How to Draw a Siamese Cat: 7 Easy Steps

Are you planning to draw your Siamese cat?  But you’re unsure about how to begin?

Trying to draw a Siamese cat may be a difficult task. Another challenging aspect is figuring out how to get started. 

If you want to draw a simple Siamese cat, here are some easy steps you can follow:

Step 1: Draw the face, cheek, and nose

Begin by creating a dome-shaped crown for the top of the head. To construct the lower part of the head, connect the dome with a curved line, first lowering to the chin and then sloping backward. 

For the Siamese cat’s cheeks, draw two curves that wrap around each other slightly just above the chin. 

To represent the face, create a smaller dome inside the enormous dome that you have made. Link this with a thin straight line running down the right side of the Siamese cat’s cheek. 

To create the nose, draw a small triangle between the looping cheek lines you made earlier.

Step 2: Draw the eyes, whiskers, and ears

For the eyes, draw two circles just the right size for the Siamese cat’s face. Then, put a few short slant lines on the cheeks to resemble the whiskers. 

Next, create two triangles at the top of the cat’s head, one on each side, to use as the ears.

Step 3: Draw the front legs and toes

Draw one line from the chin that curves downward for the chest and front leg of the Siamese cat. 

Next, right beneath the chest, draw a sock shape form for the legs. The form must be broader at the top, then gradually narrow to an extra-fine point at the bottom. Put a thinner sock shape beside to stand as the other leg. Make sure to draw small loop arcs on each foot to appear like separate toes.

Step 4: Draw the body

To design the Siamese cat’s body, draw a curved line starting at the back of one ear going down, then curving back with a slight slant towards the ground. 

Step 5: Draw the tummy

For the Siamese cat’s tummy, draw a sloping line from one of the legs you’ve drawn down to the ground. Leave a little space so you can put the cat’s back legs. 

Step 6: Draw the back legs and toes

To form the contour of the rear portion of the Siamese cat’s leg, make a curve that begins slightly up and goes to the front, then a quick turn down, then an angle back towards the front underneath the cat’s tummy. 

Like the front legs, the first back leg should have one additional loop at the very end of its toe before crossing back towards the posterior of the body. Make a solid upward rotation before reaching the backside of the body. 

To draw the other back foot, start shortly above the first back foot and make two lines moving forward in opposite directions. At the very end, create another toe by forming a loop.

Step 7: Draw the tail

For the tail, draw two long lines joined by a curve and meet at the end. Be sure to link the line to the rear of the Siamese cat where the back leg is. You can add additional details like the color of the paws or the details on the eyes.

Speaking of tails, do you know what a Siamese cat’s tail movements mean? That’s the topic on one of my recent articles. Read more about the cat tail lingo by clicking on the link.

Fun Facts about Siamese Cats

  • Siamese cats’ actual ancestry is a mystery. Siamese cats are said to have originated in Thailand (formerly known as Siam) in the 14th century, although no one is entirely sure where their origin is.
  • The Siamese breed is very ancient. Siamese cats arrived in the Western World for the first time in the late 19th century. 
  • The first Siamese Cat Society was established in the United States around the 20th century.
  • A long time ago, Siamese cats’ tails had kinks. This kink tail occurs quite seldom these days. The Siamese cats of today are pretty different from the Siamese cats of the previous century.
  • A Siamese cat’s “points” include its dark face, ears, tail tips, and paws. They come in various colors, including chocolate, lilac, blue, and seal.
  • Siamese cats are highly social by nature. They love the company of humans and would do everything to garner your attention.
  • White is the natural color of Siamese kittens when they are born. As they become older, their point coloration develops too.
  • The coats of Siamese cats may be a range of colors, including brown, blue, cream, and even orange or lilac.
  • Siamese cats are chatty and clever cats.
  • Siamese cats are one of the most intelligent breeds of cats. They are incredibly communicative with people and can quickly pick up various new skills.
  • Siamese cats are devoted to their owners and have a highly caring nature. They are wonderful additions to any home as pets.

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