Siamese Cat Ear Care: A Complete Guide to Cleaning Your Cat’s Ears

Am I supposed to clean my Siamese cat’s ears? 

Most cats who are domesticated at an early age have clean and healthy ears. They do not need to have their ears cleaned basically. 

We can clean our cats’ ears if we observe that their ears have a smelly discharge or odor. You should know how to safely and properly clean a cat’s ears before proceeding to cleaning at home.

In this article, I will discuss how you can safely clean your Siamese cat’s ears. Keep reading to learn how!

1. Prepare and grab together all you need before starting. 

Get these things ready: 

  • Clean towel
  • Cotton balls
  • Ear-cleaning solution
  • Warm water
  • Treats for your cat 

2. Use the towel to wrap your cat around. 

Keep their pointy bits inside and their heads properly poked out. Put him carefully and comfortably in your lap. Position him comfortably. This will take time. Be patient and observe what is most comfortable for him. 

3. Ask for help from a family member during the cleaning time if it’s your first time doing it. 

This will also help not to force your cat too much physically when cleaning. You can gently as well as firmly hold him if you have help. 

4. Decide on what ear to inspect and clean first. Pull the ear flap gently, up direction first, and then slightly down. 

5. Check for any redness and foul odor. Do not overlook any danger signs. 

6. Your cat might have an infection if you see a discharge. Contact your vet if you spot a discharge. 

7. Drip the recommended amount of ear cleaning solution into your cat’s ears. 

8. Massage the base of your cat’s ears using your index finger. 

A mini massage will help loosen up any debris or wax. Stop the massage if your cat doesn’t seem to like it. 

9. Do the same on the other ear. 

10. Let go of your cat’s ear after cleaning. Allow him to shake his head. 

11. Use a cotton ball to blot the ear area dry. Use this to clean the outer area. Leave the ear canal away. 

12. Do not over clean your cat’s ears. This is very important since overcleaning the ear can increase the risk of an ear infection. 

13. Your vet knows best how often you should clean your cat’s ears. Follow your vet’s recommendation strictly. 

How do you know if it’s ear mites or just dirty ears? 

You’ll know that it’s an ear mite issue if the ears let out strong odors. You will notice brown or black coffee-like secretions if yout cat has ear mites. You will also see your cat constantly scratching his ears if he has ear mites problems. 

Can I use Q-tips for my Siamese cat’s ears? 

It is not safe to use q-tips or cotton-tipped swabs in your cat’s ears. It will just push down the wax and debris down to their ear canal which might cause wax build up. 

Can I use baby wipes to clean my Siamese cat’s ears? 

Do not use baby wipes to clean your cat’s ears. It is not recommended by vets. It may be safe for our kids but it is not safe for all felines. The unscented wipes can still have harmful and unpleasant ingredients for them. 

Can I use coconut oil for cleaning my Siamese cat’s ears? 

You can apply a few drops of coconut oil to your cat’s ears. Coconut oil will help clear up any ear infection and soothe itchiness. It will also keep his ears clean and healthy. It will help your cat’s ears away from bacteria and ear mites. They are susceptible to them. 

Can apple cider vinegar help kill ear mites in Siamese cats naturally? 

A mixture of apple cider vinegar and water will naturally help kill ear mites. You can spray it around and inside your cat’s ears. Apple cider vinegar can help, since it has good antibacterial and antifungal ingredients. The solution won’t be effective though on intense ear mites growth. 

What are the best ear cleaner Siamese cats? 

There are actually quite a few vet-recommended cat ear cleaners available. It is best you use a cat ear cleaning solution that is accredited and vet-recommended. 

We gathered all the health tips tailored toward maintaining your Siamese cat’s optimal well-being. Check it out here: Siamese Cat Health: A Complete Guide

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