Do Male or Female Siamese Cats Make Better Pets?

Both female and male Siamese cats make lovable, loyal and fun-loving pets. The personality of a cat depends a lot more on their breed than anything. But there are a few differences you may notice between the two sexes, which may help you decide whether male or female Siamese cats make better pets.

The biggest difference you will notice is when the cat is intact vs neutered. Both male and female felines will act noticeably different, males being more aggressive and females being needier. 

After your Siamese has been neutered, both sexes will mellow out; males becoming a lot more affectionate and cuddly, and females becoming much more relaxed and well-mannered. 

Whether you decide to bring a female or male Siamese into your home, their personalities will bloom and develop depending on their surroundings and your attitude towards them.

What are the differences between male and female cats?

The truth is, the behavioral differences between male and female Siamese cats are incredibly subtle. Much like human children, the personality of a Siamese cat is shaped at a young age and depends a lot on their environment and upbringing – not their gender. 

However, most behavioral differences will be noticed in felines who are yet to be spayed or neutered. Cats with their reproductive organs still intact will act erratically. When the time comes for sexual maturity, your Siamese kitty will undergo several changes and have different urges and actions that differentiate them.

Male Siamese cats that are still intact will become a lot more territorial and aggressive. These territorial instincts will cause your male Siamese to spray unpleasant-smelling urine all over the house. It’ll also be a lot harder to keep them inside as they’ll have a strong urge to escape in hopes of finding a female mate.

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Female Siamese cats, on the other hand, will go through a whole range of emotions. At times they’ll be incredibly lovable and needy, rubbing up against almost everything. Other times they’ll be defensive and moody. Female Siamese cats may also try to escape, but they’re a lot less determined than males. They’ll also be very, very vocal! So, expect them to be screaming all hours of the day.

Many people think the only reason cats should be neutered or spayed is to prevent unwanted litters. While this is incredibly important, neutering your Siamese at an early age will also alter their behavior patterns for good. 

It’ll also put your cats at ease and help them become more relaxed. Feeling the way they do without being able to do anything about it must be incredibly frustrating, so you can’t blame their bad moods!

Does neutering improve cats’ behavior?

Neutering your Siamese kitty at an early age will help eliminate all unwanted behaviors such as aggressiveness, excessive vocalization, and spraying urine. 

Male Siamese cats will become a lot friendlier and sociable after being neutered. Due to the decrease of testosterone pumping through their bodies, you’ll notice your Siamese kitty becoming a lot more mellow.

Here are some of the ways male Siamese cats change after neutering:

  • Territorial tendencies decrease, meaning no more foul-smelling spray.
  • They’ll become less aggressive.
  • Some cats may become less active and more laid back.
  • They’ll crave affection more.
  • The desire to fight other males or cats will decrease. 
  • They’ll feel better about staying indoors. 
  • Muscle mass with decrease.

Female Siamese cats will become a lot more laid back and relaxed after being neutered. As their estrogen levels decrease, so will their negative behavior. 

Here are some of the ways female Siamese cats change after neutering:

  • They’ll become a lot less irritable and restless, and their anxiety levels will decrease. Without hormonal changes, their behavior will be more consistent.
  • They’ll become less aggressive.
  • Female cats who spray won’t do so anymore. 
  • They’ll become a lot less vocal (maybe you’ll finally get some sleep!)
  • Some cats may become a lot less laid back and appreciate their alone time.
  • They’ll feel better about staying indoors.
  • All in all, female Siamese cats will be a lot more passive, resulting in a slightly more reserved character.

Are male cats more cuddly than females?

There isn’t a set answer to this question. A feline’s behavior is affected by a handful of factors, both instinctual and environmental. For example, a well-socialized female or male Siamese will be more cuddly than one that has never had human contact.  

A cat that has been raised around other animals or children will more likely thrive in a large household with other pets, felines, and family members, vs a cat that has grown up in a one-person household.

The gender of your Siamese really has nothing to do with how the environment may shape a grown cat’s behavior. 

That being said, many Siamese owners attest that male Siamese cats are more affectionate than females. This could have a lot to do with their changing attitudes before and after neutering. Since male cats go from being aggressive to more playful and cuddly, and felines go from being incredibly needy to relaxed – male cats may seem more affectionate. 

Felines are often stereotyped as being more aloof and standoffish than their brothers, so their “cattitude” may have a lot to do with it. 

But all in all, there are no real differences between a neutered male and a female Siamese. Both are incredibly affectionate and cuddly, depending on how he or she was raised.

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Do male Siamese cats get bigger than females?

Generally, male cats will become larger than females. Siamese kitties are average-sized and have slender features, males being slightly bigger than females. 

A fully grown Siamese male weighs heavier than a female. Here’s a chart to help you compare them better:

Male SiameseFemale Siamese
Average Length/Height29-35 cm27-31 cm
Average Weight8 – 12 pounds29-35 pounds
  • Siamese kittens (0-6 months) will only weigh around 4 – 6 ounces. With lots of nutrition, they’ll soon grow and develop. 
  • Junior Siamese cats (1-2 years) will be well developed and look “fully grown.” At this stage, they’ll weigh around 6 – 8 pounds.
  • Adult Siamese cats (3-10 years) will weigh around 8 – 12 pounds, while some felines will weigh a healthy 6 – 8 pounds. 
  • Senior Siamese cats (over 11 years) will either maintain their weight or begin to lose it due to illness or old age. Others can also gain weight if they begin to eat more and exercise less. 

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So, do male or female Siamese cats make better pets?

Truth is, gender has nothing to do with a Siamese cat’s personality. If your Siamese cat is still intact, you’ll notice a huge improvement in their behavioral tendencies once they’re neutered.

As long as you give your Siamese enough time and affection, both female and male Siamese cats make wonderful pets.

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