How to Get a Siamese Cat in Minecraft

Hey there, Minecrafters! Let’s talk about how to get a Siamese cat in the Minecraft world. Let’s get to know all the cute cats in the game as well!

How Can I Get A Siamese Cat In Minecraft?

Step 1: Venture into a Jungle Biome. 

You need to explore a jungle biome to find a Siamese cat. 

Siamese cats can only spawn in jungle biomes in Minecraft. Be on the lookout for this lush and leafy area.

Step 2: Look for Wild Ocelots 

Ocelots are a type of wild cat that lives in the jungle biomes of Minecraft. Ocelots are small, so spotting them at first glance is difficult. They often hide in tall grass. 

Look for any movement or sounds near the tall grasses to find them. Be sure to scout the area thoroughly when seeking them out. 

Step 3: Prepare a Raw Fish and Slowly Approach the Ocelot

Creep up to the wild cat slowly, and make sure you have raw fish in your inventory. Right-click on the ocelot while holding the fish in your hand to tame it.

Step 4: Keep Holding the Fish 

The ocelot will follow you once it smells the raw fish. Keep the raw fish in your hand to keep the ocelot’s interest. This is to prevent the ocelot from wandering off.

Step 5: Wait for the Magic Moment

It takes time for the ocelot to trust you enough. Be patient and wait for the ocelot to transform into a Siamese cat. Here’s a helpful tip: stand still and crouch until the ocelot approaches you. It will speed up the transformation process.

Step 6: Feed the Ocelots More Raw Rish 

The ocelot will approach you more often once it trusts you. The ocelot is comfortable with you at this point. Feed the ocelot more raw fish to speed up his transformation into a Siamese cat.

Step 7: Wait for the Ocelot to Transform 

You can’t force an ocelot to transform in an instant. Be patient during this phase. Wait for the ocelot to transform on its own. It may take some time. Don’t worry. The transformation will happen sooner than you think. 

Step 8: Name Your New Siamese Cat

Congratulations! Your efforts have paid off! Your ocelot has transformed into a Siamese cat! It will now be your loyal companion on all your adventures. 

The cat will follow you wherever you go. It’s a brilliant idea to name it. Choose a name that suits its unique look and personality. 

Step 9: Feed Your Siamese Cat 

Keep your cat well-fed to keep it happy. Raw fish will always keep your kitty comfortable and happy. 

Step 10: Have Fun On New Adventures

Enjoy new adventures with your Siamese cat. You now have a loyal pet to go with you on all your quests in Minecraft. 

What Do Siamese Cats Do In Minecraft?

  • Siamese cats are neutral mobs in Minecraft.

These cats won’t attack you unless you provoke them. They may hiss and raise their backs in a defensive stance as you approach them. They will only lash out if you strike them first.

You can tame them by offering raw fish. They will follow you and even sit down when you stop moving once tamed. You can also give them commands to sit or stand.

Also, you can breed two tamed Siamese cats by feeding them raw fish, resulting in a litter of kittens.

You can make a Siamese cat stand out by giving it collars with different dyes and materials. These collars also serve as a way to identify your cats individually.

  • Siamese cats serve as a line of defense against dangerous mobs. 

One of the benefits of having a Siamese cat in Minecraft is its ability to help keep creepers away. Creepers are hostile mobs that can explode and cause damage to you and your surroundings. These hostile mobs will back off when a Siamese cat is nearby. 

Siamese cats, alongside tuxedo cats and red cats, appeared in Minecraft in version 1.14. They make a valuable and charming addition to the game. You can enjoy the loyalty and protection of having a Siamese cat by your side in all your adventures.

What Is The Rarest Minecraft Cat?

Jellie cat, also known as the Rainbow Cat, is Minecraft’s rarest cat type. The developers added this special cat in version 1.14. It is a tribute to Jellie, a real-life cat of one of the game’s creators. 

Jellie cats are super unique because of their rainbow color look. Many players want to have Jellie cats in their collections! However, it’s rare to come across one!

Players try to find Jellie cats in villages or special events. You should definitely try to get your hands on one of these special cats.

What Are The Types Of Cats In Minecraft?

These are all the types of cats you can spot in the Minecraft world:

1. Black Cats 

These sleek kitties have plain black coats and green eyes. They have a mysterious vibe. Black cats enjoy surveying their domain and sitting on fences and roofs.

2. British Shorthair Cats

These cuddly cats have gray – blue coats and yellow eyes. They have a calm and gentle demeanor. You can often find them lounging in Minecraft homes. They especially want peaceful atmospheres.

3. Calico Cats

These independent cats have white, orange, and black coat patterns and green eyes. They like roaming around Minecraft villages.

4. Jellie Cats

These cats with rainbow coat patterns and yellow eyes are pretty unique. They are the rarest type of cat in Minecraft. Many players wish to have them as pets because of their stunning appearance.

5. Siamese Cats

These sleek cats have cream-colored coats with striking blue eyes. Their brown ears, face, tail, and paws add to their stylish appearance. These intelligent cats love to explore their surroundings. They can also be loyal companions to their owners.

6. Tabby Cats 

These playful cats have orange and white striped coat patterns and green eyes. Tabby cats are always up for a good time. They like running around and jumping in Minecraft villages. 

7. Tuxedo Cats 

These sophisticated cats have black and white coat patterns and green eyes. They like to sit on walls or fences for a long time. They prefer watching the world go by with grace rather than often moving around.

8. Ragdoll Cats

These calm kitties have blue eyes and white coats. They love lounging in Minecraft gardens. They enjoy relaxing in the sun the most.

9. Red Cats 

These playful cats have red-orange coats and green eyes. They are always up for some fun, like the Tabby cats. You often spot them running around and playing in Minecraft gardens.

10. Persian Cats 

These fluffy white kitties with blue eyes have the most laid-back dispositions. You’ll see them in Minecraft homes lounging around most of the time. These cats love to relax and luxuriate in the tranquility of their surroundings.

11. White Cats 

These adorable cats have plain white coats and green eyes. They are inquisitive. You will often spot them exploring the nooks and crannies of Minecraft villages. 
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