Why Do Siamese Cats Cover Their Poop?

Siamese cats are on the diligent side when it comes to potty training. They have a strong instinct to cover their poop, which makes them easy to train. Many owners will provide them with a litter box to help meet this instinct. 

However, this can also be a bit of a nuisance if you’re not careful. Siamese cats are known for being rather particular about their litter boxes. They will often refuse to use it if it’s not clean enough for their standards. 

Read on and explore about Siamese cats and the reasons why they cover their poop.

Why Do Cats Cover Their Poop? 

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There are a few theories on why Siamese cats cover their poop. 

1. One theory is that they are trying to hide their waste from predators. Cats are at risk of being attacked by other animals in the wild. It makes sense they would want to cover their waste to avoid being the target. 

It keeps the smell to a minimum when cats cover up their waste. This makes it more difficult for predators to find them. Thus, keeping them safe from potential threats. 

2. Another theory is that they are trying to keep their territory clean. Cats live in small areas in the wild. They need to make sure their space is clean and free of waste to survive. They are keeping their home clean and free of potential hazards by covering their poop. 

It is clear that Siamese cats have a strong instinct to cover their poop. This behavior is likely passed down from their wild ancestors. 

Today, most Siamese cats live in homes where they don’t have to worry about predators or cleanliness. However, they still instinctively cover their poop. So don’t be surprised if you find your Siamese cat covering their waste with dirt or sand. 

What Does it Mean When Cats Don’t Bury Their Poop?

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There are several reasons why cats might not bury their poop. 

1. One possibility is that their mother cat didn’t teach them to do so when they were kittens. This could be because the mom herself wasn’t taught to bury her own waste, or because she was unable to for some reason. 

2. A cat’s litter box is its personal bathroom, and like humans, they like to keep it clean. Cats don’t bury their poop if the litter box is too dirty for them. Cats are picky creatures. They’ll start to look for other places to do their business if their litter box isn’t clean

3. Cats don’t bury their poop if the litter box is too small. Your cat may not have enough room to move around and cover its waste if the box is too crowded. 

4. It can be tough to change a cat’s litter preference. Your cat may be confused about what to do if you’ve recently switched litters. He may not realize where you expect him to do his business. Thus, he may refuse to use the litter box. 

Cats need some time to adjust to the new material. This is more common than you’d think because cats have very sensitive paws. They may not like the way the new litter feels on their paws. Try switching back to your old litter and see if they continue to use the litter box. 

5. Cats don’t bury their poop if there aren’t enough litter boxes. Each cat should have its own litter box if there are multiple cats in a household. Otherwise, the cats might not have enough space and feel like they have to compete for resources. 

6. Another reason cats don’t bury their poop is that they don’t feel comfortable in the litter box’s location. They want a place where they feel secure. They may not feel that way in the middle of a room or in a busy area of the house. 

7. Cats may not have the energy to bury their poop if they’re sick or in pain. Take note and see if there are any changes in behavior. It’s a good idea to take them to the vet to check for any health problems. 

The vet will suggest remedies you can give your cat to help them feel better. You can transition your cat to using the litter box once you’ve handled this problem. 

How Do I Teach My Siamese Cat to Bury Her Poop?

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Cats can be hard work to look after, especially when it comes to their litter box. You have noticed your cat dropping its poop in one corner of the living room. Thus, you might want to know how to train him to bury his poop in the right place. 

Add Litter Boxes

Some Siamese cats may be more independent and not want to share a litter box with other cats. You’ll need to provide more litter boxes in different locations in this case. 

Your Siamese cat may feel that sharing a litter box with other cats is unsanitary. It’s essential to provide each cat with its own litter box if you have more than one cat. They can have their own space without worrying about sharing with another cat. 

Some cats will not use a litter box that does not provide enough privacy. Choose a spot for the litter box that is quiet and out of the traffic area of the house.

Calm Your Siamese Cat Down

Try different methods to reduce your cat’s stress levels. Cats can be hesitant to bury their poop if they’re feeling stressed. Creating a calm environment for your cat may help encourage her to start burying her waste. 

You can buy a calming diffuser to reduce her stress. You can also try to make her feel more comfortable by spending more time with her.

Choose the Best Litter for Your Siamese Cat

Cats can be picky animals. Different cats have different preferences when it comes to litter. Thus, you should experiment with different types and levels of litter. You can start with these cat litters I have tried and tested with my Siamese cats: Best Cat Litter for Siamese Cats

Some cats prefer a softer, fluffier litter, while others prefer a sandier texture. You may also want to try different depths of litter. Some cats like to bury their poop deep, while others prefer a shallower layer. 

There are many different kinds of cat litter on the market. You may have to experiment a little to see which litter your cat likes most.

Choose a Comfortable Litter Box

Some Siamese cats prefer a box that is a bit larger or has low sides. Some cats prefer a large box to move around and bury their poop. Others prefer a box with low sides to see what’s happening outside the box. 

Give your cat a box that she is comfortable with. You may be able to encourage her to bury her poop and keep her litter box clean this way. Check out the best litter boxes chosen by my very own Siamese cats: Best Litter Box for Siamese Cats

Use a Reward System to Train Your Siamese Cat

You can try training your cat with positive reinforcement. Reward her when she uses the litter box. You can do this with treats, petting, or verbal praise. 

This may take some time and patience, but it can be effective. Start by placing the litter box in an area that is accessible for your cat. Then, when you see her using the litter box, give her a small treat or verbal praise. 

Over time, she should learn that using the litter box is good and will be more likely to use it on a regular basis. 

You can also use this method to teach your Siamese cat tricks (yes, this is not impossible!). Discover how I thought my Siamese cats to play catch and other tricks here: Teaching Your Siamese Cat Tricks

The Science Behind a Cat’s Poop Covering Habits

There are a few possible reasons why cats might cover their poop. One is that it is a natural instinct from their wild ancestors. Covering up their poop would help keep them hidden from predators in the wild. 

Another reason is that it is a way of showing respect to their owner. They know it is inappropriate to leave it out in the open. 

Hopefully, you’ve learned more about why Siamese cats cover their poop. Thanks for reading! 

Want to learn more about your Siamese cat’s behavior? We have compiled every information you need to navigate through the fascinating world of Siamese cats: Everything About a Siamese Cat’s Behavior: A Comprehensive Guide

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