What Are Siamese Cats Afraid Of?

Siamese cats have more complex emotions. One of these is fear. They are afraid of anything that looks strange or smells unpleasant. They’re scared of any situation they deem as dangerous and troublesome. 

Their instinct tells them to run away from it and hide out of harm’s way. What, in particular, are they afraid of?

Siamese cats are afraid of balloons, fireworks, and strong-smelling plants. They are also afraid of cucumbers, strangers, and vacuum cleaners. They feel fear and anxiety when they notice changes in their routines and feel lonely for too long.

One reason they display frightful behaviors is because of a threat’s presence. This explains why Siamese cats get wary of and fearful of unusual and foreign things.

I’ve also learned that Siamese cats develop fear because they are both prey and predators. They are middle-level predatory creatures in the food chain. They can hunt small animals. They can also become prey to larger animals.

The fears of your Siamese cat may seem irrational to you, but they are real to him. Your cat may feel like he’s in a tense situation, and all he knows is that he’s worried about his safety. 

It would help if you understood what things and situations frighten your cat. You can help your feline friend avoid those things and keep him from becoming an antsy, scared cat.

This article will discuss what Siamese cats are afraid of and how we can help them feel less fearful.

What Are Siamese Cats Afraid Of?


Siamese cats have sensitive noses, thousand times more reactive than ours. They pick up scent information about where threats are, both on the ground and in the air. They live in an odor-filled world that we can only make assumptions about. 

Siamese cats use their vomeronasal organ to analyze odors and detect threats. The vomeronasal organ sits between the nostrils and the roof of the mouth. They “taste” the air with half-opened mouths with the help of this organ. 

Balloons have unusual scent marks. Siamese cats are, thus, quick to detect a balloon from a considerable distance. 

I brought balloons inside the house for my daughter’s birthday last month. Batman, my Siamese cat, went into a brief trance with his mouth gaping open after seeing the balloons.

Your Siamese cat’s instincts tell him to avoid any strange odor because it may harm him. A balloon contains helium gas and rubber, which gives off an unpleasant odor that bothers him. Your cat will likely run away and find a quiet place to hide when he spots a balloon.


Siamese cats are afraid of certain activities, such as fireworks displays. The fireworks’ loud sound and flashing lights frighten them because they are unpredictable. They believe that fireworks pose a threat. 

My cats, Batman and Robyn, may appear at ease most of the time, but when they hear fireworks, they become terrified. 

Your cat associates the loud noise and bright flashes of fireworks with danger. It prompts your kitty to flee in fear.

Siamese cats also fear fireworks because they associate them with specific negative experiences. It becomes a scary situation for them as a result.

Some cats will try and hide their fear of fireworks. Others will show visible signs of fear. Their pupils dilate, hiss or mutter, and they become restless and look for a place to hide.


Certain plants’ appearances and smells are unpleasant and frightening to Siamese cats. They cannot stand being around herbs or plants with offensive smells. They are wary of any plants with spiky thorns. 

Siamese cats cannot tolerate being in the presence of these plants for long:

  • Basil
  • Eucalyptus
  • Geraniums
  • Lavender
  • Thyme
  • Rosemary
  • Pennyroyal
  • Lemon Balm
  • Wintergreen
  • Rue

The slightest whiff of an odor from these plants in the air is enough to intimidate them. Some cats are hypersensitive. The slightest hint of an odor from these plants in the air can cause them to panic.


Cucumbers strike fear in cats because they remind them of crawling predators in the wild. 

Most Siamese cats flinch when they notice an unexpected cucumber on their side or back. Some of them even jump up pretty high. The adrenaline rush in your cat’s system after the jump scare causes them to panic and flee.

Your Siamese cat sees a cucumber as a snake sneaking up on him. He would likely flee and hide because of his misguided belief that a cucumber poses a threat.

Cucumbers frighten my cats, Batman and Robyn. They are also terrified of bananas. 

It could be because of their snake-like shape. I decided to buy Batman and Robyn catnip toys that looked like a banana and cucumber to ease their fears. They would share the toys during their playtime together. I got Yeowww! Catnip Toy and Petstages Catnip Toy from Amazon.


Cats have impulses that tell them to stay away from strangers. They feel threatened when unfamiliar people enter their territory. They become nervous and scared when some guests visit their owners’ homes. Some will run away when their owners introduce them to new guests.

They are cautious of strangers and need a little socialization first. They need positive human encounters to be sociable before they are eight weeks old.


Siamese cats like quiet time and a predictable routine. The sudden appearance of a loud appliance in their territory can feel threatening.

Vacuum cleaners are noisy and big, causing them to feel scared and intimidated. They produce high-frequency pitches that can cause discomfort in your cat’s sensitive ears.


Any cat will become terrified when he notices sudden changes in his routine. No matter how calm and assured that cat is. Any change in his routine will make him think something is wrong and put him on edge. 

Siamese cats need assurance during the whole process of introducing a new routine. They also need reward training so they no longer feel anxious about the new line of activities.

Your Siamese cat may choose to hide for a long time. He will need some quiet time to relax and learn that there is nothing to be afraid of in the new setting. Check how your cat reacts to the routine you introduce.


Siamese cats are not called “Royal Cats of Siam” for nothing. They are royal cats accustomed to being the focus of everyone’s attention. 

They thrive in the spotlight, as it befits their status as royalty. 

Siamese cats fear being alone for too long more than anything. They get anxiety or depression if they do not get enough care and attention.

This behavior does not imply they are aloof loner types but are emotional due to feeling alone. They need care and support from us to get through this emotional struggle.

Are Siamese Cats Afraid Of Water?

Some cats do not like water. Small amounts of water, even if it does not soak them, can cause a major panic attack. Some cat breeds are famous for being comfortable in the water. 

Siamese cats are well-known for being fearless when it comes to water interaction. They like to play with water, like the Maine Coon and Bengal cats. They may even paddle around in shallow baths when the chance comes up. They can swim, but many choose not to because they are cautious and grow unaccustomed to it.

How Can I Help My Scared Siamese Cat?

Siamese cats prefer to rest in an enclosed space following a fearful encounter. They wish to remain hidden until they have made sense of the thing or event that frightened them.

Provide a safe and personal space for your Siamese cat. Your kitty needs his line of sight blocked from the event or thing he feels afraid of. An enclosed space, such as a box, a bed with a cover, or a cat condo, will make him feel more secure.

I bought the Furhaven Pet House for Batman and Robyn to have a safe place to go when they feel scared or worried. This ottoman footstool folds up into a cozy home for your feline friend.

Start introducing your Siamese cat to different sights and sounds. It will help him become less reactive and manage fearful behaviors as he grows older.

Counterconditioning and early socialization, along with exposure, can help. 

Allow your Siamese cat to set the pace as you help him handle and overcome his fears. Thanks for reading!

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