Why Does My Siamese Cat Ignore Me?

One of life’s greatest delights is arriving home after a tiring day at work to find a happy cat waiting for you. There may be times, though, when your cat is distant and uninterested in you. What could be the reason?

Is your Siamese cat giving you the cold shoulder? 

Your Siamese cat ignores you because he’s upset, sick, depressed, or suffering from hearing loss. 

My Siamese cat, Robyn, always runs towards me whenever I call her name. She’ll play around anytime I am close to her. She often pays attention to me and sticks close. 

Robyn started acting cold and distant all of a sudden. She seemed to have stopped paying attention to me. It left me wondering if she did so on purpose or if there was another reason.

I asked for our vet’s advice, researched, and spoke with other cat parents. I learned several possible reasons why Siamese cats sometimes ignore us.

Do Cats Choose To Ignore Their Owners?

The University of Tokyo confirmed that house cats could hear their owner’s voice. They can be attentive one moment and can be cold the next.

Cats ignore their owners because of their age, emotional responses, and evolutionary history.

Why Does My Siamese Cat Ignore Me?

1. Your Cat Wants Some Alone Time.

Siamese cats also need solitude. They need time alone to recharge and be independent. Some don’t mind being alone for 6 to 8 hours, as long as they’re full and have enough clean water.

They select that time for their “me time” too! Some of their favorite solo activities include self-grooming and exploring the house.

Did you know that when your cat is alone, they have a sense of time? Your cat knows when you’re available for playtime and when you’re busy.

Also, don’t worry if your cat ignores you for several hours. Your furry friend may not be in the mood to socialize sometimes. 

2. Your Siamese Cat Feels Upset.

Some Siamese cats become agitated when their owners ignore them. These cats act cold to show they feel upset and get back at their owners.

Your Siamese cat ignores you because you ignored him first. It’s your cat’s way of showing his displeasure. 

Your cat has begun ignoring you because he feels neglected. Your kitty thinks you do not give him enough care and attention.

Also, your cat is unsure whether your motives for ignoring him are beneficial or harmful. Your furry friend ignores you to express his frustration.

3. Your Feline Is Not Feeling Well.

Siamese cats spend more time alone when they do not feel well. They often become increasingly aloof as illness develops.

Your cat is not feeling well if he wants time alone and has a decreased appetite and abnormal eating patterns. 

Your cat is likely to be lazy and unwilling to interact with you and other humans for the time being. He might spend a lot of time sleeping throughout the day in such cases.

4. Your Siamese Cat Feels Scared.

Siamese cats choose to ignore people carrying something they consider a threat. 

These cats feel anxious around their owners when they sense they hold dangerous things. It makes them feel anxious and fearful.

Your Siamese cat may ignore you and try to escape if you are carrying something scary. 

You might be holding party poppers, dried herbs, or a vacuum cleaner. These things scare your cat. Your kitty will continue to ignore you until he senses you no longer have anything dangerous.

5. Your Furry Companion Feels Depressed.

Your Siamese cat ignoring you may be a sign of depression. 

Low-pitched meows echoing throughout the silence further prove your cat’s depression. You might also see sudden changes in how he moves.

Changes in the house, losing friends, or illness can all cause sudden changes in his behavior.

Your cat may stop paying attention or avoid you if he feels depressed. Your kitty may also appear unenthusiastic and may even disregard his toys. 

It is not that your cat wants to stay away from you on purpose. Your furry friend feels particularly sensitive when he has depression. 

6. Your Feline Is Starting To Feel The Effects Of Aging.

Cats change how they act as they get older. They do not like to ignore us. They do so because they no longer have the energy for prolonged social interactions. 

The older cats get, the more their interest in play and social interaction wanes. Our cats grow bored with activity and interaction as they age.

Your Siamese cat may stop paying attention to you because he feels the burden of his elderly years.

You can go over these possible causes when your cat ignores you. 

Meanwhile, your cat may have hearing loss if you are still unable to identify the causes from above…

7. Your Siamese Cat Can’t Hear You.

Your cat may have trouble hearing if he ignores you after you call his name. 

Your cat hears you when he faces you or begins to move his ears when you call him. 

However, your cat is likely to ignore you and fails to hear you calling his name when he has hearing problems. 

Take your cat to the vet if he always ignores you due to an ear problem.

How Do I Get My Siamese Cat To Stop Ignoring Me?

  • Give your cat the foods he enjoys the most.
  • Offer your kitty some tasty treats.
  • Ensure he follows the same feeding schedule every day.
  • Spend quality time with your cat.
  • Indulge him with plenty of new toys and games.
  • Brush your cat’s fur often.
  • Maintain a consistent cleaning schedule for his litter box.
  • Avoid making any jarring, large movements that could frighten him.
  • Do not try to pressure your cat into coming near you. 
  • Do not grab your cat by force.
  • Ensure your cat gets enough exercise and mental challenge by providing various activities.

Gain your Siamese cat’s trust again with the help of this article I wrote recently.

Final Thoughts

Siamese cats are usually active and affectionate, so it’s concerning when your cat suddenly ignores you. 

There are various reasons your cat may be doing this, such as being sick, angry, or having trouble hearing. There are times when your cat wants some alone time. Other times he wants more care and concern from you.

Keep a close eye on your cat and give him lots of love and attention. Don’t forget to bring your cat to his scheduled vet visits.

Want to immerse yourself more in the captivating world of Siamese cats? I’ve got all the information you need from their distinct color points to their fun personalities: Siamese Cats: Unique Features and Personality

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