How to Pick Up a Siamese Cat Properly: A Step-by-Step Guide

Do you need help picking up and carrying your Siamese cat? I have the solutions right here!

Cats rely on their innate behaviors to keep them out of uncomfortable situations. They sometimes misinterpret our kind and loving gestures as a tense situation. 

The most common time this happens is when we pick them up, only to see them freeze from stress or fight to flee.

I have put up a detailed guide on picking up a Siamese cat so that you can carry your kitty with complete assurance. 

My Siamese cats are super adorable and alluring, making me want to hold them all day. Robyn, one of them, didn’t like it when I picked her up during the earliest months I had her. I discussed my concerns with my vet and did more research. 

I learned a lot of techniques and tricks for picking up a cat, even a picky one, with ease! Now it is easy for me to pick Robyn up. She is not scared anymore when I am about to hold and pick her up.

How Do I Pick Up My Siamese Cat the Right Way?

Picking your cat up may seem simple, but there is a proper way to do it, so he is at ease. Here’s the step-by-step guide to help you out:


1. Walk toward your cat from the left or right side, so he does not get scared and feel frantic.

2. Do not walk up to your cat straight on. Your kitty may perceive it as a threat when you walk toward him.

3. Call out your cat’s name as you approach to let him know you are coming. Doing this lets him know you are there, ready to socialize. Your kitty will not feel surprised when you make it clear that you intend to approach him.

4. Use a friendly voice when you call and talk to your cat so that he will welcome you.

5. Assess your cat’s mood before picking him up. Check how he feels before you hold him. Your cat might not be in the mood or scared at the moment. Picking him up when he is in a lousy mood puts you at risk of getting scratched and bitten.

6. Do not pick up your cat if he appears irritated and not in the mood. Pick him up later if you notice he is calm and collected.

7. Try soothing your cat by petting the top of his head and the area behind his ears if he appears calm. It will help him relax. Continue talking to your feline friend while you pet him.

8. Gently pet him on the cheeks and under the chin if you see that he’s already at ease with you. He will feel loved and secure with this bit of tender touching.


9. Place one hand beneath your cat’s body, near his front legs.

10. Position your other hand under your Siamese cat’s hindquarters. It will be your support for his bottom and back legs.

11. Get ready to lift your cat once your hands are in a “cradling” position.

12. Make sure to support your Siamese cat’s legs. It will prevent him from feeling vulnerable and stressed.


13. Lift your Siamese cat to your chest. Be gentle and use both hands to support him.

14. Let your cat rest his head on your chest, leaning to the side. 

Your Siamese cat will experience more sense of safety once most of his body is in contact with yours.

15. Pick up your cat with his head above his body. Never attempt to lift him in an upside-down position.

16. Allow your cat time to loosen up and give him the impression that you’re carrying him like a baby. Most cats enjoy this when they are at ease around you.

17. Do not slouch over with your cat on your chest. Let your kitty position himself straight. He should not feel awkward, so he will not revert to scratching you out of frustration. 

18. Remember to keep your supportive gesture in place. Your hand should remain under your Siamese cat’s hind legs to reassure him that he is safe with you.


19. Place your cat down as soon as he begins to move and meow. Please do not wait for him to move so much or attempt to wriggle free. Let him remember this as a pleasant encounter rather than a restraining feeling.

20. Give your cat a positive association when picking him up, and he will be less likely to be hesitant the next time.

Is It Okay To Carry A Siamese Cat Like A Baby?

You can carry a cat around like a baby if your cat permits it and you do it properly. 

Using the appropriate physical technique is necessary for carrying a cat. Developing emotional bonds is essential too. These needs are comparable to carrying a baby.

The cat’s preferences and mood will determine whether you should carry him like a baby.

I had a cat named Cleo that I cuddled and carried around like a baby. She loved it. I also had cats who didn’t like touching their tummies and would not put up with you carrying them like a baby. 

Batman enjoys it when I carry him like a baby. Sometimes, he follows me and keeps trying to climb on my left leg until I scoop him up. Robyn, though, would flip if I tried holding her this way. She immediately turned around and fled after I tried carrying her like a baby.

Remember that you can carry your Siamese cat around like a baby only if he wants to.

Why Won’t My Cat Let Me Pick Him Up?

Some cats don’t allow their owners to pick them up. It could have something to do with their negative experience as a kitten. 

Another reason might be that they dislike being comfortable around people. It is also possible due to their innate preference for a firm surface under their paws. 

Your Siamese cat may think you are carrying him as a type of confinement. It is, in fact, a form of affection on your part, but he may misunderstand this as restraint, so he avoids you.

Your cat may often sniff, lick, or rub against you, but it does not imply that he will allow you to pick him up straight.

Picking him up and carrying him may be unfamiliar to him, particularly if you’re his first parent. He might perceive your approach and lifting as a threat if he isn’t used to it. This cautiousness becomes immediately evident when you pick him up or pet him, and he bolts away from you.

Refrain from carrying your Siamese cat if he does not like it when you pick him up. Your kitty might get angry or frustrated if you still decide to pick him up without his approval.

How Can I Get My Cat Used To Being Picked Up?

1. Follow the action-reward psychology. 

I used this approach with my cat, Robyn. I picked her up and offered a tasty reward every single time. The more time passed, the more accustomed she became to it.

2. Discover an appropriate reward that will excite your Siamese cat.

It may take the form of particular treats or extra love and attention, depending on the situation. This method is effective for both Batman and Robyn.

3. Wait until your cat is comfortable in your hands.

Try to avoid snagging him all at once. Follow the above instructions, being careful to fulfill each step.

First, take a little weight off his paws, then praise him. Once he is at ease with touching, you can place your two hands on him. Please keep your hands soft, and do not try to hold him down when you finally pick him up.

4. Allow your cat to leave if he wishes.

A cat needs to trust you enough to want to spend time with you the next time. 

Never stop releasing your cat until you get into a fight with him. Let him leave when he wants to. Your kitty will learn to trust you more if he knows he can leave anytime. 

Your cat will allow you to pick him up next time if he knows you can put him down whenever he wants. 

5. Only carry him for a short time.

Try to carry him for a short time. Put him down if you notice that he is wriggling.

Your cat will associate it with negative feelings if you hold him, even if he’s fidgety. He will not be willing to let you pick him up in the future.

6. Be patient with your cat and always compliment him.

Your cat enjoys receiving compliments and praise. The intention is to take small, gradual steps that your Siamese cat can tolerate. Allow him some time to adjust to this kind of social interaction. Be sure to show him plenty of appreciation by rewarding him with treats.

Take your time. Focus on befriending your kitty first until he completely trusts you if he dislikes it when you pick him up. Your cat might not trust you enough already to carry him, even if he loves you. 

You can grow closer to your cat by respecting his space and gaining his trust. The process will take some time, so be patient.

Why Does My Siamese Cat Dislike Being Held?

  • Your cat has had a negative experience in the past.
  • Your kitty has been through a traumatic experience.
  • Your cat did not receive early or adequate socialization.
  • Your Siamese cat is wary and sees you picking him up as a threat.
  • Your feline friend is suffering from depression.
  • Your cat is suffering from some injury.

What If My Cat Hates Being Picked Up And Held?

1. Your cat should have a happy impression of you picking him up. It should substitute the previous negative experience he once had. 

The use of treats to elicit a good response from cats is the most common method used by cat owners. You can offer treats for a positive reaction when you pick your cat up.

2. Refrain from forcing your cat if he is still uncomfortable with social interaction.

Your Siamese cat may have had a traumatic experience in the past. It might take time for him to be comfortable with you picking him up and holding him. Refrain from overwhelming him with too much attention. It will only frighten or frustrate him. Give it time and try only a few times each week.

3. Do not punish your cat if he scratches you out of desperation to flee. 

Respect your Siamese cat’s boundaries. Also, remember that his scratching is only based on his instinct to respond to threats.

4. Be friends with your cat and strengthen your bond so he’ll become more trusting of you.

Call your cat’s name whenever you invite him for playtime and carrying time. Invite him to come near you first, and don’t rush toward him so he won’t get startled. Pet him with long strokes as he stays near you. Talk to him like you two are super close friends. A friendly tone sounds welcoming to him, so keep your voice calm too. 

5. Keep giving your Siamese cat wonderful and positive experiences.

Praise your cat every time he allows you to pick him up. Give him treats and other rewards so he’ll remember this as a pleasant experience.

Final Thoughts

It takes a lot of time and gentleness to learn how to handle a cat the right way. Take your time with the procedure. Your cat will start learning to trust you over time. Be patient with him. Respect your cat’s space and give him a break whenever he needs to laze around or nap. 

We should know if our cats are comfortable with you picking them up before attempting to do so. I hope this guide is handy to you! A huge thank you for taking the time to read this!

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