Are All Seal Point Cats Siamese?

You might think the Seal Point Siamese cat is the only Seal Point cat out there, but that is not the case. Let me help you clear up that misconception.

Not all Seal Point cats are Siamese. Though the Seal Point Siamese is the original Seal Point cat, other breeds can have the Seal Point color. Some cat breeds that display Seal Point coloration include:

  • Snowshoe
  • Ragdoll 
  • Himalayan
  • Javanese 
  • Balinese 
  • Persian 
  • Birman
  • British Shorthair
  • Tonkinese

Seal Point cats have dark brown or brown-black points on their faces, ears, tails, and feet. Their bodies are cream or white. 

They are the darker version of the Chocolate Point cats. You can tell these cats apart by their seal-colored tips and light-colored bodies.

When I got Cleo, my first Seal Point Siamese kitten, I thought Seal Point Siamese cats were the only Seal Points. I later discovered that this classic coloring pattern also exists in other cats.

Seal Point Siamese cats are stunning and elegant cats. With their slim physique and blue eyes, they are beautiful! They have this aristocratic vibe to them. I fell in love with Seal Point cats more and more after having Cleo. 

Though they are not Seal Points, I now have two Siamese cats, Batman and Robyn. I found them in a rescue Siamese group on Facebook. I never regretted taking them in! They’ve been living with us since they were eight weeks old. Their expressiveness is impressive! They are pretty vocal about what they like or don’t like. They make our family happier!

Please keep reading for more facts about Seal Point Siamese cats and what makes them good pets. Plus, you can find more info about some famous Seal Point cat breeds below!

What does “Seal Point” mean?

Seal Point is a coloration pattern for cats. It is not the word for a breed. “Seal” comes in various colors, from dark shades of brown to brownish black. “Point” refers to the reflecting color of the extremities, darker than the rest of the cat’s body. 

The Seal Point color pattern is only present in purebred cats. Like the Siamese and other breeds listed above. There are four primary Siamese color patterns, and one of them is the Seal Point.

What other famous cat breeds display the Seal Point coloring

  • Seal Point Snowshoe

The Seal Point Snowshoe originated in the 1960s. The Snowshoe is still a rare breed due to breeding difficulties. Breeders find it challenging to get the Snowshoe’s ideal head form and ear set. The Snowshoe body type and the genes of the cat’s white boots make it even harder to breed them.

  • Seal Point Ragdoll

Ragdolls’ popularity grew throughout the 1960s. Their colors are cream, lilac, blue, red, and chocolate, along with the seal. They have large blue eyes. 

These kitties are affectionate, calm, and friendly.

  • Seal Point Himalayan

The breed originated in California. In 1948, breeders added Siamese coloring to long-haired cats, creating the Himalayan. They have thick coats, small ears, and big round eyes. They have doll faces and round bodies.

Is my Siamese cat a Seal Point?

Your cat is a Seal Point Siamese if his face, ears, nose, paws, and tail are dark brown. They have sharper markings than the Chocolate Point, Blue Point, and Lilac Point. You’ll also discover that your cat’s fur on the stomach and chest remains light while the back changes from caramel beige to dark brown.

Seal Point kittens are born without the Seal Point markings. Their bodies are creamy, and the pads are pink. In a few weeks, the Seal Point color starts to show. It could take up to a year for the Seal Point color to develop.

Interesting Facts about the Seal Point Siamese Cats

  • Siamese cats were the first to have the seal point pattern.

There have been Seal Point Siamese for a long time. Yet still today, not all seal-pointed cats are Siamese. 

The gene that makes other seal point cat’s color comes from the Siamese cat breed. In 1940, breeders mixed Seal Point Siamese cats with American Shorthairs. That is how the seal point pattern started to spread to other breeds.

  • Both parents must have the Albino genes for the kitten to have the Seal Point color. 

If only one cat parent has the gene for the coat pattern, the kitten won’t be a Seal Point.

  • The bodies of the Seal Point Siamese cats get darker as they age.

Your Seal point Siamese will turn into a brown cat with no white spots when he gets older. 

  • Seal Point Siamese cats gain weight fast.

People think Seal Point Siamese cats won’t gain much weight because they have slim bodies. In reality, they’re more likely to be overweight. 

In 2003, a Seal Point Siamese cat held the world record for being the fattest cat.

  • Seal Point Siamese cats love to play with ping-pong balls!

When I first got Batman and Robyn, the first toy I gave them was a ping-pong ball. They both like to kick it around the house. Batman and Robyn still like it when I bounce a ping-pong ball off the floor or a wall.

  • Some Seal Point Siamese cats are big fans of water. 

Robyn is always ready to follow me when I go to the bathroom. He loves playing with water and hiding in the bathtub.

  • It’s not true they’re cold and standoffish.

They may look aloof and cold, but they love to know what’s happening with the people around them. They want to involve themselves in everything you do.

Are Seal Point Siamese cats high maintenance?

Seal Point Siamese cats are low maintenance on their grooming and general care because of their short coats. I only need to brush Batman and Robyn once a week.

They are high maintenance in attention, care, and playtime. They display needy behavior more other than cats. 

Batman is persistent in demanding attention and wants more active play. Robyn wants more petting sessions during the day. 

Seal Point Siameses require a higher level of care when it comes to stimulating their minds. They are active and intelligent cats. They need to use their energy through play, interactive games, or socialization.

Are Seal Point Siamese cats good pets?

Here are the best reasons why Seal Point Siamese cats make excellent pets:

  • They are affectionate and friendly.
  • They are intelligent and vocal.
  • They enjoy being with other pets.
  • They are great for cat training sessions.
  • They are energetic and playful.
  • They love to be your protector and loyal friend!
  • They are the cat’s definition and beauty, intelligence, and personality.

Be the Siamese Cat expert you always wish to be! From color points to similar cat breeds, discover everything you need to know about their unique charm and characteristics in our comprehensive guide: Siamese Cat Breed: Types, Color Points and Comparison to Other Cat Breeds

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