Do Siamese Cats Change Eye Colors?

Are you a Siamese cat admirer? You may have heard conflicting opinions on if a Siamese cat’s eyes can change color. Do their eyes change color? 

The answer is yes; Siamese cats’ eyes can change color over time. Their eyes can change from bright blue to deep navy blue. They can also shift from pale blue to shaded blue or even greenish-yellow. 

If yes, is this normal or something to worry about? What causes their eyes to change color? Well, I’ve got you covered, curious cat lover!

Keep reading! I will answer some frequently asked questions surrounding this topic in this article. 

It’s about time we learn more about the mesmerizing eyes of these gorgeous creatures!

Do Siamese Cats’ Eyes Stay Blue?

Siamese cats’ eyes are typically blue but can change color as they age.

Siamese cats are famous for their striking blue eyes. This is one defining characteristic of the breed. These cats are born with blue eyes. Their eye color then changes as they get older. 

This shift in eye color is due to a temperature-sensitive enzyme. It affects pigmentation in the eye’s iris. This is why Siamese cats’ eyes can shift from blue to green, gold, or even a deep shade of brown.

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What Causes Siamese Cats’ Eyes To Change Color?

1. Tyrosinase (a temperature-sensitive enzyme).

The reason why Siamese cats’ eyes change color is because of tyrosinase. Tyrosinase is a particular enzyme sensitive to temperature.

This enzyme affects the color of the iris in the eye. Its activity changes depending on how warm or cool the cat’s body is. The warmer parts of the body, like the feet, have less of this enzyme, so the eyes are lighter in color there. 

The cooler parts of the body, like the head and torso, have more enzymes, resulting in darker eye colors. That’s why the eyes of Siamese cats are usually darker near the center and lighter near the edges.

2. Genetics (Siamese allele)

The color of a Siamese cat’s eyes is mainly due to genetics and body temperature. 

Siamese cats have a particular gene that makes their eyes blue, but it only works when the body is warm. This is why the eyes of Siamese cats are lighter in color in cool places and darker in warm places.

3. Age

The age of a Siamese cat is another factor that can influence the color of his eyes. 

Siamese kittens are typically born with blue eyes. Their blue eyes gradually change as they grow up. The color shift is also due to the pigment in their iris accumulating over time.

Their eye color will usually stabilize when they are four months old. It is unlikely to change much afterward. Except in cases with underlying medical conditions or injuries. 

4. Diet

The food your Siamese cat eats can impact their eye health. Diet does not directly affect eye color. 

A diet lacking essential nutrients can harm your cat’s eyes. It can also cause vision issues, making it seem like their eye color has changed. Feed your cat a balanced diet with essential nutrients to keep his eyes healthy.

5. Health Issues

Various health issues can affect how the eyes look, including the color of Siamese cats’ eyes. Some of these could be glaucoma, cataracts, and uveitis. These conditions can change how the eyes look and even affect their color. 

Some infectious diseases can cause eye problems. Feline leukemia virus and feline immunodeficiency virus can affect eye color. 

Take your cat to regular check-ups so the vet can detect any issues early. This will help prevent changes in the appearance of your cat’s eyes and his overall health.

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At What Age Do Siamese Cats’ Eyes Change Color?

Siamese cats’ eye color can change when they’re growing up. This change usually happens when they are between 6-12 weeks old. 

Their eyes gradually change color to their final shade as they get older. 

Did you know that Siamese kittens don’t always have blue eyes when born? Instead, their eyes are typically a light blue-gray or white.

These cats’ eyes start to change color as they grow up. This is because of the pigment that gets deposited in their iris. The color change happens gradually. It may take several weeks. The outer edges of their eyes start to change first, and then the color spreads inward. 

The color of their eyes gets more intense as they grow. Their eyes might even become brilliant blue, like sapphire, when they’re adults.

Do All Siamese Cats’ Eyes Change Color, Or Is It Only A Select Few?

It is standard for all Siamese cats to experience a change in eye color during their growth. This is pretty common. It’s actually normal for all Siamese cats.

Are you planning to adopt a Siamese kitty? Be prepared for their eyes to turn into different shades over the months. 

Are Siamese Cats The Only Breed Of Cat That Changes Eye Colors?

Siamese cats are commonly known for changing their eye color, and there are other breeds too. 

Tonkinese, Birman, and Himalayan can also experience some degree of eye color change. However, they may not undergo the same extent of eye color change as Siamese cats.

Is It Common For Siamese Cats To Have Two Different Colored Eyes?

Yes, Siamese cats often have different colored eyes. We call this heterochromia. 

The Siamese breed and blue eyes are genetically predisposed to this trait. However, not all Siamese cats have heterochromia. Some of them may have blue eyes that are slightly different shades.

How Do Breeders Ensure Siamese Cats Maintain Their Distinct Blue Eye Color?

It is mostly a matter of selective breeding. Breeders typically only mate cats with blue eyes to preserve this trait. 

Many breeders focus on breeding Siamese cats with more intense blue eyes. This is the desirable trait within the breed. 

Breeders manipulate certain traits through selective breeding but cannot control some factors. Not all Siamese cats will have the same blue eyes. This is true even if they come from the same breeder and bloodline.

Most breeders focus on the well-being of their cats, above all else. They focus more on this, rather than preserving the classic blue eye color. Thanks for reading! I hope you learned a lot. Don’t miss out on my other articles! They’re full of fascinating info that I’m sure you’ll love.

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