How Many Kittens Can a Siamese Cat Have?

I know what you’re thinking, as I’ve shared the same thought in the past.  “How many kittens will my Siamese cat have?”  Us, cat owners are always excited about kittens!

Here’s a spoiler: we can’t be 100% sure how big the litter will be. We can only make a good guess based on the average number of kittens other Siamese cats have had.

A Siamese cat can have between four and six kittens on average. The size of the litter depends on the cat’s age, breed, health, and genetics. Some Siamese cats can only give birth to one kitten. A Siamese cat can have up to nine kittens in rare cases. 

The biggest litter of kittens ever recorded was 19 kittens. Can you guess who they belonged to? To a Siamese/Burmese mix cat! Isn’t that cool? These kittens were born on August 7, 1970, in Oxfordshire, United Kingdom. It’s too bad that only four of them made it. What’s interesting is that fourteen of the kittens were male.

Let’s talk more about Siamese kittens and everything related! 

How many Siamese kittens are usually in the first litter?

Two to three kittens are born in the first litter on average. First-time moms tend to have fewer kittens than the typical litter size. Senior cats, like first-time mothers, often have smaller litter sizes than average.

Can a cat have nine kittens?

A cat can have nine, ten, or even twelve kittens. The cat’s breed, genes, age, health, and ovulation are factors contributing to how big the cat’s litter is.

We had a Burmese cat when I was in my twenties, and I remember how we had to call for help when we ran out of hands in the clinic. Kuna had ten kittens, and two were stillborns. 

Imagine your cat having only six nipples, and her eight kittens are claiming a nipple for their own. Feeding eight kittens strained her health, so I had to share some kittens with another mother cat. 

From experience, I can say the ideal count for the kitten is three to five. It’s for your cat’s benefit.

How do you know the number of kittens your Siamese cat will have?

Are you a happy parent of a first-time mama cat? I’m sure you’re eager to learn how many kittens to expect. 

Though there’s no way to know the exact number, you can still aim for an educated guess.

While it is difficult to tell how many kittens your cat will have, you can consider these few options to get a good idea:

1. Through abdominal palpation. 

Vets can make a good guess by feeling around your Siamese cat’s belly, but it will not be an exact number.

2. How about an ultrasound? 

Well, time for a fun fact! In humans, an ultrasound can confirm how many babies they will have. In cats, an ultrasound can confirm that kittens are in the tummy, but it can’t tell the exact size of a litter.

3. Via an examination with an X-ray.

An X-ray can also give you a better idea of the size of the litter. Still, it can only give you a vague estimation.   

What you should remember: 

Your Siamese cat should not get an X-ray near the end of her pregnancy. Your cat might encounter serious health risks if you do so.

Don’t take your cat to get an X-ray if she is still less than 40 days pregnant. It is to keep the kittens inside your Siamese cat’s tummy safe from adverse health effects.

Here’s a complete guide on how to take care of your Siamese cat during pregnancy: Siamese Cat Pregnancy Complete Guide

What is the “kitten season,” and when is it?

Kitten season is when cats usually mate and have kittens. The kitten season happens every year between April and October. It happens more often during the warm months. It can also depend on where you live and what months are warm there.

The kitten season is at its peak in the spring and early summer. Most kittens are born during these times. Even so, a Siamese cat in heat can get pregnant and have kittens at any time of year.

How old do Siamese cats have to be to get pregnant?

Most female Siamese cats are mature by the time they are 5 to 6 months old. They don’t reach puberty as late as Himalayans do.

A Siamese cat is a “kitten” from birth until it is about a year old. It is best to wait until your cat is no longer a kitten before letting her get pregnant.

What factors affect Siamese cat litter size?

These are the factors that are likely to influence the number of kittens your Siamese cat gives birth to:

1. Your cat’s age

Middle-age Siamese cats produce more kittens than younger cats. As soon as your furry friend reaches her senior years, the number of kittens she can give birth to will decrease.

2. Your Siamese cat’s genetics 

Your cat’s number of kittens depends on her mother’s genes. For instance, if the mother of your pregnant cat had a large litter, your cat might also have a big litter coming.

3. The ovulation period of your cat is longer.

The longer your Siamese cat ovulates, the more likely she is to mate with male cats. More kittens may be born if the ovulation period is too long.

4. Your pet’s general health

Your cat’s condition and general health can affect how many kittens she can carry. An underweight pregnant cat may have higher chances of fetal reabsorption. It can then result in a smaller litter count. Also, a cat with serious health issues may encounter a miscarriage.

5. Some feline infections that your Siamese cat might have.

Feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) and feline panleukopenia virus (FPV) lead to smaller litters. Sadly, these infections sometimes cause the cat to have stillborn kittens.

6. The cat’s breed

Some cat breeds are more inclined to have many kittens than others. 

Siamese, Ragdolls, and Maine Coons are more famous for having big litters than other cats.

What cat breeds have big litters?

Cats with large litters include the following popular breeds:

1. Siamese cats

2. Ragdolls

3. Balinese cats

4. Maine Coons

5. Himalayan cats

6. Tonkinese cats

7. Ragamuffins

8. Burmese cats

What cat breeds birth fewer kittens?

Here are the cat breeds that tend to have fewer kittens:

1. Persian cats

2. Singapura cats

3. Napoleon cats

4. Japanese Bobtail

5. American curl cats

Can you touch newborn Siamese kittens?

You can if there’s a good and valid reason to touch or hold them for a few minutes. It’s best not to touch newborn kittens too often, so they don’t get frightened and distressed.

Do cats eat their kittens?

In some situations, cats may eat their kittens. It is a behavior that feral cats do more often than house pet cats. Other cats eat their kittens if they are born with congenital disabilities or if they are stillborn. 

Most often, stray cats are so stressed after giving birth that they end up eating their babies. It’s something that domesticated cats do less often.

How many Siamese kittens can a mother cat have in a year?

A Siamese mother cat can have 12 to 20 kittens in a year. Pregnancy usually happens three to four times a year, on average.

For the most part, it depends on how old the cat is and her general health. The cat will have fewer kittens than average as he ages. If your Siamese has feline panleukopenia virus, she’s likely to have stillbirths.

Can an old Siamese cat get pregnant?

Siamese cats, unlike humans, can have kittens for the rest of their lives. They do not stop having kittens as they age. It is safe to say that senior cats can still get pregnant.

Here’s another fun fact! Kitty is the oldest cat mother ever who had a kitten. She’s from Staffordshire, England. Kitty had her last kitten when she was 30 years old. She had 218 kittens during her lifetime.

To Wrap It All Up

Waiting for cute kittens to come our way is always fun and exciting! Whether we were right about our guesses or not, what matters most is our cat giving birth without trouble. I hope this post was interesting and helpful for you. Thank you for reading!

Want to immerse yourself more in the captivating world of Siamese cats? I’ve got all the information you need from their distinct color points to their fun personalities: Siamese Cats: Unique Features and Personality

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