The Most Fun Ways to Bond with Your Siamese Cat at Home

I always want to make sure my Siamese cats, Batman and Robyn, have a fun day every day. And sometimes, I ran out of ideas to make that happen especially since outdoor activities are not an option.

If you’re stuck in the same dilemma as me, try these fun ways to bond with your Siamese cat at home to make their day boredom-free:

  • Short sessions of games with treats and prizes
  • Games of hunting with stuffed animals
  • Hunting treats
  • Play with food-related puzzle toys
  • Play fetch
  • Play with fishing rods
  • Play with interactive toys that move and make sounds

Siamese cats get bored if we do not give them enough care and attention. They may become sad and even depressed if they don’t receive much love.

That is why spending quality time with our cats is necessary. Read on as we explore more ways to bond with our beloved Siamese cats.

7 Ways to Bond and Connect with Your Siamese Cat

1. Give your Siamese cat the best nutritious treats. 

Siamese cats are often treat-motivated. Giving treats is one fun way to encourage your bond! Your furry pal will bond with you even more for being a treat-giver. It’s one of the fun ways to get closer to your cuddly cat. 

I enjoy giving my Siamese cats, Batman and Robyn, treats. I see it as bonding time, fostering a fun connection between us. 

For treats, the best options are only healthy goodies! There is no need to note the unhealthy treats your cat used to like. Your buddy will forget about it! Take note of what nutritious treat your pal enjoys during your playtime.

What are the healthiest treats I can give to my Siamese cat? 

  • Give your Siamese cat protein-rich treats. Meat proteins enthrall them.
  • The best treats for your Siamese cat are those with little to no fillers.

What treats should I never give to my Siamese cat? 

  • Avoid treats with a lot of grains in them.
  • Treats with high wheat, starches, and barley can lead to many health issues.

Batman loves wet food as a treat. One of Batman’s favorites is the Halo Grain Natural in Turkey flavor. This food is 100% grain-free. He looks forward to it. I only scoop out a little at a time and wrap the rest in a baggie in the fridge. Considering Siamese cats need a high meat-based diet, this treat is a good choice!

Knowing your cat’s favorite treats is helpful. You can use them as rewards during your playtime. You can use the treats anytime you want to bond with and get closer to your Siamese cat. 

Don’t forget, moderation in all treats! And give only healthy goodies! 

2. Feed your Siamese cat well. 

For cats, the concept of food and bonding is the same. They feel cherished and cared for when they have someone serving them good meals. Still, the easiest way to a cat’s heart is through his stomach. Do you agree? 

Take note of the good foods your Siamese cat loves. You need to know what kind of food is best if you want a close relationship with your furry pal. Include how often you should feed your pal.

How to choose the right kind of food for your Siamese cat? 

  • Make sure to look for the AAFCO “complete and balanced” label when shopping for cat food.
  • The first ingredient in the food should be animal protein. It should have taurine, an amino acid, fats, minerals, and vitamins. Read the label and look for essential ingredients, like chicken, fish, lean beef, or turkey. These are all excellent protein sources.
  • Don’t choose cat food with a massive amount of grain-based proteins. Don’t buy it if the package or container says it has soy, corn colorings, or additives. Your Siamese cat won’t enjoy it in any way.

Dry food or wet food for my Siamese cat? 

  • If your Siamese cat likes dry food, it should have a lot of protein, fat, and Omega-3 and Omega-6. Find a brand that contains fiber and vitamins. 
  • If you have an older cat, look for dry food with low fat and protein to avoid possible obesity.
  • If your kitten likes dry food, look for a brand with a lot of protein, calcium, and fats to help your furry baby grow. Keep in mind that it will be hard to switch to wet food when you start giving them dry food this early.
  • If your Siamese cat likes wet food, it should have salmon, whitefish, turkey, or chicken. There are brands made with rabbit, lamb, or duck. 
  • If your Siamese cat has a sensitive stomach, feed it wet food with only one type of meat. Your cat won’t enjoy the one with a mix of meats. Your pal may feel sick and nauseous after eating it.

There are countless vet-recommended food choices. There are almost too many flavors for every kind to choose from. You can be sure you’ll have one that your furry pal can enjoy.

Knowing what tastes or formulas your cat likes best will help you make your pal’s mealtime more fun. 

How often should I give food to my Siamese cat?

This subject is one of the most common queries when feeding a cat. After all, we want our Siamese cats to feel full and satisfied throughout the day. While free-feeding sounds fun, it is not healthy at all. Doing so means you cannot tell if you have underfed or overfed your cat. 

  • Siamese cats should eat two to three small meals per day. Each meal should contain protein, carbohydrates, and fats for optimal health.
  • Pregnant or lactating cats should eat three to four times a day. Because their bodies are changing, they need more protein and calories.
  • Siamese kittens need three to four meals per day. Each meal should have good portions to provide enough nutrients for their growth.

Your Siamese cat will be vocal when hungry, especially when your pal is hyperactive. You need to listen and feed your pal a healthy amount with fresh water on the side. 

Compliment your cat on how he eats to prop your bond even further. Rather than filling your cat’s bowl and walking away, please talk with your cat while doing it. For example, ask if your pal loves the food. Sit near as your cat eats the meal. 

With Robyn, I do things this way. Wiith Batman, he prefers to be alone when eating. Yay! That’s all right. I’ll think of another idea for bonding time anyway. 

3. Spend some time petting your Siamese cat.

Have you ever pet your cat, who seemed to enjoy it at first, only to bite pretty soon or scratch you? It might be easy to blame the cat, but what’s likely happening here is that you’re not petting your furry pal right. You must know when and where your cat likes to get petted. 

Robyn likes getting petted around his head and face. Batman loves back scratches. Remember, no swooping down on the cat! Even though they are sociable, Siamese cats have personal boundaries. 

How to pet a Siamese cat? 

  • Hold a finger as if you’re giving a handshake whenever you meet a cat for the first time.
  • Be patient. Let the cat sniff you. This cuddly feline will get close to you later.
  • Many cats like it when you rub them where their facial glands are. The ears, cheeks, and under the chin are good places to start petting.
  • Most Siamese cats love it when you scratch their backs.
  • Your cat will let you know when and where to pet it.

How not to pet a Siamese cat? 

  • Please don’t assume they all enjoy petting sessions. While most Siamese cats adore it, others dislike it.
  • Pet a cat only after you’ve introduced yourself. 
  • Keep your hands away from the cat’s belly and tail. They are often off-limits to many cats.
  • If you notice your cat swishing his tail, your pal isn’t happy with the petting.
  • If your cat isn’t purring or rubbing against you, it’s likely not the best time for petting.

Asking permission before petting a cat is top of the list in the process. Knowing whether your cat feels at ease is necessary. 

When your cat purrs and kneads you with the front paws, you’ll know it’s okay to pet. Your pal may ask for more from you if you pet the right way. It would mean more time together! 

The cute little nudge you get if you stop petting your cat is another way to tell your kitty is having fun. 

The most personal way to get close to your Siamese cat is through petting sessions. Since each cat likes to get petted in a particular manner, learn the “right way” for your Siamese cat.

4. Set aside playtime for your Siamese cat.

Siamese cats are playful. They yearn for companionship in their free time. While other cats prefer independence, Siamese cats prefer interacting with their human family.

Whenever Batman keeps following me, I know it’s because he wants some playtime with me. To prop our bond more, I play with him for 10 to 15 minutes daily. 

Playing with your cat is the most enjoyable way to bond. Setting aside a particular time each day for play is most satisfactory to your cat.

How can I best play with my Siamese cat? 

  • Find out which things, puzzles, or toys your pet likes best. It can be anything from a small ball or toy to a box or even a newspaper. And play with them together. Your Siamese cat can play with many different things. It’s another opportunity for your cat to have fun with you.
  • Your playtime should involve lots of chasing or leaping. Choose a game that will get your cat to exercise and stay active.
  • Give activities that keep your cat’s mind engaged and active.
  • Provide toys that encourage pretend play and imagination. Give your cat a mouse-shaped toy to pretend to be a hunting session. Like a child pretending he’s a superhero, your cat can pretend he’s playing outside too.
  • Don’t forget to let your cat take a rest. You don’t want to see your cat pal pant and get winded.

During playtime, you have the privilege to get to know your cat more. It’s the perfect time to connect with your Siamese cat even more.

Playtime is also an excellent time to reassess if your cat is in good health. You can observe any changes in your cat’s physical health. 

What does my Siamese cat like to do for fun? 

Siamese cats like to do a lot of fun things. Some of the most common ones are:

  • Short sessions of games with treats and prizes
  • Games of hunting with stuffed animals
  • Hunting treats
  • Play with food-related puzzle toys
  • Play fetch
  • Play with fishing rods
  • Play with interactive toys that move and make sounds

My Siamese cats enjoy interactive toys. I have super busy days, so I keep Batman and Robyn occupied with many interactive toys.

Your furry buddy has a lot of energy to spend. Your pal needs to let it out in positive ways. 

A good play session can help release that energy. Your initiative and interaction are the best ways to make that happen.

5. Train and teach your Siamese cat tricks. 

Siamese cats are intelligent felines. They like it when something makes them think. One of the most fun ways to bond with your cat is to train and teach him tricks. Training them is the best way to improve your connection. Teaching them tricks bolsters your bond.

How do I teach my Siamese cat tricks?

  • Show your Siamese cat how to do new tricks.
  • Allow your cat time to observe and learn what they need to know.
  • Wait for your feline pal to follow the trick at their own pace.

What tricks can I teach my Siamese cat?

  • Show your Siamese cat some paw tricks.
  • Train your cat to give a fist bump or a high five.
  • Use a clicker to teach your cat to sit.
  • Teach your cat to jump over broomsticks.
  • Use a sticky note to train your cat’s nose/paw targets.

Teaching your cat new tricks is rewarding to you and your cat pal. One thing to remember is that training a Siamese cat takes time and patience. You can’t force your cat to do all the tricks. It will cut the connection you wish to have with your pet.

Every cat is different and will have a fascination with different tricks. As you teach your Siamese cat new tricks, pay attention to which ones your cat likes best. Focus on those tricks, so your cat will not hesitate to join the fun!

6. Give your Siamese cat space to hide and relax.

Most Siamese cats love to hang out with their human family. Like us, they sometimes need some time alone. Your house should have spots where your Siamese cat can doze and be alone. Giving them that time and space could help improve your connection.

How do I give my Siamese cat some space?

  • Your cat prefers to be on higher ground to feel safe and relaxed.
  • Place a small cushion or blanket on top of your wardrobe.
  • Place a large box with side holes beneath a table. The holes let your cat see what’s happening, even when hiding.
  • Assign specific cat chambers or boxes for your cat’s use only.

Giving your Siamese cat a section in your house where he can feel hidden and safe shows that you value his privacy. Your Siamese cat will appreciate it for sure.

7. Keep a routine that your Siamese cat will follow.

Siamese cats are creatures of routine and consistency. As a Siamese cat parent, you need to be consistent too. Create a routine and weekly schedule for your Siamese cat. Put in as much effort to stick to it.

How do I keep a routine for my Siamese cat?

  • Maintain a consistent feeding routine and frequency for your Siamese cat.
  • Set up regular times for you and your cat to play together.
  • Be constant in how you give rewards and treats.
  • Give your Siamese cat constant affection and undivided attention. Do not interfere with your Siamese cat’s private time.
  • Don’t wake your cat for no reason. Let your cat rest to avoid disruptive behavior when awake.
  • Take your Siamese cat to regular checkups to get used to the process.

How to tell if you and your Siamese kitty have bonded more and grown closer:

  • Your Siamese cat takes the time to blink when you look and stare. 
  • You often feel your Siamese cat’s paws rubbing your leg. 
  • Your Siamese cat often rests his head on your shoulder or elbow.
  • You often hear stuttering meows from your Siamese cat.  
  • Your Siamese cat is paying more attention to you.
  • You often see your cat following you around the house.
  • Your cat jumps at you when you’re about to go to bed.
  • Your Siamese cat always takes a nap near you.


Siamese cats are more likely to bond when they have access to and experience all the items on the list above. There are many other ways to connect with your Siamese cat. The best thing is that you’re always ready to give your furry pal much love, warmth, and protection. Thanks for reading!

We gathered all the health tips tailored toward maintaining your Siamese cat’s optimal well-being. Check it out here: Siamese Cat Health: A Complete Guide

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