Best Cat Trees for Indoor Siamese Cats

Most indoor Siamese cats don’t get enough of the exercise and stimulation that they need. The most effective way to meet these needs is with a cat tree.

A cat tree will encourage your Siamese cat to climb, jump, scratch, and play. It can function as a feline gym, and your active cat will benefit from it. Your kitty can also use the cat tree to lounge, nap, and relax.

A cat tree can be a good investment for you and your feline friend, but only if you know what to look for. 

Check out this thread before buying a cat tree! 

Here, we will review the five best cat trees on the market and tell you why they are the best.

What Are The Best Cat Trees For Indoor Siamese Cats?

1. Best Modern Cat Tree: Vesper High Base Oak

Material: Engineered wood and faux fur

Best features: Cozy hideaways, multi-leveled observation platforms

Vesper High Base Oak Cat Tree stands about 4 feet tall and has a 22 x 22-inch base. It has Sisal-wrapped legs, which provide many areas to scratch. 

The cat tree features a cozy cubby and three platform perches, each with a nonslip topper. It has a hanging toy that also satisfies a cat’s natural need to fidget. 

This stylish modern cat tree is my most recent buy. 

I like how the natural oak color complements my home decor. It is also simple to clean. 

I adore the design of this product. It also takes up little space! I’m sure your cat will love the warm and inviting look of the cubby. It has soft memory foam bed cushions. The cute little cubby in the cat tree is Robyn’s favorite spot to nap.

Batman jumps, pounces, and plays on it all the time. The dangling toy is perfect for his enthusiastic personality. Your cat will enjoy it for sure!

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2. Best for Budget: AIWIKIDE 002G Cat Tree

Material: Compressed wood base board, faux fur

Best features: Best for budget, natural jute posts are durable.

This cat tree is an excellent, low-cost option for scratching opportunities. It is also effective for letting your cat enjoy the pleasures of window-watching.

AIWIKIDE 002G Cat Tree stands 3 feet tall and is pretty easy to put together. It has three levels that provide a comfortable setting for your cat’s nap preferences. The top platform is large enough for your cat to observe his domain and feel like a boss! There’s also a hanging ball for extra cat entertainment.

I needed to find an affordable cat tree that would help me solve Batman’s scratching issue. He kept scratching up any furniture he could get his paws on. I was concerned about our furniture, so I bought this last year. 

My friend Jas, who has five cats, recommended this as the best budget cat tree for long-term scratching. It sure did not disappoint! 

Check current pricing here.

3. Best for Many Cats: CozyCatFurniture Extra Large Cat Tree

Material: Engineered wood and plush

Best features: Plush covering, plenty of spaces, perfect for many cats

CozyCatFurniture Extra Large Cat Tree is the best cat tree if you have more than one cat at home. It stands 73 inches tall and weighs 70 pounds. It boasts plenty of platforms and scratching posts. 

This cat tree has everything a cat parent could want for their pets! It has two houses and three top perches. 

There are ten sisal scratching posts to prevent your cat from damaging furniture. It also has a pocket on the side and three hanging balls. 

My cousin Emma, who has five adorable fur babies, said cleaning it was not too hard even though it was extra large. I have four cats now, and I am saving up to buy this cat tree soon!

Check out the product here.

4. Best for Siamese Kittens: Catry Felt Cat Tree & Tunnel

Material: Soft carpet, plush, and paper rope

Best features: High-quality carpet, plush fabric, innovative design platforms

This cat tree is perfect for playful and sleepy kittens. It’s also perfect for medium-sized cats. 

It combines carpet, paper rope, and plush fabric and has become an inviting cat playground.

Catry Felt Cat Tree stands at 49.8 inches and has many platforms with intelligent designs. The two scratching posts are super friendly for your cat’s paws. They are large paper ropes instead of traditional sisal.

This cat tree was a gift for my previous cat, Cleo, from one of my closest friends. It was easy to assemble, and Cleo was quite content with it! I was so in love with its natural brown and blush color.

Cleo liked to play and scratch on it. She was super fond of the top tunnel. Cleo was always napping at its lower half tunnel. She went up and down whenever I played with her with treats involved.

Check the current pricing here.

5. Best All-Around Cat Tree: Rabbitgoo 61″ Cat Tree Tower with Condo

Material: P2-grade particle wood and faux fur

Best features: Strengthened base plates, anti-toppling set, certified P2 grade board.

Rabbitgoo 61″ Cat Tree is the best for your cat’s rest and recreational needs! It comes with a condo and a top perch. The top perch is 30 cm in diameter, so your cat can chill with a better vantage point. The condo interior is spacious enough, about 34 x 40 cm, to house your kitty for his nap time.

The cat tree stands at 61 inches and weighs 35.3 pounds. It has reliable, steady bases. 

The base plates are super thick to ensure the most stability. Your cat won’t wobble, thanks to the included ladder. 

The cat tree has sisal posts that help control nail growth. The scratching post is about 7 cm thick.

The plush covering is a top feature of this cat tree. 

This cat tree has a high-density wood board to ensure that your cat can play, jump, pounce, and sleep.

This cat tree meets functionality and aesthetics! It’s my favorite cat tree ever! 

This cat tree has been with us since 2020. I bought it after my vet and fellow cat parents recommended it! I love its modern design and light gray color. I also love how plushy its faux-fur covers are. 

My daughter said it’s an excellent piece of cat furniture! Batman’s favorite part of the cat tree is the spacious luxury condo. It’s his go-to hideaway! He also likes hanging out on the top basket situated near the perch.

You’ll likely see Robyn at this cat tree’s bolstered top perch during the day. She has loved to lounge there for a very long time. She also has this habit of going to the top perch every afternoon between 3-4 pm to have a fantastic world view.

Check the price here.

What Should I Look For When Buying A Cat Tree?

You should consider these points when looking to buy a cat tree:

1. All the cat tree’s materials must be safe for cats. 

2. Your selection should include materials that your cat enjoys scratching. For instance, sisal rope, fabric, carpet, and cardboard.

3. Prioritize your cat’s resting preferences. Where does your cat like to sleep? For example, shallow places to sit, places to hide, and soft covers.

4. Select a cat tree that can accommodate stretching and long-term scratching.

5. Choose a design and level count for the cat tree that is appropriate, fun, and safe for your cat.

6. Do not pick a multi-level cat tree if your cat is currently experiencing mobility issues.

7. Think about how tall and big your cat is when deciding the size of the cat tree. 

8. The cat tree should be large and tall enough for your cat to stretch out and move around in it. 

9. The cat tree should have plenty of climbing and lounging space if you have more than one cat.

10. The cat tree’s platform and hammock must be easy to reach so your cat can relax without trouble.

What are the Benefits of Buying A Cat Tree?

These are a few of the great reasons why you should get a cat tree:

1. Your Siamese cat will have a better view of what is going on in your home. He’ll be able to survey his territory with greater ease.

2. A cat tree can give your cat a better vantage point. Your cat can see what’s happening around your home as he looks for potential prey. 

3. Having a cat tree means your cat will have many more places to scratch and rub.

4. Scratching posts are a common feature of cat trees. Gifting your kitty a cat tree is an excellent way to keep his nails from growing too fast.

5. A cat tree offers various activities when your cat feels bored and has a lazy day.

6. Your Siamese cat knows there are cubby holes, hammocks, and deep beds in the cat tree. These spaces can help him feel less stressed. Your cat can go there whenever he wants to feel safe and secure.

7. A cat tree is ideal for your cat’s morning stretches. Your Siamese cat will be glad to have a stretch as soon as he wakes up.

8. Adding a cat tree will give your cat more space to enjoy. It will make your Siamese cat feel better when he has more personal vertical space to explore and relax in.

9. Buying a cat tree can help stop unwanted behavior, such as scratching furniture.

10. Putting up a cat tree can give your cats a way to get away from each other if you have many pets. It is also a fantastic way to keep them from fighting if one of the pets gets aggressive.

Thank you for reading! I hope this list is helpful to you!

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