What to Feed Your Siamese Cat When You Run Out of Cat Food: 29 Best Alternatives

Have you ever checked your pantry, discovering you’ve run out of cat food again? Same here! It happens to me sometimes. You must act fast, so your Siamese cat doesn’t go hungry for too long.

Time to check what’s left in the pantry! A few cans of tuna, some raw chicken, or a bunch of veggies? Don’t worry! You can use them as alternatives! 

There are actually many options in the kitchen and fridge. You can try meat, fruits, and vegetables when you run out of cat food. 

I’ll give you some great ideas to get you started!

What Do I Feed My Siamese Cat When I Run Out Of Cat Food?

Here are 29 foods you can safely feed your cat as a temporary alternative:

1. Cooked chicken

Cooked chicken can serve as an alternative to cat food. It’s a good source of lean protein. 

Chicken meat is good for your cat’s vision and reproductive system. It is beneficial for your cat’s bones and teeth. It is also good for your cat’s kidneys and liver.

You can feed chicken meat to your cat as long as you boil or cook it thoroughly. The meat should be white inside and not too hot before serving it. 

Discard the chicken’s skin, though. It is pretty fatty and not healthy for your cat. Be careful not to feed your cat raw, undercooked, or spoiled chicken meat. It can make your feline friend sick. 

2. Cooked turkey

Turkey can be a good alternative for cat food. It has many nutritional benefits for cats. 

Turkey’s meat is rich in vitamin B, magnesium, and phosphorous. What’s better about it is it has low calories and fat.

The next time you celebrate Thanksgiving, give your cat pieces of turkey too! Roasted turkey is one good treat for your furry friend.

You can let your cat eat turkey meat if you cook it properly at 165 degrees. Remember to offer your cat small amounts of turkey.

Do not ever feed your cat raw turkey. Raw turkey meat contains many bacteria. It won’t do any good to your cat.

3. Cranberries 

My Siamese cats love cranberries! I think they inherited their love for it from me! I like cranberries too. Cranberries are tasty. They can also help prevent urinary tract infections in cats. 

I usually give Batman and Robyn some unsweetened cranberry juice as a weekly treat.

Cranberries are a tasty treat but don’t give too much. Make sure to offer in small amounts and choose the unsweetened variety. You don’t want to upset your kitty’s stomach.

4. Bananas 

Most cats like bananas. They are a healthy treat for them. Bananas have potassium and fiber, which can benefit your cat’s health. You can give your cat a banana as an alternative if you’re out of cat food. 

It is more likely that your cat will enjoy more of it as this is quite tasty for him. But offer small amounts only. 

Bananas are high in sugar. Our cats don’t need too much sugar in their bodies. Always keep moderation in mind.

5. Cooked mackerel

Mackerel is an excellent source of protein. Your cat needs a regular dose of protein. Mackerel is a good alternative when you run out of cat food.

Mackerel is rich in amino acids. It will make your cat energetic and happy for sure. A small serving of mackerel is healthy and flavorful enough.

Please do not give it raw. Do not cook it in spices, either. You can boil, bake, or grill it before serving.


6. Cooked rice

Cooked rice is a bland and easily digestible food. It can serve as an alternative to cat food. 

Also, cooked rice can benefit your cat with an upset stomach or intestinal problems.

Rice is a good source of carbohydrates. It can provide your cat with good energy throughout the day.

Feed your cat cooked rice in moderation. Cooked rice can give an energy boost, but it can’t be a long-term replacement for protein-rich cat foods.

Boil the rice until it’s fully cooked and soft. You can serve it plain. 

Mix it with some boiled chicken pieces for added flavor and protein. Also, you can include small amounts of cooked vegetables to make the meal more delicious.

7. Boiled and mashed squash

Squash is a healthy vegetable that your cat can enjoy. It’s an excellent source of fiber, vitamin A, and potassium. 

Mashed squash can serve as an excellent alternative to cat food. 

Boiled and mashed squash is among my Siamese cat’s favorite treats. I serve this to Batman as a snack. I often mix the squash with his regular cat food.

Remember to wash the squash and remove the seeds before boiling. Cut into small pieces and mash them until the texture is smooth.

8. Boiled and mashed potatoes

Potatoes are another vegetable that can serve as an alternative to cat food. 

Potatoes contain vitamin C and potassium. They also have carbohydrates and fiber. 

Your cat can eat boiled and mashed potatoes in moderation.

Wash and peel the potatoes as you start the preparation. Cut them into small pieces and make sure they are soft. Drain the water and mash the potatoes. Keep on mashing until they are smooth.

You can serve this to your cat as an occasional treat. Mix it with your cat’s regular food for more flavor and variety.

9. Canned baby food (vegetable ingredient)

Do you have a toddler? Do you have some extra jars of vegetable-based baby food on hand? 

Surprisingly, baby food can be a convenient alternative to regular cat food. 

Canned baby food has the benefit of being pre-prepared. It typically contains no added salt, sugar, or spices. 

I often mix a jar of baby food with some boiled rice to make it more delicious for my cat.

Most baby foods are suitable for cats, but you should make it a habit to check the label first. Always check the label to ensure it contains no strong flavor or spices.

Canned baby food can be a great option for cats in a pinch. Do not rely on it long-term, though. It is not an ideal replacement for regular cat food. 

10. Canned sweet potato

Did you know that sweet potatoes are suitable for your cat’s diet? Use this when you run out of cat food.

Sweet potatoes have vitamins A and B6. They are also rich in fiber.

Check first if the canned sweet potatoes have added sugars or preservatives. Some brands have added sugars to them. It may harm your cat’s health.

Introduce this new food slowly and in moderation if it’s your cat’s first time eating it. It might cause digestive trouble if you let your kitty overeat it.

I often mix the canned sweet potatoes with some boiled chicken for some variety. 

11. Cooked eggs 

Cooked eggs can be an alternative to cat food. It is an excellent source of protein. You can scramble the eggs or boil them. Peel the shell and mash the eggs before serving it to your cat.

Remember not to add salt or seasonings to the eggs. Seasonings are harmful to your cat’s health.

12. Plain yogurt

Plain yogurt can help improve your cat’s digestion. You can give your cat a small amount of plain yogurt when you run out of cat food. 

Do not offer yogurt if it contains sugar or artificial sweeteners. Check the label before offering this delicious treat to your cat.

13. Unsweetened applesauce

Unsweetened applesauce can be a healthy treat for your cat. One of my Siamese cats, Robyn, loves having this as a snack. You can give your cat unsweetened applesauce if there’s no cat food left.

There are applesauce products that have added artificial sweeteners. Make sure to give the one with no sugar at all.

14. Cooked salmon 

Most cats love salmon. They can’t say no to this special treat! Cooked salmon has omega-3 fatty acids. These are good for your cat’s coat and skin.

Cooked salmon can serve as a perfect alternative to cat food. Make sure to cook the salmon thoroughly. Remove the bones and other parts your cat could choke on.

15. Cooked turkey necks 

Cooked turkey necks are a good source of calcium and protein. You can use it when there’s no cat food left.

Cook the turkey neck thoroughly. Remember to remove the bones. Also, feed your cat this in moderation. Turkey’s necks are high in fat.

I don’t include bones and other solid parts in the serving. I want to ensure my cat won’t choke on anything while enjoying the food. 

16. Cooked turkey/chicken liver 

Turkey liver and chicken liver are nourishing treats for your cat. You can give them to your cat in moderation. Turkey’s liver is rich in iron and zinc. Chicken liver is rich in protein and minerals.

Try giving your cat cooked turkey or chicken liver with cooked rice. Your kitty will surely like it! Boil them first, mix them with the rice, and only give your cat a small amount.

17. Cooked chicken gizzards 

Cooked chicken gizzards are a nutritious substitute for cat food. They are high in protein. They also have iron and vitamin B12. 

Remove the outer membrane before cooking the gizzards. Your cat will chew and digest the food much easier without it.

18. Cooked beef tripe 

Your Siamese cat can also enjoy cooked beef tripe. Beef tripe has loads of protein. It has calcium and vitamin B12. 

You can mix it on cooked rice to make a tasty meal for him. 

Make sure the tripe is fully clean before cooking. Cook the right amount and serve it above cooked rice to your cat. 

19. Cooked chickpeas and lentils 

Cooked chickpeas and lentils can be good alternatives too. They are good plant-based protein sources. Your cat can eat them fresh. 

Rinse the chickpeas and lentils thoroughly. Remove any dirt or excess salt before feeding them to your cat.

20. Cooked canned corn 

Do you have cooked canned corn in the pantry? Cooked canned corn is safe for your cat to eat in moderation. 

Corn on the cob is not a good alternative, though. Your cat might choke on it. Raw corn is also problematic for your cat to digest. 

Go for the cooked, canned variety (no preservatives added) if you wish to give your cat some corn a treat.

21. Fresh tuna or canned tuna in water

Canned tuna in water can be an alternative to cat food. 

You have to be careful before picking canned tuna as an alternative. Check the label and ingredients on the can. Do not ever use canned tuna in oil. It has too much sodium.

The safest option is to feed your cat fresh tuna. You can go for canned tuna packed in freshwater only in small amounts if it’s the only one available.

I occasionally serve chunk-light tuna to my cats in tiny amounts.

22. Watermelon

Watermelon is another fruity treat that your cat can enjoy. You can give this in the meantime while you wait for the cat food delivery. 

Watermelon can help your cat with hydration. It also has vitamins A, and C. Remember that the watermelon seeds can be a choking hazard. Remove all the seeds before serving them.

23. Persimmons 

Your cat is sure to love this treat! Persimmon is a sweet and juicy fruit. They have vitamins A and C. 

Remove any seeds before giving the fruit to him. Discard the seeds, as they can cause digestive problems for your cat. Be sure to keep the serving small.

24. Strawberries 

Strawberries are not only delicious but also nutritious for cats. They contain antioxidants. They are also low in calories.

Keep the serving small if you’re giving your cat some strawberries. The fruit has high sugar content. 

You should give them to your cat in moderation. Moderation is key. Our cats should enjoy the treat without any worries about health issues.

25. Cooked peas

Peas are safe and healthy foods. They have vitamins A, and K. Cooked peas can substitute for canned cat food.

Peas are good for your cat’s immune system. They are also beneficial for his eyes and skin.

You can feed cooked peas to your cat once a month. Remember not to feed your cat canned peas. Canned peas have added salt and preservatives that can harm your cat’s intestines.

26. Apples without seeds 

Apples without seeds can be a healthy snack for your cat. You can give them to your kitty while you wait for the cat food delivery. 

Apples have fiber and vitamin C that can help keep your cat healthy.

Remove the core and the seeds before giving the fruit to your cat. The core and seeds contain small amounts of cyanide, which can harm your cat.

27. Cherries without pits 

Cherries without pits can be a delicious treat for your cat. These juicy fruits have vitamins A and C. My cats love them! 

Please don’t give the pits since they contain cyanide and can be a choking hazard.

You can give this to your cat in moderation. Moderation is essential, as with any treat. 

28. Pear without seeds 

Pears are generally safe for cats in small amounts. Go ahead and give your cat this sweet and a healthy pear treat. 

Pears have vitamins C and K to help your cat stay healthy. Remember to remove the seeds. Cut the pear into small, bite-sized pieces. 

29. Broccoli 

Broccoli is a favorite veggie of my cat Robyn. Many cats love it too! 

This cruciferous vegetable is good for their health and has many essential nutrients. 

You can serve raw broccoli to your cat. Make sure to cut it into small pieces and rinse well. You can also serve cooked broccoli without any seasonings added to it. Too much broccoli can cause tummy troubles, so give only small amounts to your cat. 

Try these food choices. Your Siamese cat will thank you for giving him these tasty treats! Thanks for reading!

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