25 Fun Activities Your Siamese Cat Loves

Hobbies bring our cats joy and good feelings. They help them get in touch with their feline nature.

What activities do Siamese cats like the most? 

The hobbies of Siamese cats include pouncing, playing with toys, lounging, and kneading. They also love watching TV, scratching, climbing, and playing in the water. Their hobbies give them the ideal opportunity for both fun and freedom.

Siamese cats have many hobbies to relieve stress, unwind, and stay busy so they do not get bored. They engage in these activities for enjoyment and a sense of well-being. 

Read on to discover more about their hobbies!

What Activities Do Siamese Cats Love?

1. Pouncing

I often observe Batman pouncing on nothing. He got this hobby from the same place cats get their urge to hunt. 

Batman jiggles his butt first, then he pounces and chases after nothing.

Siamese cats like to pounce. They pounce as a result of their desire to chase after fictitious prey. Pouncing is a part of their predatory behavior. They pounce to signal that they’re ready for playtime and need their owners’ attention.

You may have wondered why your pet acts like a crackhead 

if you’re a first-time cat parent. Don’t worry, as this behavior is out of excitement for them. 

Allowing your cat to pounce does not encourage aggressive behavior. Pouncing can be as simple as your cat obeying instincts and wanting to chase and play.

2. Playing Toys

Toy play is like hunting in the eyes of our cats. Their desire to play comes from their instinct to hunt.

My cats play with toys all the time! They also have an easy time getting attached to their toys. 

Batman always wants to play if I give him a ball toy, especially one that makes noise. Robyn loves playing with toys made of fur and feathers. She cannot ignore toys wrapped in sisal, either.

Siamese cats need play to thrive. Play is crucial for a kitten’s development and a source of great joy for an adult cat. Toys give them a sense of calm while they play. It also prevents them from becoming hostile and destructive.

Allow your cat to play with toys to release some pent-up energy!

3. Lounging

Robyn loves lounging near windows. She loves to lounge in the sunshine since I made a comfy window perch for her and Batman. 

Cats like to lounge because they believe they must rest after spending lots of energy. They lounge because it feels comforting for them. They also lounge to seek out warmth.

You don’t have to worry if you see your cat often lounging. 

Our cats’ penchant for lounging is normal. They, too, love moments of comfort and hush throughout the day.

4. Kneading

Kneading is an everyday activity in cats. Siamese cats knead for relaxation, muscle stretching, and stress relief. 

Batman likes to knead on my lap or legs almost every night! I giggle whenever I see him concentrating as he massages my legs. Robyn also likes to knead on my legs now. She most likely picked it up from Batman, the “kneading machine”!

Sit back and enjoy when your cat starts kneading on you! You are getting a kitty massage for free! This feline hobby is sure to be good for you both.

I wrote an article titled “Why Do Siamese Cats Knead?” You can read about it here.

5. Watching TV

Ever wonder why your cat loves watching TV so much? I do as well!

Cats love watching TV because they like the images and sounds produced by the screens. 

Some cats will watch almost anything on television. Some are more attentive when they see scenes of animals and hear the sounds they make. 

Batman is super mesmerized whenever he watches TV featuring other cats!

6. Scratching

There are many reasons why cats love scratching. Cats need to be able to scratch. Scratching allows them to express feelings such as excitement or stress. 

They also scratch to mark their scent on objects, a natural, instinctive cat behavior.

Scratching is also a part of how they take care of themselves. It helps cats cut the part of their nails that sticks out. It is an excellent way to exercise their legs, claws, and feet.

7. Climbing

Siamese cats like to climb to get a better view from above, allowing them to locate any threats nearby. They climb because it satisfies their primal needs for attention and security. They often climb to lofty perches to sleep or take a nap.

Most felines have a real knack for scaling vertical surfaces. You can get a cat tree for your furry friend if you’ve got space for one. 

Check out this post to find the best cat trees for Siamese cats.

8. Playing with water

Some cats dislike water, but not Siamese cats. Siamese cats love being in the water. Water play is most likely a form of exploration for them. 

Playing with water is an adaptive behavior inherited from their wildcat ancestors. Water sources, such as running water and waterfalls, were usual hangouts for wild cats.

Cats like things that move, and water is one of them. They love playing with water because it seems like a fun and non-threatening toy. They also like to play in running water because it makes them feel safe.

9. Zoomies

Ever seen your cat bounce off the walls, jump on nothing, and climb the curtains? Well, he is doing the zoomies!

Your Siamese cat releases pent-up energy by racing around your house at top speed. It looks fun, but it might get annoying if he starts knocking over decor and other things of value.

Establishing a playtime schedule is one way to lessen your cat’s zoomies. You can help him learn when it is appropriate to play and when it is not by setting up regular playtime.

10. Hiding in boxes

Siamese cats love sitting and hiding in any box that fits them. They hide in boxes because doing so makes them feel more secure.

I had a Siamese cat named Cleo. I bought her many toys, but she always played with them and hid them in cardboard boxes. 

Our cats’ endless desire to play and hide in cardboard boxes comes from the fact that they have such a unique feel.

Hiding in a box helps your cat feel in control and secure. It helps your Siamese cat assess his surroundings from a fun, safe, and cozy location.

11. Vocalizing

Cats can change the tone of their meows to communicate with their owners. They do this by changing the pitch and duration of their meows. 

Cats meow to their humans when hungry, uncomfortable, or need attention. They express their desire for cuddles or petting through vocalization.

Your cat likes to vocalize as his way to share his emotions with and receive feedback from you. 

12. Play fighting

Play fighting is a normal and healthy thing for most cats to do. It helps cats learn the social skills they will need as they age.

Indoor cats still need to practice their feline skills. Play fighting allows them to test their mettle and discover their abilities.

You can let your cats play fight as long as they do not get aggressive. Separate your cats right away if the game turns into a full-fledged brawl.

13. Marking their territory

Siamese cats leave marks on their humans, the places they sleep, and their favorite things. They mark their territory by scratching, spraying, or head-bunting.

I often observe Batman playing cheek-rubs and head-bunts atop my desks or beneath our sofa.

Marking is an instinctive behavior and a common pastime for cats. This activity is essential to them. It shows where their territory ends and lets other dogs and cats know that they own this area.

Some inappropriate marking behaviors include peeing in doorways or around the house. They often do this when they feel stressed or become aware of resource competition. 

You may feel frustrated, but do not get too worked up about it. Use positive reinforcement and train your cat not to spray anywhere.

14. Stalking

Stalking is a popular pastime among Siamese cats. Indoor cats no longer need to hunt for food because they have caring humans in their homes. They still have a solid desire to stalk things that look like prey. 

Stalking is their version of deliberate play and is a great stress buster for them.

15. Following their owners

Following their owners is among the most common pastimes of cats. They love following their humans wherever and whenever they can.

Cats love to follow because they must protect us as we are their territory. They also wish to spend more time with us as they love and adore our company.

Most cats may appear independent, but Siamese cats are clingy to their owners. 

My cats follow me and rub their tails or heads on my feet whenever they can. They, indeed, are a caring and affectionate bunch!

Also, I have noticed that they often follow me because they expect to receive food from me. Batman is like a shadow following me when I head for the kitchen.

16. Observing people 

Ever wonder how cats feel about humans? Why do they love watching us? No human in the world can understand what a cat is thinking. 

Cat experts believe that our cats view us in the parental role. Our cats see us as their big mothers. They watch us and pick up knowledge from us.

Siamese cats like humans and learn a lot from us. They pick up on interacting with others, developing trust, and maintaining a positive outlook by watching us. 

Observing people is both entertaining and beneficial to them. They want to learn our routines and behaviors. They also check if we match their personalities.

17. Visiting the bathroom

Siamese cats have an insatiable curiosity for the bathroom. They love exploring it whenever they get the chance.

Cats may view restrooms as playrooms. They can grab towels and robes hung on the wall and play with them. There could not be a more fun playroom for them! There are toilet paper rolls for use as playthings.

Also, Siamese cats enjoy being near water. They can drink clean water from the wash basin or faucet in the bathroom.

18. Grooming

Cats’ most popular hobby is grooming, which can become an obsession. 

They groom to get rid of dirt and fleas on their coats. They also groom and lick to spread sebum to help keep their coat healthy. 

Our cats are spotless animals because of their grooming habits. They feel so much better after grooming.

19. Purring

Purring is an expression of contentment in cats. They communicate their contentment through a loud purring sound. They seem to be emitting waves of calm when they purr. Happy purring is their version of a big smile. 

The soothing sound of your cat’s purr helps him feel better. Purring helps him take deeper breaths when he encounters a stressful situation. Purring can also speed up recovery when he has swelling or is in pain.

20. Stretching

Stretching helps our cats’ muscles to loosen up, especially since they’re sleepyheads. They must stretch after getting up to maintain their muscles’ flexibility.

Stretching promotes healthy blood flow and is a bonus for combatting stiffness. Cats also stretch when they settle into a space with the desire to spend a long time there.

21. Grass munching

Siamese cats usually eat grass to settle an upset stomach. They are aware that grass can act as a natural laxative. They eat grass in an attempt to ease their symptoms of constipation.

Eating grass may mean that your cat lacks certain nutrients and is trying to compensate for that. Grass munching can also help your cat get rid of hairballs.

22. Playtime with their humans

Siamese cats want to play most of the time. They are very active because they resemble dogs more than cats. Playtime also helps them sleep well after. 

Cats need time spent playing to meet their physical and mental development needs. 

Playing with your cat using your hands may be entertaining at first, but they might soon take them as toys. You can avoid getting scratched or bit by using plush toys.

23. Sleeping

Siamese cats love sleeping because it helps them maintain their energy levels. They want to ensure they have enough energy to play and zoom around later. They can sleep at any time during the day in a warm, comfy place.

Cats are famous for many things, including their impressive cat naps. In this article, I talked about how to make necessary adjustments to your cat’s sleep pattern.

24. Exploring

Your cat’s way of beating boredom is to go exploring. Your cat finds things to explore to decrease boredom when you are busy and not present. 

Our cats believe they should have something to do from time to time. They engage with whatever piques their interest and go about examining it.

25. Cuddling with their owners

Among the best parts about their lovable nature has to be their cuddles! Batman has a habit of rubbing against my legs. Robyn is fond of head-butting me.

Siamese cats are famous for being one of the most affectionate breeds. They are always up to show their warm and friendly nature to their owners. 

Cats secrete pheromones in their cheeks to show their love. They do this to mark scent to their owners as their territory. They are so devoted and clingy to their favorite humans. 

Final Thoughts

Hobbies allow cats to spend their time doing something they love. They help them relax and feel better. Hobbies are a gateway to new experiences and knowledge for them. Having fulfilling activities to engage in ensures their free time is fun and well spent.

We gathered all the health tips tailored toward maintaining your Siamese cat’s optimal well-being. Check it out here: Siamese Cat Health: A Complete Guide

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