Do Siamese Cats Like Hot Weather? 14 Tips for a Comfy Cat

It’s no secret that felines do not do well in cold temperatures. Siamese kitties especially feel the cold due to their thin and silky coats. So, they much prefer the warmth over cold, dull days. 

That being said, Siamese cat’s also don’t bode well in super hot environments. If you live in a hot country, they can easily overheat, especially when kept outside.

Siamese cats have a higher body temperature than you and I, varying from 99.5° and 102.5° Fahrenheit. If that body temperature drops as little as 0.5 degrees, they’re at risk of mild hypothermia. 

The greatest hazard to a feline’s health is humidity, therefore when sleeping you always need to ensure they’re in a warm and dry place.

Luckily, there are many ways to keep your Siamese comfy, even during the coldest and hottest months.

How do I know my Siamese is cold?

Since Siamese cats are vocal creatures, they may go ahead and let you know. However, you need to be extra observant to notice the signs of a cold kitty. 

  • Cold to the touch: The reason Siamese cats have such unique colorings is due to temperature. They have this special gene that causes them to be born all white, and later develop colorings on their nose, tail, paws, and ears when their temperature drops below 100° Fahrenheit. Since these places lose heat first, when your Siamese is cold you’ll be able to feel it.
  • Sleeping on heat sources: Ever been working from home and your Siamese runs directly to your hot charger? Chances are they’re turning to the radiator in hopes to boost their body temperature. 
  • Sleeping in a ball: You may just think that this is one of their comfy sleeping positions, but sometimes it can be a clue that they’re too cold. If they tuck their paws under their body, your Siamese is trying to preserve heat. 
  • Cuddling: Now this one is a shot in the dark since Siamese cats LOVE to cuddle, but constantly being on your lap can mean they’re trying to steal your body heat. 

If your Siamese is suffering from mild hypothermia, signs include:

  • Shivering 
  • Weakness
  • Lack of alertness

If your Siamese is suffering from moderate or severe hypothermia, signs include:

  • Muscle stiffness 
  • Low blood pressure 
  • Difficulty breathing 
  • Unresponsive state 
  • Inaudible heartbeat 

If your Siamese is experiencing any of these symptoms, it’s essential they get treatment ASAP.

How can I keep my Siamese warm?

When humans are cold, we can just throw on a sweater and tolerate the temperature. Unless you’ve got your Siamese a knitted scarf, hat, and mittens – it’ll be a lot harder for them to get through the winter nights. 

Keep in mind that Siamese cats run hotter than we do, so even if you’re not feeling cold, there’s a high chance they may be. 

Here are a few tips to keep your Siamese toasty and warm: 

1. A nice thick flannel

One (or two, or three!) flannel blankets are the coziest material your Siamese can sleep in. Simply place the blanket in their favorite cuddle spot and let them use it how they please. Refrain from wrapping them up burrito style.

2. Keep their bed high

Pop your kitty’s bed on a safe, stable place high up (maybe in their cat tower or on a big, high shelf.) Since heat rises, it’ll help keep them warmer. 

3. Heated bed

The best way to get your Siamese used to a new bed is by buying one that resembles the shape of their old bed. There are traditional beds, donut-shaped beds, one’s with roofs, and open beds. If you get one with a removable cover, it’ll be much easier to wash.

4. More food

In winter, cats burn extra calories as a way to stay warm. Many vets attest to the fact that changing the amount of food depending on the season will help a ton. For example, feeding them less in summer and more in colder months. 

5. More playtime

Your Siamese cat will absolutely adore this idea! Not only do Siamese cats love playing more than anything, running, jumping, and playing will boost their body temperature. 

6. Bring the sunshine in

Make sure you leave your curtains open during the day and place their bed or blanket on the window sill. The sun can do absolute wonders!

7. Sleep together

Nothing is better than a cuddle buddy in the form of a Siamese cat. If you’re worried that your feline is getting enough heat while you’re sleeping, let them share your bed and cozy up to you for warmth. 

How can I keep my Siamese cool?

While cats, especially Siamese, can tolerate heat quite well, they can suffer on especially hot days. 

Here are a few ways you can keep your Siamese cool during a heatwave:

1. Fresh water on tap

Ensure there’s always cool, fresh water available to them is incredibly important since they have to stay hydrated, just like us. When it’s fresh, it’ll urge them to drink more often.

2. Stroke them with a damp cloth

On especially hot days, patting your Siamese down with a slightly damp washcloth or paper towel can help them stay cool.

3. Fans

Box fans are not only great for us, but our fur babies appreciate them too. Place the fan near an air conditioner – or for an extra cooling breeze, place a frozen water bottle in front of it. 

4. Keep the curtains closed

Now we all love to let the sunlight in, closing your curtains can help keep the house cool – and save you on air conditioning bills.

5. Elevate their bed

Now I know I said this helps keep them warm since heat rises, however ventilation is the key on a hot day. You don’t need to place the bed too high, just make sure it’s off the ground. 

6. Roll up the carpet

If you have a tiled kitchen or bathroom floor, make sure the flooring is left uncovered. Your Siamese will appreciate the cold surface in hot weather. 

7. Frozen water

Now this isn’t for them to drink, but rather for their favorite lounging spot. Simply freeze a bottle of water and in the morning you can wrap it in a few towels and place it in their favorite napping place. 

How can I keep my cat comfy in extreme weather?

Siamese cats will always feel temperature differently than us humans do. Remember while we can wrap up in winter or strip down in summer – our kitties don’t have this pleasure.

There are quite a few things you can do to ensure your Siamese stay comfy in extreme weather, such as giving them an extra blanket or two in winter and giving them cool, fresh water in summer. 

Always keep an eye on your Siamese during especially cold and hot days to ensure they’re handling the weather as well as you are!

We gathered all the health tips tailored towards maintaining your Siamese cat’s optimal well-being. Check it out here: Siamese Cat Health: A Complete Guide

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