sees as threatening.

For example, you may see your cat start to blink slowly at you when you have guests over. This is a way for your cat to show deference. 

Your cat is declaring he wants to avoid potential confrontation or conflict. 

Give your cat space and allow him to feel comfortable in this situation. Do not force any interaction, because it will only escalate your cat’s anxiety or fear.

I remember once having a few guests at my house. Robyn seemed particularly nervous around them. She hid under the couch and only came out when the guests entered the kitchen. 

I approached Robyn, and she gave a slow blink with an anxious face. It felt like she was communicating her discomfort to me. 

I gave Robyn some private space to stay put while my guests were still in the house. It was a good reminder to always be attentive to my cat’s signals.

Why Does My Siamese Cat Look Away When I Slow-Blink?

Siamese cat with blue eyes staring intently at the camera...

Your cat might look away when you slow-blink at him because:

1. Your cat feels anxious and sees the blink as a threat.

Slow-blinking is usually a friendly way to show your cat love and affection. 

However, some cats consider slow-blinking a threat, especially when anxious or scared. They may look away or even become defensive, in such cases.

Understand your cat’s body language first to see if they’re receptive to slow blinking. Remember to respect your cat’s boundaries if they’re feeling anxious at the time. 

There are other ways to show your cat love and care. Don’t worry if slow-blinking isn’t their thing!

2. Your cat wants to receive affection differently than the slow blink.

What works for one Siamese cat may not work well for another cat. Some cats may enjoy slow blinking. Others may prefer a different type of caring behavior. It’s basically about getting to know your Siamese cat better. 

There are different ways to show your cat love and admiration. Take the time to understand your cat’s needs, wants, and love language. 

Find what works best for your cat.

Slow-blinking is a way of showing your cat you adore and love him. Yet, your cat’s current mood can affect his response to your gesture. You should observe your cat’s body language before expecting his response. 

Also, some cats have different personalities and preferences than others. It could be that your cat wants to receive affection in a different way than the slow blink.

3. Your cat is feeling uneasy at the moment.

Our cats can be sensitive creatures, especially entering their senior years. Their mood can change quickly. Our cats may even feel like we’ve crossed their boundaries if they now prefer spending time alone.

Your cat may only sometimes be in the mood for slow-blinking. Your kitty might be feeling uncomfortable at the moment. He doesn’t respond to your slow blink, because he wants to enjoy the calm surroundings instead.

Don’t worry if your Siamese cat seems to avoid your slow blink. 

Observe your cat’s behavior and body language. Try understanding how your cat feels and what kind of affection he is receptive to. 

Move on if slow-blinking isn’t your Siamese cat’s cup of tea. There are other cute ways to show him your affection.

4. Your cat is in an independent mood.

Your cat may prefer a different form of communication.

Cats are famously independent animals. They may not always respond to our affectionate behaviors, like slow blinking. 

Don’t take it personally. Your Siamese cat might feel more solitary, so he avoids your slow blinking. Your cat might also be busy with solo tasks and can’t attend to your affection now.

For now, respect how your cat likes to interact with you. You’ll eventually have your moment. 

Put in a little patience. You’ll discover great ways to show your cat how much you care and that he’ll appreciate it in the long run!

5. Your cat prefers a different form of communication.

Cats have their preferences when it comes to communication. That’s more like us, right? We have our preferences and love language. 

Some cats respond well to slow blinking. Other cats respond better to physical touches like cuddling and petting. 

Spend extra time with your Siamese cat. Get to know him more. You’ll learn what your cat likes or dislikes eventually.

What Does It Mean When A Siamese Cat Blinks At You Twice?

Photo of a Siamese cat looking at his owner appearing to blink slowly...

It’s usually a good sign when your Siamese cat blinks twice at you. It means your cat feels relaxed, happy, and trustful around you. It’s your cat’s way of showing his feelings toward you. 

I was sitting on the couch talking to my grandson, and Batman jumped eagerly and sat beside us. My grandson exclaimed a few minutes later that Batman had blinked at him twice.

He felt happy to have had that moment. He kept sharing about it with the other family members the whole day. It became a sweet little routine for him and Batman from then on.

Meanwhile, your cat blinks twice at your other cat when he wants to convey an important message to the other cat. Typically, cats use this communication style to establish social hierarchy and impose boundaries. 

Blinking twice could be a message expressing friendly intentions. It could also be a message asserting dominance. How territorial are Siamese cats? Find out in this recent article: Are Siamese Cats Territorial?

Do Siamese Cats Understand When You Slowly Blink At Them?

Siamese cats can understand when you slowly blink at them. They often interpret it as a sign of affection. Our cats feel like we’re establishing a connection with them when we blink at them. 

Many cats respond with slow blinking by returning the gesture. This signifies they feel content and comfortable with the interaction. 

However, some cats may be reluctant to respond to slow blinking. This is because they prefer a different affection style or are not in the mood to socialize.

I learned that slow blinking was a way to show affection to cats and I decided to try it out.

I sat next to my previous cat, Claus, and petted him for a few minutes. Claus was enjoying the petting session. 

I took the chance to blink my eyes at him when he faced me slowly. Claus instantly blinked back at me! It was a short moment, but I felt our bond was stronger afterward. 

I was convinced from that day on that cats can be sweet when they want to be. They can respond positively to even our smallest gestures of affection.

Why Is Slow Blinking Referred To As “Cat Kissing”?

The term “cat kissing” is a playful and loving way to describe the slow-blinking behavior of cats. Cat fanciers and lovers see this feline behavior as a positive and sweet gesture.

Many feline experts recommend slow blinking as a great way to bond with a cat

Start by making eye contact with your cat if you want to try “cat kissing” with him. Slowly close and open your eyes in a relaxed and natural manner. 

You can also try another way. Narrow your eyes slightly. Hold your gaze for three to five seconds, then slowly blink.

Slow blinking may only sometimes be well-received by your cat. There are times when cats are not in the mood to engage. 

Don’t force the connection; wait for the right time to try slow blinking with your cat. There will be available moments, so don’t worry! After all, your cat is your house companion and family.

The more your cat feels at ease, the more he will respond positively to your affectionate gesture.

Slow Blinks: A Sign of Affection, Comfort, and Trust

Slow blinking is one of the many cute ways our cats communicate with us. It is a lovely reminder of the special connection we share with them. 

Slow blinking is mostly a sign of affection and trust. Siamese cats use this as a calming and bonding gesture with the humans they trust. 

Try slowly blinking back at your cat as he slowly blinks at you. Reciprocating your Siamese cat’s slow blinking can strengthen your bond. Grab every chance to show your Siamese cat how much you care. 

Enjoy those special moments! It will only get better from there on! 

Thank you for reading!

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