Can Siamese Cats Have Stripes?

Siamese cats can have stripes, and they are quite proud of them, thank you very much! Meet the Lynx Point Siamese. They are the stunning result of the forbidden love affair of a Seal Point Siamese and Domestic Tabby cat.

Lynx Point Siamese cats have stripes around their cheeks, eyes, and legs. Their tails are also ringed with prominent stripes in an array of colors. They are a portrayal of the best both breeds have to offer.

Since when can Siamese cats have stripes?

The cross-breed began during the 1940s when a purebred Seal Point Siamese mated with a Tabby cat. These cats have markings that resemble those of the wild Lynx, though there is no known relation. 

Someone recognized the opportunity right away! They mated one of the kittens with another Seal Point, and the Seal Tabby Point was born. Not purebred, the Seal Tabby Point is sometimes a tenuous part of the Siamese Cat community.

To the American Cat Fanciers’ Association, they are Lynx Colorpoint Shorthairs.  The UK’s Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF) refers to them as the Tabby Point Siamese. Here, we’ll stick with the popular moniker of Lynx Point Siamese.

Whatever you’d like to call them, they are beautiful and come in a variety of colors and hues.  They come in the four Siamese point colors of seal, blue, lilac, and chocolate. And they are also found in hues like caramel. apricot, cinnamon, and that famous tabby red. They almost sound like the 32 flavors of Baskin Robbins – and there is a personality for every flavor!

What about the color black? Is there a black Siamese? Or, can a black cat be part Siamese? Simply visit the link to the article for the surprising answer!

How can I tell if my cat is mixed with Siamese?

The traditional look of the Siamese is colorpoint. This term describes the way the body and face are darker than his ears, feet, and tail.

Color Points exist in a variety of breeds, and the aesthetic is pleasing to many.

My cat, Batman, is a 10-month-old Lynx Point with grey stripes ringing his tan tail and legs.  He sports the same grey stripes on his face.  Their stripes are pale right now but will darken as he gets older.

Some Lynx Points also have the mysterious “mark of Mary”.  The legend is from the Christian tradition. It goes like this: A Tabby cat visited and protected Mary and baby Jesus by the manger, so Mary marked him with an “M”.  If you have one, you will know that they are every bit as protective of us!

And, as everything about cats is circular – think curled up in a ball –  Siamese can also have swirls on their elegant backs. This pattern belongs to the rare Tortie Point Siamese. They can often appear to be blushing, as they have a strong concentration of color in the center of the face. Recognized in 1966 as official Siamese pedigree, they are always female.

What gives a Siamese cat stripes and other patterns?

So what gives a Lynx Point Siamese his stripes? And why is the Tortie Point always female? Get ready for Science 101. Maybe 109.

There are two genes in particular that give the Siamese her distinctive coat.

  • The Himalayan Gene: Siamese cats carry the Himalayan gene. This causes the warmer parts of their body to be more diluted than the cooler parts such as legs, ears, and tails.
  • The Tyrosine Gene: This is an enzyme necessary for the production of melanin, or color. This gene is defective in Siamese cats. This causes pigmentation to only appear on the cooler points of the body.

The interplay between these two genes also has a part to play in the position of the Lynx Point’s stripes.  Notice how the stripes only appear on his legs and tail?

The biology lesson for the Tortie-Point is a little more complicated. Torties always have a prominent orange color, like the Tabby.  This orange gene has to be present in both X chromosomes to cause a full, unicolor coat. Thus, only females can be Tortie-Points.

What is the personality of a Siamese cat with stripes?

If you’re looking for a loyal, laidback companion, you’ve found him. And if you enjoy an intelligent game of, well, cat and mouse, all the better. Because the Lynx Point is nothing if not clever!

He keeps the details of his day closer to the vest. He tells you his secrets with those expressive blue eyes and warm body-language. So if you’d rather a quieter Siamese, this is also the cat for you.

But only if you are also charmed by a lot of personality because this cat can also be a drama queen (or king).  Their usually well-refined manners can slip when they become stubborn and willful.  Hey, if they didn’t also have these characteristics, would they actually be a cat?

A day with a Lynx Point might start out with a game of chase with the cat dancer or a feather toy.  Then you’ll rest with a glass of water. For both of you.

My Batman insists on joining us in everything we do, including drinking out of glasses. This cat is not for the germaphobe.

Batman is the very definition of curiosity. He must know exactly what any of us are doing. He jumps up on the ledge by the kitchen sink and watches us wash the dishes.

He likes to eat pretty much anything we are eating, or at least taste it. He loves chips and sunflower seeds, so we’re thinking baseball might be in his future. When I’m sitting on my bed, he’ll jump up and purr so loud that you can hear him in the hallway.

You might be getting the idea that your Lynx Point doesn’t enjoy being alone.  And you would be right. So before you adopt one, make sure you have the quality time to spend with him.

Can it be dangerous for a Siamese cat to have stripes?

Yes. She makes all the other girls jealous because she has the most popular coat in the feline world.  But as in the human social sphere, there is a price to pay for beauty.  Because, unfortunately, there are people who hunt this gorgeous cat for her coat.

So despite her desire to join you on trips outside, it is better to keep her indoors.  You can take other measures to stand up for the Lynx Point and her similarly-clad friends.  Buy makeup from retailers who boast the label “Not tested on animals”.  And do some background research to ensure their claims are true.  And never, under any circumstances, buy fur!

Want to immerse yourself more in the captivating world of Siamese cats? I’ve got all the information you need from their distinct color points to their fun personalities: Siamese Cats: Unique Features and Personality

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