Why Are Siamese Cats So Crazy?

When describing our feline friends, words that come to mind are usually “aloof” “laid-back” and “mellow.” It’s not usual you’ll hear the words “energetic” “exciting” and “crazy.”

That’s where our lovable Siamese cats come in, ready to break all those kitty stereotypes. These cats are hyperactive by nature, their sometimes unruly energy can come across as “crazy.”

Those who are not experienced with the Siamese breed may think this behavior is unusual and possibly a cause for concern. However, Siamese kitties essentially never grow up! They’re always in that kitten-like, playful state. 

Siamese cats aren’t crazy, they’re just “crazier” than your usual moggie!

Are Siamese kittens crazy?

That’s almost like asking “are toddlers crazy?” – of course! During the first 6 months of your Siamese’s life (or any kitten’s life), they’ll be crazier than ever. This is normal, and it’ll be rather hard to predict their behavior during this time. Much like a child, everything will be interesting and seem like a game to them; they’ll be bouncing around your house without any rhyme or reason!

Kittens, much like many other younger mammals, are using this “crazy” behavior as a form of learning. Jumping, biting, chasing, and exploring their environment are a few ways in which they learn how to be an adult. While most of it is fun and games, there is definitely a predatory nature to it.

During this time, it’s important to spend as much time with your Siamese as possible! It’s important for both you and your cat to create a strong bond. After 6 months is usually when cats begin to calm down, you’ll notice them playing less and sleeping more. Well, this is true for “normal” cats anyway. Siamese kitties never seem to grow out of their toddler faze and they’ll be zooming around the house all hours of the day.

When do Siamese cats calm down?

If you’re already the lucky owner of your own Siamese friend, you’re probably well aware of how different they are. There isn’t a cat quite like it; that’s what makes them so special! 

Your Siamese may become slightly calmer as they get older. Kittens are always crazy as we know, but you can expect to see a small difference around 3 years old and again at 8.

This also depends on how healthy your cat is – older cats tend to slow down as they age due to various health conditions. So, if your Siamese has some troubles with their joints, they may slow down earlier than usual.

Siamese kitties have this talent of storing away buckets of energy; seemingly the supply is endless! That’s why they need to be entertained consistently and aren’t ones for being left alone all day. Usually, busy people opt for cats instead of dogs, in hopes they’ll be better when left at home alone.

However, consider the Siamese more dog-like than cat-like. In fact, most Siamese cats are good at getting along with dogs. Simply click on the link to the article to find out more about it.

It’ll be good if you can set aside a dedicated room for your Siamese, filled with all their toys and climbing towers. If not, you may find toys scatted all around the house as you try new ways to keep them entertained. Of course, they’d much prefer it if they own the entire house!

It’s usual for cats to slow over the years, but as stated above, Siamese cats just never grow up. This is one of the reasons they are so popular, families, especially ones with kids, maybe a little disappointed when their cat isn’t so playful anymore. But, a Siamese will always be able to match their energy, whether they’re 5 months or 5 years!

Speaking of kids and Siamese cats
, will they get along? I made a short research about this topic which you can read by clicking on the link.

How do I get my Siamese to calm down?

Ever been sat watching TV and your Siamese decides they want to climb the curtains and bounce off the walls? Well, there is actually a name for this – the zoomies!

This is a way of getting rid of all the pent-up energy that accumulates during the day.

As entertaining as it can be, the zoomies can also be rather annoying and destructive. Pots, furniture, and precious items may get knocked over and broken during your kitties’ rampage. 

One of the best ways to avoid zoomies is to have some structured playtime. Siamese cats are incredibly smart, so they’ll soon learn when is and when isn’t the time for playing. 

Take at least 30 – 45 minutes out of your day to play with your Siamese. To avoid overstimulation, you should split this time up throughout the day.

Remember, Siamese cats love toys that invoke a reaction. Having toys that move, make sounds, or look shiny will be a big hit with your feline friend. 

If you’re searching for the perfect toys, here are my Amazon recommendations: 

Here are some other things to consider when playing with your Siamese:

  • Hunting: Now I don’t expect you to go outside with your Siamese and catch some birds, but imitating the hunt can be helpful. All cats are born with the instincts to hunt, catch and kill. Get yourself a toy that imitates a bird or a mouse and let the chase begin. 
  • Only toys: It’s common to want to get stuck in hands first with your kitty. Playing or roughing them up with your hands or body may be fun at the time, but they’ll soon start seeing your limbs as playthings! To avoid scratches and bites, make sure you’re always using a toy when playing so they know what is and what isn’t okay. Here are a few Siamese cat toys you can consider.
  • Independent play: Having toys that enable your cat to play independently will be great when you’re busy or away from home. Rubber balls are fun and simple toys that they can kick around the house alone.
  • Cooling down: When playtime is over, you should let your feline gradually calm down. Slow your movements and allow them to chill. If you suddenly stop playing, your Siamese may pounce at you since you’re still moving. 

Will spaying or neutering help calm my Siamese?

100%! Having your cat spayed or neutered should always be the first step. It’ll also let them live a much happier, longer life. You may also find your Siamese to become even more affectionate than before when they get spayed.

Female cats won’t have to deal with heat cycles during the mating period (you won’t have to hear them screaming either!) and males won’t mark their territory by spraying all over your house. It’ll also stop the urge they have to escape if they’re an indoor cat.

Having your feline spayed will leave them far more chilled out and friendly towards other pets in the house.

While people tend to spay their pets in fear of unwanted pregnancy, it also helps your pet’s health in the long run. With a spayed male, you won’t have to worry about testicular cancer and females are far less likely to have uterine cancers or infections. 

What products are available to calm my Siamese?

There are plenty of natural and safe products on the market that’ll help your Siamese be a little less crazy. You’ll be able to find them online or at your local pet store.

If your cat seems a little crazy in their new environment, they may just need a little extra help settling in. Cats who are going through a stressful situation may be perceived to be crazy and are in need of calming down.

Sprays and diffusers are a great way to help both you and your kitty out. These products will mimic the pheromones found in your cat (the ones they rub all over you to mark you as ‘mine’) and will let them know their surroundings are safe.

By leaving this scent around your house, it’ll help your Siamese calm down and feel secure. It’ll help a bunch when adjusting to a new lifestyle.

If you’re having an exceptionally hard time getting your Siamese to calm, you can always go to your veterinarian to air your concerns. They may be able to recommend you a product or give you an idea to help your Siamese settle.

So, why are Siamese cats so crazy?

Siamese cats may be referred to as the “crazy” one of the cat family, but that’s because they resemble a dog more than a feline. With the urge to play all day, talk up a storm and bounce off the walls, you may have a hard time keeping up. 

Ensuring your Siamese has enough mental and physical stimulation, however, is the only way to ensure you both get a good night’s sleep.

That being said, if you’re expecting to have a cool, calm, and collected kitty at the end of the day, you’ll have more luck with a toddler.

But, isn’t that what makes life interesting?

Want to learn more about your Siamese cat’s behavior? We have compiled every information you need to navigate through the fascinating world of Siamese cats: Everything About a Siamese Cat’s Behavior: A Comprehensive Guide

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