Why Are Siamese Cats Attracted to Lasers?

Seeing our Siamese cats having some fun with lasers never fails to bring us joy. It is always entertaining to see them try to beat the red light. 

Our cats can have a blast, and we can sit back and enjoy watching them play to their hearts’ content. Why do they like lasers so much?

We will discuss why lasers appeal to Siamese cats in this article. Also, let us examine whether lasers are risk-free or harmful to them.

Why Do Siamese Cats Like Lasers?

Lasers drive our Siamese cats crazy, but why? Why do they think it is worthwhile to catch this moving red dot?

These are the reasons why our feline friends like lasers:

  • Lasers work similarly to super stimuli. Seeing the red dot in motion and different from the rest of the house is what catches their attention at first. 
  • Cats are predatory animals. They have an innate drive to chase and hunt anything that moves quickly. They cannot help but do it because it is in their nature. They believe a laser has a life of its own. They think it is something they should capture since it’s moving.
  • Siamese cats immediately think of a mouse when they see the red light. The zigzagging and changing motion of the red dot awakens their instincts. They instinctively follow it as though it’s a matter of survival. They do not simply follow it because it piques their interest.
  • Our Siamese cats go bonkers for laser pointer toys. They view playtime with lasers as the equal of a “hunting expedition.” They eagerly expect any similar “hunting” activity, since they’ve been living indoors.

What Color Is A Red Laser To Siamese Cats?

Siamese cats overreact when they see the laser’s dot, but this is not primarily due to its red color. Our cats’ eyes are not particularly good at picking up on red. They almost certainly perceive the dot as a yellow or white color. 

Did you know that our cats’ response to the laser is less about the color and more about how it moves? Siamese cats are super fascinated by the laser’s zigzagging dot. Our cats become excited by the fast motion the laser makes, rather than its color.

What Are The Benefits Of Playing With Laser Pointer Toys With Cats?

  • Playing with laser pointer toys is an excellent option if you want your cat to get good exercise. Running after the red dot provides a good workout for him. 
  • Your cat is less likely to become obese, since it’s a good cardio activity.
  • It is a fantastic opportunity to train your cat in coordination and self-control.
  • Your cat will have a good idea with the boundaries you’re setting in your home.
  • Playtime with lasers is also a nice change of pace for him from being a house cat all day. 
  • There is no doubt your cat likes to play with lasers. Time spent with laser pointer toys will improve his mood throughout the day.
  • It makes your cat feel fantastic and pleased, especially if he has been playing with toys that do not move.
  • It is an excellent way for your cat to hone his natural hunting and prey-driven instincts.
  • Your cat will regard you with great respect and affection. Your kitty appreciates that you’re allowing him to indulge his natural hunting instinct.
  • Having fun with laser pointer toys can be a great way to keep his mind active. It makes it easier for you to provide your cat with healthy mental stimulation.
  • It is a fantastic way to connect and strengthen your bond with your cat. It will be fun for you and your cat to play with this.

Can Lasers Cause Insanity In Siamese Cats?

It is a myth that playing with a laser pointer can drive our feline friends insane. This idea is from some who have seen their cats becoming aggressive after a long game of lasers. 

The issue is that cats feel anxious and frustrated when they try to chase the laser, but can’t catch anything. This scenario occasionally results in aggressive behavior, which you can avoid by:

  • Giving flavorful treats after the time spent playing.
  • Using the laser’s red dot leads them to a secret treat they can enjoy at the end of the game.
  • Avoid pointing the red light at anything fragile on the cabinetry and furniture.
  • Aiming the laser at a scratching post so he can amuse himself before continuing the game.
  • Aiming the laser point at his favorite toy or plaything as you are about to end the game.

Use these strategies for your cat. Your feline friend will have the impression that he has finally won the reward he’s been chasing for so long.

Is It Cruel To Play With Your Siamese Cat Using Lasers?

It is not cruel to play laser games with your cat. You simply need to get your hands on some cat-safe laser pointer toys for a safe playtime session. 

Remember that some lasers are safe for humans but not for animals. Exercise caution when selecting a laser pointer toy. 

Here are some safety precautions to keep in mind when playing with laser pointer toys with your cat:

  • Play short games of lasers. Please do not wait too long; your cat might get too excited and start acting aggressively. 
  • Pick laser pointer toys with a low-wattage light if you want to play with them.
  • Keep the red light away from your cat’s eyes at all times. Avoid pointing it in any direction near his eyes. Please do not point it out in your own eyes as well.
  • Always reward your cat with tasty treats when the game is over. Your Siamese cat doesn’t feel bad that he didn’t catch anything despite his best efforts.
  • Put the laser toys somewhere safe where your kids and cat can not get to them after every playtime session.

To Wrap It All Up

Siamese cats like to play with lasers, without a doubt. We can let them enjoy this activity as long as we use cat-safe laser pointers. Our top priority whenever we play with them using laser pointer toys is their well-being. It is best to play for a limited time as a general rule. 

Feel free to get creative and think up new exciting games to play with the laser pointer toys. Make each round of your laser game as short, safe, but sweet as possible. Remember to keep the red light away from their eyes. We must always put their safety first.

Thank you for reading! I hope this article is helpful to you.

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