Can Siamese Cats Feel Embarrassed?

Have you ever seen Siamese cats do anything and made you wonder if they feel embarrassed? Humans often feel embarrassed when we do something that’s out of the ordinary. We feel embarrassed when we know our actions aren’t socially acceptable. 

We’ll take a look at some of the things your Siamese cat might do that could be signs of embarrassment. We’ll also explore why they might feel this way and what you can do to help relieve the embarrassment your cat may feel.  

Can Siamese Cats Feel Shame? 

Everyone loves a good pet shaming post on social media. From cats caught stealing snacks from the counter to dogs destroying an expensive pair of shoes, these posts often elicit a chuckle from viewers. 

These posts can be entertaining for some. However, it is unlikely that the animal being shamed actually feels embarrassed or ashamed in any way. 

This is especially true when it comes to Siamese cats. They are one of the oldest cat breeds who have independence and self-confidence. They do not understand complex emotions such as shame. Thus, they cannot feel such emotions either.  

The closest thing they experience is fear of punishment toward certain activities. For example, a cat may avoid going near the furniture if he has been scolded for scratching furniture in the past.

This doesn’t represent true shame, though, as he cannot process his own behavior as wrong or inappropriate. A cat can only recognize that his actions provoked an unpleasant reaction from its owner. Thus, he wants to avoid repeating them to stay safe. 

How do Siamese Cats Act When They are Embarrassed?

Embarrassment in cats is hard to recognize due to their ability to mask their emotions. Cats can’t tell you why they’re feeling the way they do, but understanding their behavior can help us determine if our pet is feeling shy or uncomfortable. 

1. Siamese cats may display a variety of behaviors when they feel embarrassed, such as avoiding eye contact, staying quiet, leaving the room, or crouching down low. These body language signals indicate that your pet may be feeling uncomfortable or apprehensive in whatever situation she’s currently in. 

2. Your Siamese cat is feeling self-conscious or scared about something if she seems to freeze into a salute-like position or quickly turn her head away from you. 

3. Another behavioral indicator of embarrassment in Siamese cats is hiding under furniture in the house. This could be because your cat doesn’t want anyone noticing her behavior out of shame. Perhaps she’s done something wrong, like knocking over vases or spilling food on the floor. 

My Siamese cat, Batman, always seems to be uncomfortable. He’s always trying to find a new spot no matter where I place him. 

I remember one time when Batman was especially uncomfortable. He refused to go outside and enjoy the nice weather with me. He just stayed inside my bedroom, constantly meowing for attention. I tried my best to give him lots of pets and scratches, but nothing seemed to make him happy. 

Batman just needed some time alone. He started to relax and curl up on his favorite spot after a few days of restlessness. 

4. Some Siamese cats may start excessively grooming themselves, which can signify feelings of distress. Meowing loudly may also indicate that your cat needs some calming reassurance from you, since she doesn’t know how else to express what she’s feeling inside.  

5. Siamese cats might also engage in playful behaviors such as batting at objects or pouncing on toys as a way of avoiding awkward situations. Your cat is trying to distract itself by playing around. 

Do Cats Know When You are Laughing at Them?

Cats don’t know when you are laughing at them. They may respond to your laughter with confusion and even fear. This is because cats likely cannot comprehend the concept of laughter. 

Cats need to possess a high level of cognitive skills for them to understand that you are laughing at them. They would need to understand that when a human laughs, it means they find something humorous or entertaining. However, cats don’t have such an advanced sense of humor and thus, cannot fully decipher why humans laugh in certain situations. 

I was just sitting in my chair when my Siamese cat, Robyn, walked up to me and started meowing. I looked down at her, and she just kept meowing. I assumed she wanted me to pet her. 

She started scratching me with her claws as soon as my hand touched her! I recoiled in pain and laughed out loud. My cat just looked at me like she had no idea what I was laughing about. 

Do Siamese Cats Remember If You Annoy Them?

Siamese cats are quite sensitive creatures who take cues from their owners. They will remember the person who is consistently annoying or irritating them and will be wary of that person in the future. 

Siamese cats have excellent memories and will remember people who have wronged them, but they still have short-term memory too. This means that a Siamese cat won’t hold a grudge against someone if something happens once and there’s an apology given. 

Note that not all Siamese cats respond in the same way. Some may simply retreat, while others may become aggressive as a defense mechanism. 


It is impossible to know if Siamese cats can feel embarrassed or not, but the likelihood that they do is quite low. Cats may exhibit behaviors that suggest embarrassment, but this is likely due to their natural instinct to hide or flee when feeling threatened. 

Anthropomorphism of our pets can often lead us to assume that our cats are feeling emotions similar to us humans, when in reality this may not be the case. Thus, more research needs to be conducted into this topic before drawing any firm conclusions about the emotions of our feline friends. 

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